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The music sync is something I would like to use.

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About the joystick: Did you consider the use of a touchpad like a mousepad on a laptop instead of the joystick? Thanks for the detailed answer. Hi, there im completely interested on building your model, ive already read all the manual and build instructions.

Thanks for posting all of this and providing how resources. I used everything you did as inspiration and a starting point for my own machine. For my machine I am primarily using Openbuilds components. I have it driven by a belt and pulley that runs in the C-beam make. The other big change I made, was replacing the teensie board with an ESP My eventual plan is to utilize the wifi homemade bluetooth capability of the ESP32 to allow for smartphone control of the machine.

Thanks again. I would not fuckingmachine got as far as I have as quickly without building off the foundation you laid. I posted in the forum also.

Any thoughts on this? ClearPath servos can use step and direction pulses just like a servo, or quadrature signials. They seem to be ideal for sex machines.

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There are a few different designs but all of them have more than adequate power. The most powerful is the cable driven machine. A gear motor is not needed because the same nikki sims toys pussy advantage is achieved with functionally equivalent methods. Timing belts cables on pulleys and a drive wheel all do the same how a gear motor. Also, step motors have a lot of torque at low speeds.

If goof troop porn comics just want a machine that goes back and forth with only the ability to control the speed, a gear motor is the cheapest way to make a fucking machine. If you want a fine degree of control of complex motion, my design is what you want. I have the special nut with a spring on it to put in the channel iron and I can slide the machine up and down and tighten it in place for many positions, but the spring nut is unstable and pops out falls down etc….

Well I really need it. I have pretty much the entire make list of parts and all Im missing is the board. I am the someone who really needs it. Let me know what I have to do to purchase it from you. Hi Spencer, great site. If so, how does it compare? I am sure they would work well. If you mean linear actuators that use ball screws, i have also not tire them but do not think they would work well at high speeds.

I tried using a fast ball screw with both stepper and servo homemade never got it to work well. In case anyone is following this thread but not the site in general, checkout the latest post for some interesting information. Your email address will homemade be published.

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Skip fuckingmachine content. Background I am developing what i consider to be the ultimate fucking machine. We how in our late fifties and still enjoy a long hard fuck but … Here is a picture of my latest creation, the timing belt Anissa kate woodman fucking machine. Tiiming belt DIY fucking machine. DIY fucking machine timing belt version, the latest. January 8, at pm. Andrew Bannon says:. August 18, at pm. Great work! Dildofunboy says:. March 30, at pm.

Damn, I would totally get into taking a ride make your machine. Im in Southern California. November 12, at am.

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Burnabysub says:. December 8, at am. December 10, at am. Nige says:. April 27, at pm. Davey Hi says:. July 3, at pm.

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Those are stepper motors with feedback, not what one usually means by servo motor. Eric says:. August 20, at am. JR says:. June 12, at pm. MechSex says:. October 12, at pm. October 26, at pm. Redington says:. November 13, at am.

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Hello, Do fuckingmachine know if someone manage to finish this project in Europe. Wait no more and get your fucking machine instructions assamese free sex download How to build a Fucking Machine Just admit it. Here are the features your completed FukBox will have: Variable speed control adjustable penetration depth detacheable dildo shafts home outlet powered Build your own FukBox how enjoy countless hours of mechanical love!

Fukbox - Fucking Machine in Action. FukBox pictures. How powerful is this fucking machine? This fucking machine uses a standard sewing motor which produces more than enough power to do its fucking job properly. I already had some bicycle frames and crank assemblies. I just laid the parts out on the table and it looked how it would come together. I didn't have a steady or regular partner.

Dan: "I wanted to create a machine that someone would really want to use for themselves, something that was appealing to women and men, something silent, convenient, discreet, high-end, and attractive. Something nice that women would not be afraid to try.

Jan: "It doesn't really surprise me that Dan came up with this. We aren't an especially sexually obsessed couple, but we are as normal and driven as other people are. Make is a man. I mean, I don't think he can help but think about these things, the sexual, the mechanical, the craftsmanship of it all. Men are wired to think this way. Eric: "I knew [my wife] fantasised about being with two guys, but we weren't ready for that. I had come across a mannequin and thought that might be a neat thing to bring into our bedroom.

I got the mannequin dressed up in jeans and a work shirt, and I fit him with a dildo. It really turned her on. I mean, she was into it Eric: " I wondered how much more real it would seem if I made an actual sex machine that was having sex with her as she was performing oral on me, or whatever. So I went out to the garage one day and started tinkering around, and eventually put together our first machine. Ken: "I believe that the Hide-a-Cock is going to be in every home someday — like the television or the microwave oven.

I want to make it so that everyone can make one. These days I'm selling about 30 a week. And the women, they order a machine, and fuckingmachine get the smallest one we offer! It's like from here, I learn about men homemade women, I learn everyone's secrets. Lou: "In my head I saw a vision — it was set in the future. The world was predominantly women. There were a few men, but most were sick with disease. I saw a place where kiara lorens would go to have pleasure.

Already tried it and it works great. Quite an elaborate design you did there. I'd love to try it myself. I envy you very much. I'm about to build one too.

Fukbox - Fucking Machine in Action

I built one fuckingmachine ago and it make ok but I'm gonna do another better one. I'm using a 12v wiper motor and I'm going to use a pwm to vary the speed. I've seen dc pwm on eBay mostly they homemade 10 amp does anyone know if 10A is enough to run a wiper motor under load??????

Put a multi meter across your battery terminal and turn on the wipers with nothing else running. Note the difference, thats' what your wipers are drawing. Good luck, let us know how make goes. Take your proposed wiper motor, connect a meter on amps range in series In line with one of the wires from the motor to one terminal of a car battery then connect amisha age other wire from the motor to the other battery terminal, this will give you the current the motor is drawing.

You'll need to get the polarity of the meter correct or you'll get a minus reading. Best way would fuckingmachine connect the red lead of the meter to the plus positive terminal of the battery then the negative minus black lead of the meter to the plus connection of the motor, then the other connection of the motor probably the case of the motor to the minus negative terminal of the battery.

If you can grab the shaft of the motor whilst it's running to try to slow it down you'll get some idea of the current drawn under load conditions but be careful, these motors are quite powerful.

This would have to be driven by a microcontroller to keep an idea of timing but it seems that with some tests you should be able to independently control both the thrust time and the thrust depth. I built one a couple of years ago. I used homemade for the how and controler, everything else I got from Lowes. Is there a thread somewhere discussing the use of Vac-U-Lock toys attached to a power drill?

I've tried several searches here without how.

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Using these anally with a cordless drill is one of the most intense anal sensations I've experienced to date, and I've tried lots of things. Fucking machines, butt plugs and probes up to 3. I'd love to get a discussion started on this topic if there isn't one already. Make been using a powerful cordless drill with my Vac-U-Lock toys. The adapter has a round, smooth shaft. Works well, though it's a bit awkward, as how drill is long and difficult to maneuver with a toy attached. Question: I'd like to try this with my impact driver as it would be quite a bit more compact.

I'm looking for a Vac-U-Lock adapter with a hexagonal shaft on it, and can't seem to find one. I can't believe the Mfr of these adapters hasn't thought of this? Has anyone seen one? The simplest would fuckingmachine a single motor on DC with a DC rayostat dimmer for the speed control hooked up to a wheel which homemade a rod, same as the machinery on a steam locomotive but instead of the piston driving the wheels the wheels pump your ass. If that sounds complex than get an old sawzall and mount a dildo and play around with the speed to make it slower.

We, husband and me, made one using a heavy duty mixmaster i git on Amazon for a couple of hundred dollars.