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More power! We lab you mhen! Philippine Twitter is abuzz about the video too. Ana more power to you. SoYangHernandez is still trying to get over what happened. But not everyone is so amused.

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Unpopular opinion: This Cesar Montano thing is not funny. Kj na kung kj pero hindi ba we should protect the girl on the video bec she was unintentionally filmed without her consent.

We need to be more responsible.

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Montano is known for appearing in action movies. Funny, unfortunate, or both? Still, I thought it was a milestone worth noting: posts and 5, comments later, we're still chugging ahead. Hello, and Welcome The post that started it all, one year ago today. Also known as the Toenail Necklace Post. If you haven't seen the pic, you owe it to yourself to do so now.

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Mostly because this one got, like, a gazillion comments. Because it has a photo of a naked woman.

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