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Of course it's still a legal issue.

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She's his MOM for crying out loud! The saddest thing is, I find questions like this on here all the time. As if having a pastor for a father wasn't enough to constantly remind me of how badly humanity nude Jesus. Maybe, maybe not: see. Regardless, the rest of my answer applies. I'd run out the door, and keep running until I no longer recognized my surroundings. Last night my mom came into my room unannounced while I was I didn't hear her come in and I didn't notice her standing there watching me until I finished.

When I did see her it scared the hell out of me. I yelled at her and asked how long she had been standing there and she just kind of smiled and left the room. I was so embarrassed that I didn't come out of my room at all that night.

This morning, I tried to quietly sneak my gloria sol nude to the bathroom, take my shower, and leave for class without being noticed. I got to the bathroom, how door was already somewhat open, and I stepped in, to mom my mom, completely nude, brushing her teeth.

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Instead of freaking out she just kind of stood there looking at me. I quickly turned around and went back to my room and as I was walking away, I heard her say something like, "not bad for a 44 year old, huh? Pls tell me how.

Interesting stuff you tell there, but I wonder how does one place a 12 inch poopmountain? I am in the same delema and am. She loves me and she kind and i really want to see her naked or have sex with her she's sexy. Why would you want to see your mom naked? Don't you feel sick when seeing your mother naked.

If i saw, i would throw up.

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Ask her stupid!! She may not accept it. Add A Comment. Submit Reply Cancel. Member Chat My Stuff. Up until a certain age I thought everyone had a penis and never questioned it. No, but I saw my 17 year old sister's pussy.

I was pre-sexual, about 7 or 8, and I had entered her bedroom just as she was pulling up her jeans with no underwear, and I saw her big red bush. She was a real firecrotch. I also remember seeing my mom's huge tits, but never her pussy. You're just a plagiarist. Yes because its okay to talk about your dads dick but talking about your mothers pussy is bad. My mother liked to emulate Annie Sprinkles. She let all her kids examine it up close, with a mirror. Not sure where this fits in but I knew a girl in high school whose uncle was an Images incest porn gif and she went to him to terminate her pregnancy or two.

I am a hairdresser and we had a close relationship and not like I was going to get turned on. Well, crimeny fuck, R24, if you're gonna get technical, hopefully, nobody here's seen momma's snatch other than when they initially exited it. I love how this thread, you sexist see are all "ewwwww! R31 nails it. I've seen a lot of threads where the queens here will go on forever about naked photos of a hot guy that are posted famous or not. If it's a how that is nude nude some celeb that posed for Playboy she is a skank and a whore. I remember being on vacaction one summer and my mom pulled a Tara Reid.

She was sitting on the bed talking to me and mom older brother. I must have been like 4 and he was 7.

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She was wearing this night gown and her right boob was just flopped out over the top. She was completely unaware except when she saw me and my brother's eyes bugging out. She just casually pulled up her gown. Beautiful black woman, must have been 30 at the time, great 34c bra. Not quite, r8. Some of us our C-sections I saw the whole thing. She would clean the floors on her hands and knees in the nude.

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It was an eyeful, to say the least. You've been denied the sight of your own species for too long, and you're curious. That's normal.

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But asking to see what your mother a representative female human looks like, is going to make her feel uncomfortable. If you must, explain to her why you'd like to see what she looks like and hope for the best. Otherwise, wait until you're older and on your own before you explore further what it is to be human. Down here in Arkansas this is normal, it's normal for a family member to want to see another family member naked.

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