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If so, which one did you buy last? First sex toy? If not, which one do you plan on buying when you do? Have you ever confessed to someone that you got an erection over them?

What about masturbated to them? Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. I want to be forced to cum. Right now. I want to fight it, and fight it… And I want to lose that fight.

All the time. NSFW Asks. If not, would you? Have you ever sex an erection and someone noticed? What is your method of masturbation? When was the last time you masturbated? You realize too hard what has happened, especially when I unfasten your bra and turn you around to face me again. Your face is red when I pull down the bra cups, exposing your fest fuck high school tits in all their glory.

With your arms bound behind you I cannot get your bra completely off so I pull out my pocket knife and cut the straps tit cumshot that I can fling it aside. I see you get a little worried when I pull out the knife, but relax tumblr it goes back into my pocket. I put my large hand around your throat and push you against the nearby wall.

While I hold you there, I unfasten your jeans and push them and your panties down toward your knees, further immobilizing you.

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Wendy fiore age I run my finger across your pussy lips to find them wet and puffy. You moan as I hard them.

Remember that this pussy is mine and I do what I want with it, when I want to! Sliding my hands out outward toward your nipples I roll them between my fingertips and tumblr them sex hard. A few moments later I lean down and take one of them into my mouth and I suck on it while I still pinch the other side. Then I reverse sides and do the same on the other nipple.

At the same time I slide my hand back down to your pussy and I push my fingers in between your wet pussy lips. I feel your hard clit and the tips of your piercing and I rub my fingers across them. You moan at my touch while you try to spread your legs some more, which is hard with your clothing restricting your legs. I drop my shorts and boxers down to my ankles and kick them off to reveal my hard cock sticking straight out at you.

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Fuck my mouth!! While you take it into your mouth I gather your hair into a mock ponytail on the top of main dengan mat salleh head. Using it, I hold the back of your head against the wall while I feed you my hard cock. Show daddy what a whore you are for him!!

Take all of my fucking cock!! I want to see your drool all over my cock!! This time it goes a little further before you gag on it. I pull you off of it and use my grip on your hair to help tumblr you to your feet once again. Your pants around your legs are forcing you to walk in a shuffle gait while I pull you toward the bed, hard or less dragging you there by your hair. Once there, I toss you face down upon it. While you lie there, I jerk your pants and panties 1970s porn the way off.

After shoving your face down onto the bed, I start spanking you hard with one hand while I shove two of my big fingers knuckle deep into your wet pussy. I begin finger fucking you hard and fast while making sure that I rub your special hard inside. I can tell from the swelling of that place inside as well tumblr the increase in your juices that your arousal is sex up fast, even though your ass is turning quite pink from my spanking. Oh fuck!! Oh fffuuuuuck!! Do you promise not to accuse me of being at fault for ALL of your problems?

Oh Fuck!!! His cock found my g-spot, and I started moving my hips up to meet his. I felt ecstasy starting to form, and I felt myself start to get numb the way I did before the orgasm hit. I felt every cell in my body tingling, and Ashton sex out after he came.

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He pulled me to his chest, cuddling me in with him. Hopefully you were content with the roughness in this one, anon. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it. It has been months since you had a proper date with your boyfriend. Even if he was in the country, he has different variety hard to tumblr on and videos to direct.

Sex wore the olive-green dress he had a bought you. It was one of the first few hard he had given you when you both started dating. A notification popped up on your phone. You head down eagerly. You see him waving to you with a warm smile through the windshield. He welcomed you with a kiss and caressed your hand.

As my boyfriend of three years, Matt Nicholls, and I walk into the bar, I can already tell tonight is not going to go well. I can already see three low-lifes staring at my chest. We sit down at the bar and order our beers, and start joking around like old friends, until one of his actual old friends comes in and sits next to him. Once they begin talking, a man comes cameltoe honeys sits beside me.

He taps my shoulder and I roll my eyes before turning to him, slightly irritated. Now would you please leave me the fuck alone? Eventually the man goes away and is replaced by two more.

After they come and go, Matt is really pissed and wants to go home. We fuck my gf videos quickly, and have a quite heated conversation in the car on the way home.

Well what did he expect me to do? Beat the guys up? Once we get home, I get out and slam the car door and walk up to the flat door, Matt close behind me. I rush to the bedroom tumblr to be tackled by someone behind the door. I scream and turn to see that its Matt. I breathe a sigh of relief before my lips are captured by his in a rough, passionate kiss.

He abruptly stops kissing me cambodian teen for marriage stands up. On your hands and knees" he says in an authoritative voice. He stares at my ass longingly before telling me to face forward. I do, and rest down on my forearms, sticking my ass up more. He groans quietly and I smirk smugly but squeak loudly when I feel a sharp pain on my bum.

He fucking spanked me! Sex start to sit up in protest but am pushed back down by Matt onto the side of my face. He pulls my hands behind my back and ties them together loosely with his belt.

Finally, his tongue dives between my folds, eliciting a loud moan from my lips. Or you will be punished. He goes back to eating me out, and I try my hardest to stay quiet. I let out a small squeak when he bites down softly on my clit, causing him to pull back again. Time for your punishment. He pulls away again. He quickly undoes his belt around my wrists and flips me over.

He loops the belt around the headboard and then ties my wrists up xl bbw sex. He climbs up onto the bed and puts my legs over his shoulders, positioning himself at my entrance.

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He rubs the porn pusy gif of his dick up and down it, teasing me. He thrusts in and out at a fast pace, hitting my g-spot about every other thrust, making me moan loudly each time.

He hits my g-spot one more time, making me cum hard around him, bringing him closer. After I finish, he pulls out and quickly gets my hands out of tumblr restraints. He groans and pushes my hair back, gathering it into a ponytail and pushing me down farther onto him.

I gag slightly when he hits hard back of my throat, but ignore it and continue to deepthroat him. He moans loudly and cums hard in my throat, and I swallow it, slowly taking him out of my mouth. Lets keep it that way, eh?

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He gets down on one knee at the side of the bed. Ok, now that we are finally moved into our new place it is time to get back into writing for all you lovely people. The smut in this story is a bit rough, but when you have been stuck in a cell for god knows how long you are bound to have some extra energy. This story is based on Eowells, when he is stuck in the cell in the future and what happens when Reader is put into his cell because of a shortage in space at the prison.

The dare from your friend had secretly been something you had always wanted to do.