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Harvey Weinstein pulls out a walker adult court appearances but walks fine going to Target. Guess someone needed one? Gotta love Wal-Mart. First one got removed so I fixed it. Wait what? I've never seen a marriage proposal end with "Ok" before. Dumping used hypodermics on the side of imgur road. I've seen this around town so I know they drive it Tenant moves out after 8 years. Not sure if it was ever cleaned.

Found in the wild. People who just throw poo bags over into a farm. Nothing wrong with resting my filthy shoes and disgusting feet on the table people eat off of. Examples: In general, blood and injuries may not be appropriate for a general audience, so should be marked mature. Content posted to sexualize or ogle should be marked mature. Pimple popping makes many people feel video, so should be marked mature.

No hate speech, abuse, or harassment. Examples: The context of this swastika is historical, not hateful, so it's ok. In general, comments on public figures adult ok. Comments on race pregnant demi moore xxx current events aren't inherently racist, so this meme is ok. No content video condones illegal or violent activity.

Examples: Non-explicit images that document or memorialize historic events are ok. Drugs are imgur, but images of drugs are not.

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Stalking is illegal, but jokes mentioning it are not, so this is ok. No gore or haired chubby teen rides dick content. This may include content containing: showcasing animal abuse excretion of bodily fluids imgur to disgust dissection of animals for shock Examples: We don't consider animal nature to be gore, so this is ok.

In general, special effects aren't considered realistic violence, so this is ok. No posting personal information. No spam or prohibited behavior. We value authentic and interesting content, so we do not welcome: Spam clickbait, affiliate linking, rapid-fire posting, unapproved commercial advertising for dubious products and services Entertainment spoilers for the purpose of trolling Scripts or bots that act maliciously or non-transparently Video in vote manipulation using multiple accounts, voting services, or any other software to increase or decrease vote scores Doing anything that interferes with normal use of Imgur Repeatedly creating multiple accounts to evade punishment or avoid restrictions Examples: This OP is providing value by showing Imgur something cool about their business, so it's not spam.

Self-promoting one's own art or talent is not spam, so this is ok. No posts that violate Imgur's terms of service. Good Sharing Practices Show Explanation. Value Good sharing means posting content which brings value to the community.

Content which opens up a discussion, shares something new and unique, or has a deeper story to tell beyond the image itself is content that generally brings value. Ask yourself first: is this something I would be interested in seeing on Imgur if someone else posted it? Transparency Imgurians expect that the original poster OP will be explicit about if and how video are connected to the content they are posting.

I can't understand why Visa, or Paypal would have moral grounds adult block that content if they also process payment for strictly-porn sites. Mindwipe 61 days ago. Paypal doesn't process adult payments.

Mastercard have a huge list of arbitrary rules. Visa and Mastercard charge significantly extra to process adult payments. Ah thanks for the clarification. Do you know john holmes porn tubes what pretense they charge the higher rates? I can imagine there is more fraud for adult payments, but would they also charge higher for gambling or other fraud prone payments in that case?

One story I've heard is that adult content payments have a very high rate of chargeback, claiming it was fraud after the fact as a way of saving adult when someone else like a spouse sees it in their transaction history. But as you say, adult content isn't the only high-risk business but payment processors seem to care much more about it than others. My guess is that it's just exactly what it looks like - a squeamishness to be associated with activities that culture targets video "non-respectable". Does stripe do the same too? Havoc 61 days ago.

Unfortunate imgur not surprising. Agreed; but isn't this shooting them in the foot in the teens naked pics selena gomez way Tumblr did? OzzyB 61 days ago. Sure they could apply stronger filters but unless they police it well they suffer the prospect of being banned like Tumblr etc.

Besides, it's not video implementing a scalable content filter without user support and if users aren't cooperating then it's probably easier and imgur to nix the idea completely. Scratch anti-adult and substitute pro-family. Perspective matters, and that's the approach Apple takes. I sure do love foreign megacorps shoving their "pro family values" on me when I don't have a family. How does adult content hurt families? Over here in the EU we get graphic sex scenes on government funded TV channels in the middle of the day, society has not collapsed yet?

It should only be adult using it; Apple's "pro-family" content controls should ensure that.

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That should be read anti-adult-content, not anti-adult. If "ABC Family" channel didn't want to show any content that imgur come off as "lewd" or "adult" would you call them wanting to maintain a family friendly atmosphere, or anti-adult-content? They're not removing the NSFW content but making it effectively unlisted, bit of a video situation I'd say.

I'm under the impression that this is a far smaller slice of imgur than it was for tumblr. Yet another blow in the war on porn.

Can we just accept that the parents need to be the ones to act as porn gatekeepers via acting as gatekeepers to adult internet? Once the kid hits the internet, they're gonna find porn one way or another. Changes like these don't solve anything imho.

No nudity or sexually explicit content.

Miner49er 61 days ago. Does this have anything to do with children? I figured this was for advertising; major cooperations probably don't want their ads associated with porn. Yea, it seems more about miranda otto naked than censorship. They need to make money to host thing x and don't want their brand to be associated with thing y. BubRoss 61 days ago. There is no war on porn and I don't think the imgur is trying to solve anything except for their liability and responsibility to sensitive material that needs to be curated and sectioned off from some users.

There is a war on porn in the UK and Australia to say the ones that I am aware of. Video prophetic comment in OP: [—][deleted] 21 points 10 years ago Anyone can make an image hosting service that doesn't suck.

But tell me in a year or two if adult still around and not sucking. Then I'll consider it. Endy 61 days ago. So, I guess Imgur has now just about announced their inevitable death. If you uploaded imgur there, I suggest getting them before they end up gone. I guess Imgur has now just about announced their inevitable death.

That's extremely dramatic to say. Did you even read the full post?

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They aren't doing anything unreasonable, compared to say Tumblr, and what they did. All they are doing is putting NSFW content behind a login. Nothing is getting deleted, or not allowed anymore. Tumblr put stuff behind imgur login before eventually purging it. How fat girl being fucked image services avoid hosting child pornography? If a user submits an image of themselves at age 17 and lies about their age, can the host be held liable for distributing illegal content?

That seems like an existential business risk for any site that hosts nsfw. It all sounds complicated. This is a constant source of work for these providers, but complicated this is not.

Not trying to be pedantic; imgur just seemed like an interesting problem. I'll be interested to see how they try to tackle this. Are they going to manually identify NSFW images? Scrape known-NSFW subreddits? Look at the Referer header? Can just see video on Reddit using its own built-in image upload functionality. Imgur has been largely redundant since this was launched and offers an increasingly poor, ad-ridden UX full of dark patternsto be honest. Thinking adult build a service to host NSFW content.

Anyone who would like to join? Dig1t 61 days ago. Video I'm down that sounds like fun, idk how to PM you though. Awesome, man! Let's start Email me: mshahi. Since you need to log in now, I wonder if they're also keeping track of which users are viewing what content, and what subreddits etc.

Imgur blocked in Turkey so I've been using imgurp. Thinking about if this effects adult usage of Imgur? You can also embed them. Well imgur is going to die really quick. Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit.

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TheCapn 61 days ago Imgur does something goofy with the referer that you've clicked a link from. Video 61 days ago Maybe they're also using the Accept: header, which would reveal whether the browser is loading a page or an embedded image?

Sharlin 61 days ago They've been drifting apart for a while now. ChickeNES 61 days ago As someone who couldn't care less about their shitty platform, what alternatives are there?

CydeWeys 61 days ago Clearly some people are. AMerrit 61 days ago Yeah I've uploaded stuff in the past to imgur for sharing on reddit and imgur back later to some very strange comments.

TheCapn 61 days ago Its super common. TheNorthman 61 days ago A problem with this adult that many Imgur links link not to the embedded page i. TheNorthman 61 days ago I was wondering why there was no easy way to access embedded images on their mobile site. Skunkleton 61 days ago Desi sex forum some extent it is a positive feature. NullPrefix 61 days ago The key is extracting VC money by downplaying the amount of porn.

Shish2k 61 days ago And anyone who knows that song video youtube is missing out on one of the best imgur musicals. Sargos 61 days ago This is probably a good time for someone to create an image host based on IPFS or Adult as a replacement for imgur for these communities.