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Whether such psychological abjection will speak to an American audience remains to be seen. Imagine the respect to be garnered when, after quietly stretching and vibrating for a month on your own, you slip into the bathroom during a dinner party one night, change into your yoga pants, and then are found sitting on the living room floor, folded at the waist.

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A hush descends. Which is not to say that pliability is a cakewalk. Asked what percentage of people quit the program before the month is over, Eiko hazarded 30 percent.

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For people with bad backs the prospect of doing a lot of bouncing can, at first blush, be quite daunting. However, other therapeutic forms of movement besides shake yoga, such as gyrokinesis, Feldenkrais and Sensory Bounce Therapy include a modicum of bouncing or repeated swaying.

Better yet, dance aficionados can point to two bounce-friendly dance idioms that arose as a result of bad backs.