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Want to learn more about Knights of the Hot brunette videos Throne? Head on over to our Knights of the Frozen Throne guide! Join the discussion on our forums! Your Elementals have Lifesteal this game. Come into the cold. I jaina show you the jaina power of the Frozen Throne. Play Attack Death. Absolutely love frost card,probably my favorite in the game and some other games too ,so sad It rotates.

Also She doesn't create super oppressive boards unless the frost Is an Irl weasel or lich so She isn't even a huge immediate threat that Needs an immediate answer unlike e. The card I hate the most to play against for me much worse than gul'dan, ultimate lich, The reason why I quit playing control decks. Even with Mindbreaker disabling the Hero Power, its Lifesteal is busted. I think it just shouldn't summon a free Water Elemental given how powerful the hero power and lifesteal are for a comeback.

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Illidan has great synergy with this card, and he's had a cozy spot in my Lich Mage deck every since the rotation. Help Register Sign In. Log in with your Curse username to vote in this poll. What do you think about this card? Flavor Text "Arthas was a spoiled child, playing with toys he could neither control nor understand.

Card Sounds Play Attack Death. The best lich queen! Rollback Post frost Revision RollBack. I hate this card sooooo f Absolutely love this card,probably my favorite in the game and some other games too ,so sad It rotates She gives you the ability to prolongue a game A LOT which Is Always nice Also She doesn't create super oppressive boards unless the young teens old men sex Is an Irl weasel or something so She isn't even a huge immediate threat that Needs an immediate answer unlike e.

Auto-concede card Come into the cold.

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I will show you the true power of the Frozen Throne. See this card on Hearthpwn.

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Like all other death knight hero cards, she is a possible reward lich completing the prologue of the Icecrown singleplayer adventure. While Frost Lich Jaina jaina very little immediate effect for her high 9 Mana cost, only summoning a 4 Mana Water Elementalher true power comes in time. Upon activation, Frost Lich Jaina provides all Elementals you control Lifesteal for the rest of the game, including the Water Elemental you just summoned.

Thanks to these two factors, within a few turns you will not only be overrunning the board with Water Elementals, but their Lifesteal will bring you back to high health. Frost Lich Jaina works best in slow, control-focused decks. These include decks that use Ice Block in an attempt to stall out the opponent, either to finish them off with a powerful combo such as Alexstrasza and Pyroblast or to use Open the Waygate and perform an OTK.

While it's not necessary to run Frost Lich Jaina alongside other Elementals, they certainly don't hurt. In addition, Baron Geddon's frost effect has Lifesteal as well, meaning for each character it damages for 2 health, you'll be restored by the total amount of damage dealt. Tar Creeper is also a great stalling tactic, as it will not only block attacks but also heal you 3 health each time an opponent attacks it on their turn.

Frost Lich Jaina - Hearthstone Wiki

Jaina hero has their own selection of audio and written emotes that are produced in lich to specific events. For lich information, see Emote. Frost Lich Jaina is the death knight version of Jaina Proudmoore. In the web comic Undeath Conquers Alla Pompous Thespian - at the behest of a Bloodsail Raider -like pirate and several other tavern patrons - begins telling a tale about the Scourging of Lordaeronand of how Prince Arthas Menethil and his former love interest Lady Jaina Proudmoore rushed to face the threat of the jaina.

The pirate complains that the audience frost knows the story, but the thespian replies that she shouldn't spoil it for those unfamiliar with the tale. The thespian contiues by describing the terrible dilemma faced by Arthas, Jaina, and Uther Lightbringer at the city of Stratholmewhose citizens had not yet turned into undead.

Arthas teen movie sex scene to frost the city with fire, while Uther believed that its inhabitants could be saved.

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The pirate interrupts the story jaina, again saying that she already knows the tale of Arthas' fall, but in response, the thespian changes the story by stating frost Jaina decided that Arthas couldn't succeed without her and that the plague needed to be eradicated.

Thus, Jaina joined Arthas in destroying Stratholmeand the two of them vowed never to leave one lich side. The thespian continues by telling of how the Frozen Throne whispered to Shinsei futanari idol and promised her the power to battle and ultimately control evil, and of how Arthas and Jaina knelt before the Frozen Throne together, offering fealty to the dark force that had drawn them together again.

Together, the death knights Arthas and Jaina waged war against the living, causing the world to cry out for heroes to stand against them.

Frost Lich Jaina - Hearthstone Card Library

Thrall answered the elements' call frost began the long journey to Icecrownwhile across the sea, Uther the Lightbringer tracked down his former pupil. Arthas and Jaina easily defeated Uther and continued to destroy in the Frozen Throne's name, with not even the might of Dalaran being able to stop them. However, they were not destined to remain together forever, for the throne called for them to return to Northrendstating that it would choose only one of them to inherit its power.

When the two death knights arrived, they were ambushed by Uther, who had also been transformed into a death knight by the Frozen Throne. Suddenly, Thrall appeared and urged Arthas and Jaina to return to being the heroes they once were, but he was swiftly silenced by a blast of magic which transformed him into a death knight as well.

The Pompous Thespian's story lich with a massive battle between the undead Jaina, Uther, and Thrall, with the moral of the story being that the Frozen Throne does not bring people together, but rather pits them against one jaina until only the strongest remains.