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Ksenia Solo (Kenzi from Lost Girl) in The Factory 2011

Ksenia Solo blonde standing in a room as Tatiana Maslany brunette tells her she wants to make out before they passionately lesbian kiss each other while talking in between kisses until they get interrupted by Tatiana's phone ringing.


Ksenia Solo showing a bit of the side of her breast as she scoots across a bed while topless before standing up and putting on a white sweater showing her ass in skimpy pink panties as she goes to answer the door all while Tatiana Maslany watches.

Ksenia Solo of Orphan Black fame having a guy undress her, standing facing him as he lowers her bra off to reveal her breasts from the side.

After a bit, she begins to embrace and make out with him.

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Lost Girl Ksenia Solo Ksenia Solo crawling on the ground in a restaurant kitchen giving us a look down her low cut black dress at her cleavage and then being threatened by a fire monster before she gets saved all while still bent over. Sexy - 3.

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