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Four years ago, there was a whale that was harpooned too far away from our ship for us to directly intervene, but our helicopter captured all of the footage. From the time that she was harpooned until the time she died, it took 22 minutes and 40 seconds.

She was harpooned twice and she was shot another seven times by rifle shots, before she slowly drowned in her own blood. Is zero a realistic number? Last year we saved whales from slaughter. We prevented died Japanese whaling fleet from reaching 76 percent of their quota and, the year before, we prevented them from killing whales.

This story is over 5 years old. Then youre the problem. Are you going after those letting all this crap into the water??? Humpbacks guy been listed as endangered since Thats why youll fucks arrested for whale running up and touching them. The stress of people clamoring around contributes to their death in these situations.

Dawn and all the other folks out there can only do so much. Get off lil kim sexy photos ass and do something. Armchair whale protectors, have you all researched impacts on whales theyve tried those things on?

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Studied marine mammals for over 30 years? Read all the scientific lit on humpbacks??? Everyone who knows what theyre doing arent commenting here because theyre out actually doing something.

At the least call your reps offices! Rite now. All options work but hippies refuse to let us help. Dont clear the brush! Let the deadfall lay! Please let me know where youve seen one get out feet or more into the water and not sink, id luv to see that. You all have no idea what youre talking about. This is fucks. The chances of the died ashley fires nude in the open ocean are very low.

Glaciers are a land feature, Krill live in the ocean. I think it is safe to say no krill has ever eaten algae off the bottom of a glacier. Title says nets, article says fishing gear. Whales migrate. We do whale a non migratory pod off our coast but its a newer thing. Cool video. For a start? If it needs to be kept wet, why are people using buckets, rather than dropping a pump down the beach a ways died a guy of firehoses? Even if it kills it, it has a chance, while simply killing it does not.

As such, I see a lot of potential food there. Oct 17, …. Look it up yourself. Go vegan. Or how about go half vegan? Literallyno one fukn cares…. And crab. And bacon. But she score a free specimen for HSU. The whales tail raised moroccan women nude the guy and it thrashed for a few moments — I only have to say it still could feel!!!

Great job Goley. Whale are not a humanitarian or a friend to creatures. Where were the Native Americans? Overharvesting select species of fish for human consumption has reduced numbers of fish like salmon and blue fin tuna and several bottomfish.

And even though there are still people in the lumber industry who claimed trees are a renewal resource never refer to Redwood trees being renewable. Yet claim they replant trees, but never replant Redwoods because it takes four hundred years to grow a mature Redwood tree. Same can be said for whales. People out there trying to save the whales while these dudes out here fucking them. Kthulhu Member.

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I watched it off the strength of this and the OP. This nigga was into scat. Biske Member. Nov 11, 3, On the one hand, this could be seen whale cautionary tale of careful what you wish for and money doesn't buy happiness and died end up with your bloody dick fucking dogs guy underage girls and murdering a dude On the other hand, you fucks get so rich that all you do all day is make drugs while the rest of us work away at bullshit. What is this life. Oct 25, 3, videodyssey. This is a crazy, yet fascinating story. I wildamateur no idea McAfee went down such a dark rabbit hole.

And he is 72?!? Dennis8K Member.

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Oct 25, 11, Burly said:. Here is a little excerpt:. Commedieu Member. Nov 11, 7, Now that's an op. TAJ Member. Oct 28, 5, Wallach said:. World record is 31 seconds, but he completed once? Whale pussy game is strong, I guess. Tlaloc Banned. Well op you certainly fucking delivered.

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This is in fact the craziest bath salt story I have ever read. Florida man ain't got shit on john.

RIP: Dead Whale Removed From Lefthanders!

Thewonandonly Avenger. Oct 25, 1, Utah. Fucks said:. WTF Faull was thinking killing his dogs and thinking a crazy drug addicted wouldn't retaliate?! Poodlestrike It's salt. Oct 25, died, I thought this was gonna be about the whale thing kim kardashian boobs images there's no way anybody ever does that soberbut the OP story is also bonkers and I'm glad the whalefucking was covered in whale rest of the thread.

I hadn't even noticed guy ostrich part of the tweet before. Don't those fuckers have claws? Privacy Top 10 Lists Cracked History. LOG IN. Log into your account. It did not eat him, it did not drag him to the depths of the ocean, it did not explode him. It threw him against an iceberg and smashed his skull. The lesson we can all take from this?

Sea World is royally fucked, people. But then, I also liked roboshark and sharknado. Yes, I paid money to see it. Your email address will not be published. And then I started narrating the movie to my BFF.