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But the whole gym experience isn't always that rosy when you're actually there and working out. If you're a regular, you can probably relate to these little annoyances, embarrassing moments, and hilarious fails that can only happen when you're somewhere between your last bicep curl and the next vinyasa class.

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When that guy is grunting super-loudly even though he's lifting lb weights. When it's your first time taking a new class and everyone else already knows the moves by heart. When you forgot your water bottle and are forced to drink from the slow dripping water fountain.

Take a hot yoga class, or step inside a sweltering spin studio and panic? Here's exactly how much water to drink before hot and humid fitness classes.

When you thought you were cooling down and the instructor says, "time for abs!

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Ready to take a look? Well she's pretty fit, huh? Abtastic In case you're too young or possibly too old to remember, "Buns of Steel" is the name of a series of famous workout tapes from the 80s. I didn't just make that up.

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This is Jen Selter. She is famous on the internet for the pictures of her backside that she posts on Instagram. Follow her. Follow her right now. All Hail the Queen of Instagram Nothing like a leisurely stroll on the old treadmill in some crazy sexy yoga pants to get somebody else's heart rate going, amiright?

Going for a Stroll Not your upper abs. Not your middle abs. Not your left abs.

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Not your right abs. And don't you forget it. Leg Lifting Behold U. Allyson Felix's Medicine Ball Crunch I think if I had access to a seaside infinity pool I'd probably be lounging around, sipping a marg. But of course, that's why this woman is in peak physical condition while I am not.

Poolside Fitness Leg lifts make for great backsides. Leg Lift Who doens't love a good roll on the old pilates ball? Pilates Ball! You know, because she needs a bigger chest. Working the Pecs Technically they call this a "bridge exercise.

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Thrusticizing This is also an excellent way to enhance the rotundity of one's derriere. Strairmaster Look everyone, it's U. Hey, it's only fair we mention it.

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Jen Selter 2 Seriously, how much do you love workout shorts? Workout Shorts I don't know of "crab kicking" is the official name of this maneuver, but that's what I'm calling it. Crab Kicking Makes you want to get kickboxed, doesn't it?

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Knees Up If this is a real workout tape, I seriously doubt anyone gets fit from watching it. But yeah, no, it's probably not a real workout tape. Pumping Iron Ironically, these women do not resemble actual sumo wrestlers. Go figure. Sumo Squat Yep, more "bridge" exercising. Pelvic Thrust The upward dog is for suckers. Down ward dog is where it's at. Downward Dog Why just do squats when you can do jump squats? Squat Jumpin' Lunges are great for your butt.

Luging makes you the butt of jokes. Keep them straight. Speeking of butts, though Lunging I'm not sure what you call this little move, so let's say it's asian ponytail porn Selter dip 'n' shake.

Jen Selter Butt Squats I'll say it again: you're be hard pressed to find a female athlete with a more athletic build than Allyson Felix. Allyson Felix Leg Lifts There's no way that's good for your back.

Are hot in a workout rut? Has your weight loss hit a plateau? Perhaps all you need to gifs pumped back gym is a quick gander at some hot moves from celebs like Kim Kardashian and Mark Wahlberg. I editorialized a bit. Hey, it had women be hard hauling around those poofy side ponytails and giant neon-colored scrunchies.

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In her Teen Steam workout DVD, she performed awkward exercise moves in her bedroom in the midst of a slumber party — ideal for blowing off angsty teen steam.