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Matching this in profundity, is the fact that Saddam was hanged - an extremely ugly method of execution, that was thought barbaric even in the s Enlightenment. The core of Enlightenment territory - in western and northern Europe - generally began to do away with hanging under the French revolution and Napoleon, in favour of the much more merciful though gruesome beheading, or the firing squad.

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When some of the western European nations briefly revived the death penalty in the s through early s to deal with Nazi collaborators, it tended to be the firing squad that was favoured - shooting is almost always quick, and seems to treat the subject with the most dignity that can be allowed given the intention.

It also seems more honest, not masking the violent nature of the act.

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Even today manisha koirala boob slip still snuff the most humane way to deliberately kill someone, for those who believe executions are necessary. Now that US lethal injections are turning into slow-torture events, the firing squad still remains the least offensive method, the method most preferred by execution victims themselves.

The UK of course kept the gallows till the s. With their empire, the British had made hanging a worldwide videos, with their odd faith in the 'expert' hangman. There were hangings in eastern Europe until just hanging few years ago when Videos membership plans mandated their ending, while the US hanging at least two official hangings in the s, one of them in the 'high-tech' state of Washington, down the highway from Bill Gates and Microsoft.

This doesn't count the many unofficial hangings in various US snuff cells, among the suspiciously common 'prison suicides'. In theory, with the long drop of body weight in a planned hanging, people are unconscious instantly from a broken neck, but this is unreliable, and in fact the subject may take 20 minutes or more, or even close to an hour, to die by hanging. And it is a mess, heads twisted, sometimes pulled off altogether, blood and gore a regular feature of the corpse of the hanged victim.

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