Lara with horse 2

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Lara With Horse 2

Toggle navigation. Related videos: Lara with Horse 2 EP 4 After previous creampie Lara's pussy still got something to release and the cum is flowing horse of it. She decides to take out anal tail toy from her ass and try anal sex with her best friend. But before they start doing that the horse must be prepared. What could be better preparation for sex than oral sex, right?! So she sucks it really hard this time. With little preludes, touching and sucking they jump much deeper into anal sex adventures.

In the beginning she masturbates with previous cum of horse inside her and as a climax she with it lara.

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With multiple anal poses Lara's anal sphincter will loose any purpose of it's existence. I don't believe that she'll ever hold a shit inside her after all this stuff that will be done with her asshole.

However the ending is spectacular. For me it just, poor Lara. But that was her choice and she does even record all this on her camera.

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Lara with Horse 2 EP 4

She takes that horny horse cock in her hand and moves him closer to herself. She gives it a nice head licking experience and with a little rubbing around her pussy she invites that huge cock inside her pussy. Horse does it slowly and when Lara feels that she can handle it she starts to move him faster.