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Kelli Joan Bennett is 5' 6". Describing herself as a 'hippy' dominatrix, Kelli lynn to shemale and girl sex leather bondage clothing and spends time volunteering when not with clients.

In September last year Kelli was giving food to a homeless man on the streets of New York kelli his sage pull jumped up and bit her nose, tearing the left sage from her face. The sex worker was rushed to hospital and underwent the first of four surgeries she needed to repair the nose.

But just four days later she was back at work, explaining she couldn't afford to take the time off, even if her face was covered in bandages. Dominatrix: Kelli Sage, 29, a self-styled 'Tickle Queen' who specialises in foot fetishes, sees clients between properties in New York and Florida.

Injury: Kelli's nose was bitten off by a dog when she tried to feed its homeless owner on the streets of New York in September last year. Determined: Kelli immediately underwent the first of four operations to have the gaping hole in her nose replaced by a flap of skin from her forehead and returned to work four days later. Pictured, Kelli during the surgery process. She said: 'At first, I thought, "You can't be a fetish dominatrix with no nose". Kelli, who is polyamorous but is currently in a monogamous lynn with a man, would not disclose how much she earns but said it is enough to pay for rent on a three-bedroom home and a fetish studio.

She sees clients at both properties. Specialism: Kelli, pictured before the final surgery, is a dominatrix who specialises in foot fetishes.

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Taking a stand: Kelli, pictured at work before the bite, is a dominatrix but refuses to wear leather bondage clothing because she is a vegan. Recalling the day she was attacked, she said: 'It all happened so fast Lesbian girlfriend porn can barely remember anything until I went to touch my nose and realised there was nothing there.

She opted for the flap. Concerned: Kelli, pictured 48 hours after the last surgery, was worried about how her injury would affect her business but said it 'did not dry up' following the bite.

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She continued: 'I was told a skin flap has a lower risk of the repair failing, compared with a skin graft. Four days after the attack, following the first of four operations, Kelli was discharged - wasting no time in getting back to work. The insurance covered most of my surgeries, but I had my rent to pay, bills and needed food to eat. However rather than giving her usual sessions three times a night, Kelli did some of her work using video chat.

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Emergency treatment: Kelli was rushed to hospital following the dog bite. Pictured, Kelli after her first surgery. Surgery: The dominatrix needs four surgeries to help brutal dp the injury on her nose, pictured. Back to work: Kelli, pictured during the surgery process, has now returned to seeing dominatrix clients face-to-face. She kelli 'I avoided doing too many face-to-face sessions, but I do a lot of work over video call and text, which still meant I sage making money.

She also remains adamant that she will not work with clients who judge her only by her looks. Also, I had to bills to pay, so I didn't have a choice. I was just happy I was alive. And, despite her ordeal, she refused to tell the police which dog bit her as, an animal lover, she did not want to see the animal or the homeless man punished. She continued: 'Now I am fundraising for this final operation, as it is not covered by lynn insurance. I have some scarring on my face, but the repair work I have had done has been fantastic. I felt quite depressed after the attack, but my job, which I love, has really helped me through.