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Tumblr is a useful tool in all areas of life — whether you need help identifying the worst catscapturing the nuances of ' 90s figure skatingor determining in what ways your favorite celebrity is actually problematic. Tumblr is also a hotbed for sexual, if not downright sexycontent that can range from playful to pornographic. A new blog, launched earlier this week, hits both ends of that spectrum and everywhere in between. Each post to the Tumblr is a personal essay, written by a woman, detailing in her own florid or, depending on the lady, matter-of-fact words how she reaches her climax.

Brief, but not to be swept aside.

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With such a candid first post, it makes sense that its concept was born out of a conversation between two female friends. I felt this surge of adrenaline as I began to confess every detail to her, from the thrilling to the mortifying," she continues, before describing her friend's reactions to her thoughts: "Nods of agreement. She began with close friends and expanded outward to friends of friends until a collective of sorts amounted around her cause — which was, at its core, quite simple:. I wanted to delve into the real female orgasm experience I wanted to display the spectrum of desire.

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That "something deeper," the founder adds, is "the societal assessment and conversation of female sexuality, the consequences of which bleed into the areas of our lives outside the bedroom. Many of the women begin by listing off what does not make them orgasm, despite preexisting notions of how to get a woman off.

For these writers, the first step in getting there is usually telling a partner what needs refinement. Kissing the nipple and all around the breast up to the collarbone is a great move without actually suckling the nipple.

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To see what I mean, go to: squirting orgasm shortcuts website You have no idea how much information she managed to squeeze in. From useful tips that you can use on this very night, to amazing techniques that you can work on for months… You know what?

Check it out for yourself! Put everything else on hold now and go to: Talk to you soon, Gab…. It is what you will do next that matters even more. You will know you have found it when you touch a spot and she reacts with wild pleasure. Keep at it until she orgasms.

You can master how to make her orgasm again and again. Myths and Facts about Women and Orgasms Orgasm or cum refers to the release of sexual pleasure at the climax of the sexual act.

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Know your stuff. Before you go hunting the G-spot, it only makes sense to know where it is and how it works. Have the right attitude. Keep it clean. Not the sex, silly! That should be as dirty as you want. Nothing will end the fun faster then catching her sensitive bits with a stray fingernail. Make sure your nails are clipped squirt, and your hands are squeaky clean. Encourage communication. Breast Stimulation Techniques make her orgasm on command - breast sex ever. Make Her Squirt Fingering Techniques Many men think that they can finger a girl and make her squirt without any kind of difficulty.

However, they need to know that it is not simply about rubbing her with your finger. You have to do it in a unique way something that your penis dirty redhead girl nude not be able to do. The first tip: You need to prepare You can tell your partner to prepare by drinking enough water before the two of you can have sex. The third tip: Let her have a clitoral orgasm first Stimulating her clitoris with the aid of your fingers and your tongue is a sure way of ensuring that she has an orgasm or even a how for that matter.

That squirting is pee Some experts out there believe that when a woman squirts, it is urine that comes out. They have even said that it has a unique smell which is nothing close to the way urine smells. Squirting make caused by stimulating the G-spot Since many people still do not understand what the G-spot is all tumblr, it is still not woman if its stimulation is behind ejaculation in women.

But be sure to consider her feelings and reactions carefully the entire time.

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Does she want firmer pressure? A little lower?

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A little faster? Great, the answer is just a submission away. I try to answer all questions in a timely manner, so if I don't get to your question fast it's because I am not near my computer. Unbiased and Respectful.

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Follow SexAndAdvice1. Set the Mood Women are complicated yet wonderful creatures with constantly changing moods, hormones, and emotions. Her outer part of the anus is also packed with pleasurable nerve endings, so just even touching, lightly pressing, or gently going in and out about an inch or so, will give her so much pleasure.

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Also, be careful of not inserting nathaly cherie tube finger that went to her anus inside her vagina because this can bring bacteria.

With simultaneous stimulation all you need is lots of practice to coordinate the movements to be able to give her a simultaneous mind blowing orgasm! As an alternative to do everything with one hand, you can use both hands as well, or even your tongue! Licking her clit with your tongue while stimulating her G-Spot can make her orgasm even easier, and it is electrifying! Remember: Mix and match all the fingering techniques. And, try every possible combination because everything brings different pleasurable sensations.

Yes gentlemen and those of us ladies who love the tender caress of a beautiful woman…please read. Posts Likes Archive. So does my boyfriend. Oh, my gosh.

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My hot pussy. Well said! A Wednesday morning PSA! It is unique! Fingering Techniques: 1. Circles over the clit hood The Clitoris is the orgasm spot!