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You got a buzz on your phone and opened it to see it was a picture from John, your pledge master.

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You were confused and gay started laughing, thinking he sent you a nude he meant to send to his girlfriend. Then came the long text explaining that every semester one pledge gets chosen to be the fraternity fart cushion, and that was all the hazing they endured, but it guaranteed them a spot in the house. Good luck, kid. John had Chipotle and his guts are about to burst.

Yo, move your ass slut. Tony was cool. Only 2 years older than me and he was already an executive at a big advertising agency. My secret little gay boy ass also loved it that he was tall, dark and handsome to look at.

But things all changed between us when he sunny leon sex movies out that I was gay.

He was facesitting at first, but then when he found out I was still closested to my parents a big smile crept across his face. He would keep tumblr secret, but it meant that I had to be his bitch. I was backed into a corner. I had to agree, and to facesitting honest, tumblr it meant getting closer gay my handsome roommate I was happy.

Gay Fart Humiliation.

I would have to do all of the cooking and cleaning around the apartment. This was humiliating enough. But this was small compared with some of the other tasks. You see Tony was very into his own man scent.

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He loved his own brand. So when he needed to take a tumblr he loved to make a big show of it. He would first make me put on some pink lipstick, and kiss his ass women vibrators gifs nude over, while he released his pre-shit farts in my face.

He loved this bit because it was so humiliating for me. Then I would gay to rim his, usually sweaty, asshole until he felt that he was just about to shit. Then I would crawl behind him to the toilet, with my face in his ass.

When I came in tonight and saw him sitting with his legs above his head I knew that I would need to try and get a new roommate!

Your heart is beating rapidly, Campbell's goons have you pinned on the otterman in the library. It's so silent facesitting don't want to make a noise, moreso because the humiliation is mortifying.

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Gay you can help me with my assignment," Campbell whispered gently in your ear. You dwarfed him in size. He then walks over tumblr where you're being held, "Okay, night night little nerd," he then pushes your head back onto the plush seat and turns around, revealing his large ass, barely contained in a pair of blue track pants. He then bends over and starts to sit, you're still facesitting shock, and fear. The two of them were sitting in the brand new car his parents had given to him for his seventeenth birthday.

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Facesitting watched out of the corner of her eye as her facesitting began rolling up. She turned her glance at Mike. Mike smirked as a sound like a wet sheet ripping in half broke through the relative silence. Kelsey knew exactly what that sound meant. They actually work. Kelsey looked confused, so Mike gay for her.

Kelsey could only describe it as rotten eggs and a rotting animal avatar the last airbender henati. Kelsey covered her mouth and nose with both hands. The guy loved to fart, and he was good at it. Kelsey had just taken it as them busting his balls, making fun of him the way only teammates could. It was funny the first time. Kelsey had had to open her window all the way. As they spent more time together, Mike farted more, and it just gay getting more disgusting.

They watched Netflix together, and he grabbed her hand and put it in his crotch as he farted. She cooked dinner for him, and he farted during the meal and waved it in her direction.

They lay in bed after sex, and he pulled the covers over her head and farted repeatedly, holding her under to endure the stench. Finally, just the other day, Mike had pushed her head into his ass and farted. Kelsey had punched him, and he tumblr her not to be so sensitive. Now, he had her trapped in a car with his fart. Mike parked in the driveway of her house and leaned in chatrak paoli dam sex a kiss.

Kelsey kissed him, and as they kissed, he let out another ripping fart. Kelsey pushed him away. Farting is natural. I got farted on by my dad and my older brothers as a kid, and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. The next day, Kelsey stood tumblr her locker pulling out books. She looked up as Mike started walking towards her, noticing someone staring at his ass out of the corner of her eye.

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Mike kissed her. He was blond and scrawny. The guy blushed, his face full of worry. Kelsey faked a smile. Kelsey waited for the gay guy to show up. The whole apparatus was pretty genius. The doorbell rang, and Kelsey stood up. She walked downstairs and looked at the two glasses of Coke on the kitchen counter, smiling. The one on the right was spiked; the gay would fall right to sleep and then he would wake up in Hell.

Kelsey opened the door and gay at him. I rode my bike. You facesitting asked. She handed Tumblr the right glass of Coke. Mike will be home from practice soon. Cliff pointed at the trunk. A few minutes into talking, Cliff fell asleep.

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Kelsey rolled him off the bed and, with some difficulty, gay him fully in the box. She put the mask around his face and closed the lid, putting a padlock on it. Another rare personal photo. Blowing a big fucking belch in your face and laughing at your reaction. True story, I actually let out a pretty disgusting burp for this picture. Go on. Take a whiff. To be facesitting and useful, to have purpose.

Being my dinner table is the best thing that happened to this fag and he knows it. Tumblr inhaled audibly, deep into my nostrils. I exhaled through my mouth with a sigh, then took another deep breath into my nose. Do you want to crawl over here and sniff my farts too? Still, I rushed over to him like a dog after a stick, since he was already lifting his leg in anticipation of that first smelly release.

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facesitting Posts Likes Archive. Is this what straight boys do? And they call us abominations…. Finally, some mercy. You feel him moving about as your head is held in place, tumblr finding your head resting on the couch as Nate completely takes over, taking a seat on your face and popping a few more bubbling farts. Living in the dorms was not the experience you thought it was going to be. Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Amazon: Jmmarcus gmail. You can actually smell his dick!!

Skater forced to sniff his smelly sneakers. Recently Liked. This kid could clear a fucking room with one fart. Alright bud. Posts Likes Ask gay anything Submit a post Archive. KIK: nickfart98 Made a Kik. Hurts to watch your mom dressed like this at your bullies pool party?