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It is known simply as the " Lenna " also "Lena" image in that field. InPlayboy became hong first gentleman's magazine to be printed in braille. Playboy's iconic and enduring mascot, a stylized silhouette of a rabbit nudes a tuxedo bow tiewas created by Playboy art director Art Paul for the second issue as an endnotebut was adopted as the official logo and has appeared ever since.

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Hefner said he chose the rabbit for its "humorous sexual connotation", and because the image was "frisky and playful". In an interview Hefner explained his choice of a rabbit as Playboy's logo to the Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci :. The rabbit, the bunny, in America sexy alexandra rodriguez nude a sexual meaning; and I chose it because it's a fresh animal, shy, vivacious, jumping - sexy.

First it smells you then it escapes, then it comes back, and you feel like caressing it, playing with it. A girl resembles a bunny. Joyful, joking. Consider the girl we made popular: the Playmate of the Month. She is never sophisticated, a girl you cannot really have.

She is a young, healthy, simple girl - the girl next door The Playboy girl has no lace, no underwear, she is naked, well washed with soap and water, and she is happy.

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The jaunty rabbit was quickly made into a popular symbol of extroverted male culture, becoming a lucrative source of merchandizing revenue for Playboy. Besides its centerfold, a major part of Playboy for much of its existence has been the Playboy Interview, an extensive usually several kong discussion between a notable individual and an interviewer historian Alex Haleyfor example, served as a Playboy interviewer on a few occasions; one of his interviews was with Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the magazine's most notable interviews was a discussion with then-presidential candidate Jimmy Carter in the November issue, in which he stated "I've committed adultery in my heart many times. Another interview-type section, entitled "20Q" a play on the game of Twenty Questionswas added in October Cheryl Tiegs was the first interviewee for the section. Fashion designers participated in the Rock the Rabbit event by designing T-shirts inspired by Playboy's rabbit head logo for each band.

Many celebrities singers, actresses, models, etc. This list is only a small portion nudes those who have posed. Some of them are:. Congress cut off funding for the Braille magazine translation inbut U. The growth of the Internet prompted the magazine to develop an official web presence called Playboy Online or Playboy. The site has been available online since Archives of past Playboy articles and playboy are also included. In SeptemberPlayboy launched the online edition of the magazine Playboy Digital.

InPlayboy ametur pics The Smoking Jacketa safe-for-work website designed to appeal to young men, while avoiding nude images or key words that would cause the site to be filtered or otherwise prohibited in the workplace. In MayPlayboy introduced i. On January 14,kong Ninth Circuit U.

Court of Appeals ruled that Playboy Enterprises Inc. This decision reversed an earlier district court ruling. The suit started on April 15,when Playboy sued Excite Inc. Many in the American religious community opposed the publication of Playboy. The Louisiana pastor and author L. Clover wrote in his treatise, Evil Spirits, Intellectualism and Logicthat Playboy encouraged young men to view themselves as "pleasure-seeking individuals for whom sex is fun and women are play things. In addition, sale and distribution is banned in most Muslim countries except Lebanon [] [] and Turkey in Asia and Africa, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.

Despite the ban kong the magazine in these countries, the official Hong brand itself can still appear on various merchandise, such as perfume and deodorants. While banned in mainland China, the magazine is sold in Hong Kong. In Japan, where genitals of models cannot be showna separate edition was published under license by Shueisha.

Though the publisher said the content of the Indonesian edition will be different from the original edition, the government tried to ban it by using anti-pornography rules. On April 12, about IDF members clashed with police and stoned the editorial offices. Despite this, the edition quickly sold out. On April 6,the chief judge of the case dismissed the charges because they had been incorrectly filed.

Inthe American convenience store chain 7-Eleven removed the magazine. The store returned Playboy to its shelves in late InPlayboy was returned to shelves in the Republic of Ireland after a year ban, despite staunch opposition from many women's groups. Playboy was not sold in the state of Queensland, Australia during andbut returned as of Due to declining sales, the last Australia-wide edition of Korean muscle men porn was the January issue.

InPlayboy was cleared by the Pentagon of violating its rule against selling sexually explicit material on military property, but the base exchanges stopped selling it anyway. In MarchPlayboy announced kong they would be deactivating their Facebook accounts, due to the "sexually repressive" nature of hong social media platform and their mismanagement of user data resulting from the Cambridge Analytica problem. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the magazine. For the lifestyle that inspired the magazine's name, see Playboy lifestyle. For other uses, see Playboy disambiguation. Men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine based in Chicago. This is playboy I always intended Playboy Magazine to look like. Main article: Playboy Special Edition. Asia Philippines — [84] South Korea Thailand — Africa African Community South Africa —, — [85] [86] North America Mexico —, — Women hairy tube States — South America Brazil Colombia —, Oceania Australia —, —see specific article Europe Hong — Croatia — Czech Republic — Nudes France —,Germany — [87] Greece —, Italy —,— [88] Netherlands — Portugal—, [89] Russia — Slovakia —, — Slovenia — Spain —, Sweden hong, Switzerland Ukraine —.

Asia Hong Kong — Indonesia — [87] Playboy [90] Japan — —see specific article Mongolia — Singapore Taiwan— South America Argentina —, — Playboy — see Playboy Brazil Venezuela — Europe Austria — only special issues from time to time Nudes, Estonia — [91] Georgia — [92] Hungary —, — Latvia — [93] Lithuania — Macedonia — [94] Moldova [95] Norway — Poland — Nudes — Serbia — [87] Turkey — Further information: Playboy Enterprises, Inc.

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