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JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Drinks all of the coffee: Torn. He needs the coffee. No tail. Daxter shakily brought his hands to his ears. They were no longer short and fuzzy, they were now as long as Jak's. A tear came out of his jaquelin braxton and he remained silent for a few seconds.

He then stood up. Jak put his hand over Daxter's mouth. They may have heard you. Getting the former Ottsel back into Naughty Ottsel without being seen was a hard task. It seemed everyone that the two knew was there trying to find them. I still smell like Ottsel.

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Jak looked at his friend and then at the sheet wrapped around him. And zoomer followed him slowly and had a lump covered in a sheet on top of it. And Daxter is under the sheet. We found something and it was daxter heavy to carry and we didn't have enough rope so he's holding it under there.

I'm just taking it to our room. See ya! I couldn't breathe! Daxter went to the bathroom and locked the door. Jak shook his head then went to a trunk and started fishing jak some clothes that he thought would fit his friend. After a few minutes, Daxter emerged from the bathroom, wrapped only in a towel. Jak looked up and his mouth dropped. Time had naked came to Daxter as he now looked almost like Jak's clone.

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Daxter was only a tad shorter than Jak and his hair was exactly like his as well, except it was a reddish brown instead of greenish yellow like his was. Jak began laughing and handed Daxter some clothes he had found.

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When they returned for help, they discovered and they would have to travel far north to reach the sage of dark eco, Gol Acheron, for the hope that he only might be able to change him back. From thereafter Jak used his athletic abilities, "vehicular prowess", and unique capability of channeling eco to traverse various environments and collect power cells to further northern progress. When the group reached Volcanic Crater, Gol Acheron and his sister Maia Acheron appeared, and revealing their corrupt state, disclosed that they were behind the lurker attacks and the kidnapping of the other eco sages.

The mission of the game then centered towards stopping Gol and Maia and freeing the captive sages, which Jak succeeded in doing, resulting in the death of the evil siblings. As previously mentioned, Jak had the rare jak to channel eco, naked well as capabilities flying over dangerous terrain in the "A-Grav Zoomer".

Together with Samos' wisdom, Jak and Daxter charlie murphy nude porn able to save the world from and destruction, with Samos naked admitting that the Jak and Daxter duo were destined heroes.

After collecting power cells in the first game, Jak opened a large Precursor door on top of Gol and Maia's Citadel, behind of which lied the Rift Rider and Rift Gate. When they moved jak back to Samos' hut, Jak, Daxter, Samos, and Keira were teleported into the future in a dystopia known as Haven City. Jak was almost immediately apprehended by the "Krimzon Guard" on account daxter his special powers, making him a prime prospect for the "Dark Warrior Program". After two years of being subjected to torturing experiments, Jak was finally rescued by Daxter.

After Jak escaped from the prison, he sought out a figure known as daxter "Shadow", the leader of a rebel movement known as the "Underground", waging war against the misplaced rule of Baron Praxis.

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After carrying out multiple tasks for Underground leader Torn, Jak finally became acquainted with the Shadow. After further revelation, Jak realized he was in the future, and that the Shadow was a younger version of Samos who had yet to be sent into the past Sandover Village. It was also realized that "the Kid", a royal descendant of the House of Mar and the subject of the Underground movement, was younger Jak. Young Samos and young Jak were then sent into the past using a replica of the original Rift Rider, built by Keira, starting over the journey described in the first game.

Before this, however, Jak fulfilled the prophecy in killing Kor, the ancient leader of an antagonistic race known as the "Metal Heads", thus saving Haven City and becoming a hero. Before Kor's death, a crime lord known as Krew sabotaged Haven City's security walls and allowed metal head forces into the city. Jak was well known as Krew's heavy, and despite knowing that Jak later killed Krew, the city's high council found him guilty in association though this was only due to the corruption that still existed from the time of Baron Naked rule.

Damas took Jak into his palace to recuperate, and when Naked woke up, and king made him prove his worth in arena battles. Jak eventually won enough battles to be titled an official "Wastelander", and was daxter by Damas to be "one of [his] finest warriors.

Eventually Jak was invited back to Haven City to help with the war effort. Initially Jak refused, as he was bitter towards being betrayed by his city, but with the oncoming of the "Dark Makers" and the ongoing threats at Haven, he decided it best to reconnect with his allies.

After confronting Cyber Errolleader of the KG Death Bots, the resurgent metal heads, and communicator with the Dark Makers, Jak managed to destroy the KG war factory that mass-produced the death bots. This, together with Errol's ultimate defeat in the Wasteland, helped Haven emerge victorious and Jak was once again acknowledged as savior of the city. Capped off with an elegant daxter system and intelligent game design, this is the platformer to daxter both mediocre rivals like Banjo Kazooie and jak classics like Mario It doesn't really innovate to any great degree, but it combines so many of the right elements of gaming that to leave it out of your collection would be to do yourself wrong.

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