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Now we do, which either forces us to introduce a new term and demand that it be used, or to expand the bounds of our old term. I prefer the latter. The gynosome is very much like a penis in both form and function. The authors highlight the differences by giving it its own specific name. And similarities are actually critical here because evolution crafts organs that are convergently similar—though different in the details—thanks to similar selection pressures.

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In fact, there is a sex tradition in anatomy of describing organs with almost metaphorical names. We call them both feet. Other penetrating sexual organs, like the aedagus insect and gonopodium fish are also colloquially known as penises.

So, do we make a special case for sex-related terms? However experiments found no conclusive evidence for that hypothesis; as ofthe preferred insect for that organ is hygienic protection against bacteria. The evolutionary origins of traumatic insemination are disputed. Although it evolved independently in girl invertebrate species, traumatic insemination is most highly adapted and thoroughly studied in bed bugs, with Cimex lectularius.

Free tranny porn teen porn homosexual and inter-species traumatic inseminations have been observed.

In humans and other vertebrates, blood and lymph circulate in two different systems, the circulatory system and lymphatic systemwhich are enclosed by systems of capillariesveinsarteriesand nodes. This is known as a closed circulatory system. Insects, however, have an open circulatory system in which blood and lymph circulate unenclosed, and mix to form a substance called hemolymph. All organs of the insect are bathed in hemolymph, which provides oxygen and nutrients to all of the insect's organs.

Following traumatic insemination, sperm can migrate through the hemolymph to the female's ovaries, resulting in fertilization. The exact mechanics vary from taxon to taxon. In some orders of insects, the male genitalia paramere enters the female's genital tract, and a spine at its tip pierces the wall of the female's bursa copulatrix. In others, the male penetrates the outer body wall. In either case, following penetration, the male ejaculates into have female.

The sperm and ejaculatory fluids diffuse through the female's hemolymph. The insemination is successful if the sperm reach the ovaries and fertilize an ovum. Female resistance to traumatic insemination varies from one species to another. Females from some genera, including Cimexare passive prior to and during traumatic insemination.

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Research into the paternity of offspring produced by traumatic insemination has found "significant" last-sperm precedence. That is, the last male sex traumatically inseminate a female tends to sire most of the offspring from that female. Insect reasons swedish girl nude nature the evolutionary adaptation of traumatic insemination as a mating strategy have been suggested.

One is that traumatic insemination is an adaptation to the development of the mating witha reproductive mechanism used by many species. Once a male finishes copulating, he injects a glutinous secretion into the female's reproductive tract, thereby "literally glu[ing] her genital tract closed". Others have argued that the practice of traumatic insemination may have been an adaptation for males to circumvent female resistance to mating [1] to eliminate courtship time, allowing one male to inseminate many mates when contact between them girl brief; [10] or that it evolved as a new development in the sperm competition as a means to deposit sperm as close to the ovaries as possible.

This bizarre method of insemination probably evolved as male bed bugs competed with each other to place their sperm closer and closer to the mother lode of eggs, the ovaries. For the best commenting experience, please login or register as a user and agree to our Community Guidelines. You will be re-directed back to this page where you have see comments updating in real-time and have the ability to recommend comments to other users. What matters in science — and why — free in your inbox every weekday.

Our award-winning show features highlights from the week's edition of Natureinterviews with the people behind the science, and in-depth commentary and analysis from journalists around the world. Yoshizawa et al. It's the equivalent of a snack bar for a pregnant mother; the female gains nutrition from the plug.

Size does matter; the female chooses males on how big their spermatophore sperm packet is. That would be equivalent to 54 pounds of ejaculate from a pound human male.

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Researchers were initially baffled by a second penis in some earwig species; it points the wrong way, and females only have one vaginal opening. Was it just an evolutionary left over? No, the second penis is a spare in case the first one breaks off.

This becomes even more cringe-inducing when you discover that each earwig penis is about the length of their entire body.

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The researchers also engaged in a bit of insectus coitus interruptus ; they pinched the butt of males lady gaga nude dance sex. Not only did with males survive and successfully mate again, their abandoned penis plugged up the female, slowing her re-mating.

Male bean beetles have horrific spiky penises. It's not for any sort of titillating stimulation; female bean beetles are routinely injured and develop scars in their genital tract after mating. Researchers knew that males with bigger spines fathered more young, but weren't sure what the spines were actually doing. So, they shaved some insect penises. You do that with a laser, not a razor, in case you were wondering. While many spiky insect penises act as a type of biological velcro helping the male hang on for his wild sex, that isn't the case with bean beetles.

In many cases, this requires two steps. First, the girl extends its penis from his abdomen. Then, he extends his penis further with an inner, elongated tube called the endophallus. This organ acts as a telescoping penis. This extension feature enables the male to deposit his sperm deep within the female's reproductive tract. There seems to be a decent effort on the male's part to make have the female is pleased with the sexual encounter.

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