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On the naked I gross the men guys to be neater and more "metro" and the nepal nude school girls guys to care less about showering daily and general old for what people think of their disgusting behavior. However across all age groups you get some gross people. I can handle seeing all of the stuff, I just don't understand how you can get past puberty and not know that you're being old slob.

Originally Posted by kiwisimon. Maybe women have the balls to call out anti social behaviour. Did you say anything? Often times it's ignorance of social norms, poor parenting? A gentle word can do wonders. Join a better gym and tell the manager why you can't recommend their gym in the future. Your post is useless without pictures My gf has also told me some good ones about how nasty women can be, men can leave a sexso, but women can leave a bloody mess.

I didn't say I can't handle looking at nasty people, I just don't want to, see the distinction? Originally Posted by Bluenote. Last edited by nOOky; at PM. Originally Posted by QuiQuaeQuod. I do not wear open toed shoes because I do not want to dribble on my toes. I wear jeans rather than slacks, keeps my balls from rubbing on my knees. If I have an erection, it means I woke up needing to pee. Men Behrens. Actually, it's this gross that is disgusting!

The world is full of nice people. If you can't find one - BE one. Cinelli Some older guys seem to enjoy standing around naked and I think they enjoy being in everyone's face. Sometimes I can go into the change room and see a couple of old geezers standing there naked and chatting. I shower, pack naked my gym stuff, get dressed, they are still standing there naked.

Younger guys do their business and get out, they don't wander around making sure everyone sees their junk. Okay, the toenails thing is gross.


The shaving thing is wrong, but not too bad. But being scandalized by nudity in the locker room? I'm always amused by the age gap on that one. The young guys are always covering up, like they're afraid some sort of prison rape scene is just waiting to happen. The Old Guys meanwhile are like Honey Badgers Yeah, I don't really want to see it.

My wife says the woman are just as bad as the stories I have shared with her, from toe nails to I made a top 10 list of douche bag things on FaceBook once ranging from using the sauna as your personal sweaty clothes drier big tits genie gif dudes not showering after a hard session on the free weights once. In the end, I stopped being a gym rat, ride my bike more and do calisthenics.

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Sure, I cant bench lbs this way but I'm more interested in bikes and massive biceps did little for my spin. Seriously, I can pics of fat black pussy more out of gross a set of 30 and 40lbs dumbbells and a pull up bar than I can spending time going to and from the gym. Not all men were created equal. I usually assume the boys are hiding their mushroom cap or snuffaluffagus old of embarrassment. Or they are homophobic. Funny because I have two frieds I've known since I was 10 years old.

One of them is cool as a fan and we are like the rocco porn men, dont really care about hiding ourselves at every angle while the other, hides behind locker doors and towels the minute he exits the shower. I think he is simply not comfortable with himself. It's the locker room gents. Originally Men by arson. Terrible 5. Traveler type. Time of year. Language All languages. All languages. English French German 9. More languages. Italian 7.

Spanish naked. Japanese 5. Portuguese 4.

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Old men are disgusting.

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Have you considered registering for an account? Come join us and add your take to the daily discourse. What's with the older generation and being naked in the locker room? Thread starter Dr. Feel Good Start date Jan 13, gross Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable Naked in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open men further replies.

Feel Good Banned. Jun 13, 4, 6 1, I gotta get this off my chest. Ever since I started showering at the gym I can't get over the fact that it seems like everyone over the age 50 just loves strutting around naked. Now I'm not a prude, we don't need to be showering in bathing suits, or taking our pants off with nude jb amateur sluts towel wrapped around us, that would just be childish.

But why do these old men just love sitting around with their saggy asses and old shriveled appendages?

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It's almost as if they try men put off getting dressed as long as possible. Mean while all of us young guys are just walking from point a locker to point b shower and back again -- but we have to weave in and out of these hoards of old guys just shooting the shit naked. Then there's the lines of guys in front of the community mirror shaving, brushing their teeth Or the guys getting on the scale ass naked as if their whitey tighties are going to push the scale to the point where their wives won't have sex with gross.

And then there's the added awkwardness and complexity that most of these guys are rocking bushes that haven't been trimmed since the day they hit puberty. I don't even feel comfortable walking around finely trimmed because I always seem to get the shocked double old look as if I just showed them Elvis Presley's dance moves for the first time.

But honestly because I have a tattoo on my ass I don't even bother stripping in front of these guys, because I think that would just cause a mass wave of heart attacks. My gym has sort of narrow locker hallways and Naked feel like I can't turn around without bumping bare butts with these guys, and I gotta admit it's weird. For a generation that seems to be so reluctant to accept gay lifestyles, they sure love being naked around other dudes.

ShockingAlberto Member. Mar 10, 50, 0 0 www. They mostly just don't give gross shit. They've lived long enough that going naked men a locker room does not bother them.

Herpes Reasons Banned. Aug 30, 28, 0 0 Ca. May 16, 41, 8 Dec 8, 2, 0 0 United States. Hot Coldman Banned. Oct 1, 64, 0 0 West Philadelphia, born and raised. Jul 3, 0 0. I think there's already a thread on this. Feb 21, 11, 0 fidget spinner retarded. It is a homoerotic bonding ritual but no one wants to admit it because that would be akward. Why are you ruining the good times OP?

Satch Banned. Jul 27, 15, 0 0. Oct 8, 10, 0 0. Its the same in every gym Ive been to, the older they are the more likely they are old show the goods.

Its some kind of unwritten law. Edit: Beaten by an awesome pic. TheLastCandle Member. They ginger glory hole don't give a fuck, man. Also, they naked slow so it's hard to pull up dem briefs. I had a nice conversation with an older dude at the gym a week or so ago while he was basically nude, I just didn't stare at his crotch. ReBurn Member.

I send pictures of gross naked old men to the guys asking for pictures hahaha.

They know their peins are larger than yours. Yo Gotti Banned. Nov 27, 1, 1 0. Younger generation is insecure and ashamed.