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Parts of the vulvaespecially the clitorisare erogenous zones. While the vagina is not especially sensitive as a whole, its lower third the area close to the entrance has concentrations of the nerve endings that can provide pleasurable sensations when stimulated during sexual activity.

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Fingering the vagina is often performed in an effort to stimulate an area which may be termed the Sex. It is described as being recognized by its ridges and slightly rougher texture compared to the more cushion-like vaginal cavity walls around it. Fingering this spot, and girls effect possibly stimulating the Skene's glandis commonly cited as a method that may lead to female ejaculation.

Some women have cited the "come hither" approach as a significant hole to orgasm. This technique involves the middle fingersometimes additionally the index or ring finger, making a hand gesture like "come here" with the palm facing upwards towards her pubic bone.

Medical professionals suggest washing the hands before contact with the vagina, to ensure proper hygiene, especially when moving between different orifices. Anal finger may be pleasurable because of krista allen pornstar link hot images large number of nerve endings in the anal areaand because of the added stimulation gained from stretching the anal sphincter muscles while inserting the finger.

A good quality personal lubricant is advisable to both increase the pleasurable sensation and aid insertion. Some people prefer to simply stimulate the outer ring of the anus, while others will follow this by inserting one or more fingers.

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Fingering may be seen as an act in itself, or as an arousing prelude in preparation for further anal sex. Anal fingering can arouse the receiver, allowing them to relax their anus and prepare them for the insertion of a penis or any other sexual instrument. Anal fingering is also an effective way of stimulating the prostate in males, and thus may bring the receiver to orgasm.

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Anal fingering can also stimulate the perineal sponge in women. Fingering is generally considered safe sex as long as there are no open wounds on the fingers. The nails should be trimmed and filed; long, sharp or jagged nails can cause cuts, injury, or severe infection. If there are cuts, infections, or open wounds on the fingers, extreme protection and care is necessary. If finger cots are used they may slip off and remain inside the receptive partner.

The hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and warm water before practicing any other activity to avoid spreading bacteria or germs. In stimulating both the anus and vagina, separate latex gloves should be used for each to avoid cross-contamination.

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