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Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Pee After Sex

So go ahead and enjoy some post-sex cuddles if you want to. But, Dweck said if you are prone to getting UTIs frequently, urinating immediately after the fact may be the most beneficial practice. Overall, it's important to note that peeing doesn't always eliminate the chance of getting a UTI, but it can significantly cut down the risk.

Seventeen chatted with Dr. Dune about everything from whether peeing after sex does anything at all, to the best hygiene practices when it comes to sex. The scientific answer is no, but it doesn't hurt to do so. According to Dr.

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Dune, there is currently no academic proof confirming that there's a connection between recurrent UTIs and intercourse. If you have a vagina, your urethra — the pee where after is released — is close to your vaginal opening. If you have a girls, your urethra releases both urine and semen — though not at the same time. Peeing after sex can help flush bacteria sex was introduced during intercourse away from your urethra. Peeing after sex is the least beneficial for individuals fuck hard xnxx have a penis.

The bacteria have to travel much farther to cause a UTI. You or your partner can touch anywhere else on the vulva without having to worry about increasing your risk for UTIs.

However, there is an exception, if your partner performs oral sex or cunnilingus, which focuses on oral contact with the clitoris which is very close to the urethral openingbacteria can be pushed from the mouth and tongue into the urethra.

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Ideally, you should pee within 30 minutes of having sex to reap the UTI-prevention benefits. The sooner, the better.

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During vaginal intercourse, ejaculate is released into the vaginal canal. Though bladder spasms and uterine contractions can create an urgent bladder sensation, Dr. Dweck notes that UTIs are the most common culprit of this sense of post-coital bladder fullness — so you shouldn't stop being vigilant about them, especially if you know that you're prone to them. Seventy-five percent of UTIs are related to sexual intercourseso it pays to be aware of your post-coital bladder tingles, even if they turn out to be nothing.

Why You Should Pee After Sex

Therefore, if the man ejaculates during intercourse, it empties itself out. That doesn't mean it's a bad idea for men to pee after sex. It's just probably less useful than it is for women.

Urinary tract infections aren't fun. That's particularly true when you get a lot of them. If you have a history of recurrent urinary tract infections, it's probably worth trying to find out whether some relatively simple behavioral changes can reduce the frequency with which you get UTIs.

Even though the results aren't completely consistent, it's probably a good idea to pee after sex. It's also a good idea to stay hydrated.

Why Do I Have to Pee After Sex? - Does Peeing After Sex Prevent UTIs?

Drinking water after sex is another thing that has been shown to reduce your risk of a UTI. Interestingly, it looks like peeing before sex might also help reduce the risk of a UTI. That's good news for people who think it's a bad idea to wait.

And remember, if you drink enough water, you can pee both before AND after sex. The trick is not to drink so much that you want to stop to pee during sex.

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Another important thing is that there are two different canals in your vagina, one from where the pee comes out and another one that your male partner can penetrate which is the same one that gets your period going. My advice is that you get tested. Go to a pharmacy or drug store, or even a supermarket and ask for a pregnancy test.

Especially if you miss your period.

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