How to get your girlfriend to do anal

First Time Anal Sex - How To Prepare For Anal Sex

Getting her aroused is of the utmost importance. Getting started Do not skip straight to the butt. You might even want to just use smaller toys and your fingers until she gets used to the idea of having something inside that particular opening. And when you know how to do it right, it can even become as addictive as traditional sex.

1. I'm pretty sure the butt wasn't made to be penetrated. Is anal sex bad for you?

Trust, therefore, takes front stage. Here are some tips to master the act of anal sex, and get your partner to want it as much as you do! Anal sex can be painful for a woman, especially the first time. The skin around the anus is particularly thin, and can crack easily.

Vaseline or any other synthetic lubricant is essential you can find very good lubricating oils online or in pharmacies.

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You have no idea how sexy male moans are. Start out by using a finger. Go slow. You have to remember that. Use your hands or a sex toy to play with them, so that she has the opportunity to get off, too. You should also make a point of telling her that lots of other girls have anal sex with guys and that they thoroughly enjoy it. The more you reassure her in this way, the more likely she is to try it out with you.

15 Anal Sex Tips That’ll Convince Your GF To Actually Do It Again | Thought Catalog

If you want to make sure that the anal sex you engage in with your girl is truly pleasurable for her, it is essential that you use plenty of lube. Choose a water-based lubricant that will make the act of having anal sex as smooth and painless as possible for her.

If the experience is very painful for her, she is aunty sexy gand to let you try it in the future. Make sure that you are very liberal with the amount of lube you apply to your penis, because you can never have enough. Go Slow As tempted as you may be to shove your cock in and start pounding her ass, you have to control yourself as much as possible. Make sure that you start off very slow, because otherwise it is going to be extremely painful for her.

You can start to speed up and increase the intensity once she adjusts to the feeling of your penis in her butt.

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We couldn't figure out how it got in there, but all kinds of things I guess whatever's handy at the time. He should slowly push the penis in as she relaxes.

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You're working together. Men have to realize that if they make it painful, they're never getting in there again. She's not going to be wearing a diaper, she's not going to have fecal incontinence, she's not going to be soiling herself or passing gas all day. From her boyfriend, she wants to know that he's not going to just get in there and go crazy.

How to Convince your Partner to have Anal Sex

I don't mind being a little adventurous and he asked me if I'd be open to trying it sometime. He said that he had done it before and really liked it, but he didn't put too much pressure on me about it. I've had guys try to do that 'whoops, sorry wrong hole' thing in the past, so I just appreciated that he wasn't a total dick about it. Search AskMen Search.

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