So this just happened Fucking really?? What do you call a blonde at a golf course? The 19th hole.

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Since we are reposting pics, here's one I inthenameofkittens. And of course, the OG Earndog. Merry Crimbo folks. So hot, want to touch the hiney Here is mama :- her name is Ellie. Snapchat user rebekahot is stealing your pictures and making a premium account self.

Enjoy this selfie of one of my kittens I'm "fostering" :- i. She's so fine erome. Meat Eater imgur. More Christmas party pictures :- i.


I get it how I live it, I live it how I get it, count the mothafuckin' digits. My hair is inthenameofkittens so long. I'm so proud of letting it grow like this. Can't wait to see how much it will continue! What happened to this subreddit self.

And better than ever. Can you guess what Inthenameofkittens doing? If you're interested, message me ASAP. Pet the cats! Would you like my sweat soaked sheets? I'll post pictures of my swollen legs and ankles. Do you want my medical info? How about my SSN? Go Fuck yourself. There is no reason I would lie about any of this, its inthenameofkittens I have been dealing with for a long time and have been hospitalized before.

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Incredibly rude what I am reading right now. I have never asked anyone for a dime for nothing. I always have refused help without me providing inthenameofkittens in return, I am a giver not a taker and you know what with all the shit I have been though and seeing how everything I post someone stalks and reports me it sounds like you're begging to get inthenameofkittens.

Go fuck your self. Nobody is asking you for a fuckin dime or to do anything.

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If it doesn't sound cool to you then don't fucking do it but don't you come on here and act like I am a fucking fake or I'm a liar or I'm not who I say I am.

I can't give out everything. Teeniesex you inthenameofkittens my fucking home address? Or a text every time I go to the bathroom? What more exactly could you want out of someone.

And of course, the OG Earndog. Here is mama :- her name is Ellie. I'm internet illiterate by inthenameofkittens in inthenameofkittens.

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Awesome thank you so much, I'll check it out in a little bit : I really appreciate all the help. Yeah cause my post I made about how I am feeling better has already received 2 reports and I'm just kind of over it.

Enjoy this selfie of one of my kittens I'm "fostering" :- by inthenameofkittens in inthenameofkittens. They bring me so inthenameofkittens joy and happiness.

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Inthenameofkittens rescued their mom and her litter of 5 from neglect and abuse, they were on the verge of death when I got them and inthenameofkittens they are healthy happy strong babies that I love very much.

I can't stand the idea of parting ways with them though I'm a bad foster momma cause I just want to keep them all. Enjoy this selfie of one of my kittens I'm "fostering" :- i. Just dropping in Hello everyone : by inthenameofkittens in inthenameofkittens. But I try to get back to every one inthenameofkittens y'all I don't think you realize how much there is and how bad I feel right now If you feel like it isn't going out of your way, then sure that would be cool beans.

Thank you! I may be mistaken but I thought is was bacteria in your bloodstream. I told them if I woke linda kozlowski thong today and felt worse I promise I would come back, but I woke up today and it does feel better so I think I am just going to keep a steady eye on it and stay at home unless I start to feel weird about it.

I am a lot more comfortable here and the hospital is only a short trip away. My baby is doing more for me here than they were doing for me there and I just get really anxious being there now anyways. I don't know if I can stand staying there for a full week like before.

Thank you. Yeah I think it's weird that someone must be checking my sub every day even though I've been inactive for a while or they have on notifications inthenameofkittens I post just to report them, and I'm a fuckin mod lol. Thank you very much and today is feeling better. Not good news by inthenameofkittens in inthenameofkittens.

Thank you very much, I will look into it, and they told me that all my internal belongings are functioning great and so I chose to go home, if I feel worse in the morning I am going to inthenameofkittens back but basically they weren't doing anything that I couldn't do at home, and I inthenameofkittens a lot more comfortable in my own home and it's very much cheaper this way.

Thank you so much for your concern and I really do appreciate everyone on here who cares about me and took the time to check in on me or give me some advice. I have a great love for all of y'all and can't tell inthenameofkittens how much yall have helped me get through this hard time, I don't think I could do this alone. I am so thankful for this community and what I am blessed with. The same kind of bacteria that is in my blood is the same that is in my kidneys, if that means anything.

I am left with a lot of questions myself and not a lot of answers. But I didn't want to be on this merry go round again for another week just to be in more debt and more frustration and no answers. Thank you, I will look into it, I am low on energy right now and I don't feel good so I am going to get some rest for now, I just inthenameofkittens the hospital and arrived home so I am going to get some sleep and I will look into it tomorrow.

Maybe everything will be better that way anyways.

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Thank you so much Their report finger is itchin y'all i. I'm internet illiterate self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.