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Teen Who Claims To Smoke Marijuana Daily Says She Doesn’t Care About The Risks

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I also want to break that stigma of the stoner stigma, unproductive, unsuccessful. And I want to do it in a professional, classy manner. I just started posting continuously every day and eventually people started asking if they could send me stuff. Here I am six months later, I have 25, followers. What was your personal experience with cannabis? Three years ago I got into one of the scariest car accidents of my life. Me and some of my friends were going to Florida for Spring Break. We got into a car accident and I was ejected and landed on the yellow line.

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I was airlifted to a hospital in Alabama, I spent 18 days there. For the first 14 days, I laid on my bed and did not move. I have a fractured vertebrae and two braces in my back.

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I actually didn't smoke weed at the time and I had some friends talk me into smoking weed again because they said it would help my back and it did. I smoked one day and my back I couldn't even feel my back, I was so blown away.

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They had me on morphine, they had me on oxycontin, so many pain pills. I've noticed your photos tend to be more scenic than some other accounts. I'm actually a photographer as well, so I'm kinda on both ends of the camera. I started out doing nature pictures. Me and boyfriend spent six months last year travelling, we travelled 25 out of the 50 states. But yeah, mostly that's where it comes from, I have a connection with mother nature.

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What's been your most liked post? I was up in the mountains in a place called Royal Gorge, it was beautiful. I was smoking Shine papers, they make karat gold papers and blunts and stuff, it's pretty high class. I was up in a really gorgeous area, I had my little sweater hanging off one shoulder. It was kinda sexy but it wasn't too revealing.

I want to be sexy and whatnot but I'm not about taking my clothes off and showing the world that side of me.

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But yeah, I think that was probably one of my most liked ones, it had 1, likes. Makena Pederson, 18, Maui ganjjagoddesss 2. VICE: What's with nina whett name?

Makena Pederson: I came up with the name ganjjagoddesss when my friend used to refer to the hits I would take as "goddess hits" so I started called myself ganjjagoddesss on Instagram because it seemed fitting. Make sure this account has posts available on instagram.

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