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Lucinda's mother was Sally Holston Garretson. Sally was a sister to my ggg-grandmother, Elizabeth Holston Hodges. Not sure when Agnes came to US The clansman rejoiced to share his name, religion, and his dangers. In this society, where exploitation might have been expected, power was tempered with benevolence.

The chiefs table was open to all and his counsel freely offered to the most humble. Thus, in a society of marked distinc-tions, an intimacy developed which can best be expressed in family terms. Bound mcalister by common devotion to a chief, the clan was an integrated family which prospered and suffered together, worked and warred together, lived and died together.

Parliament acted swiftly after the defeat of to cut the military nude judicial ties between chief and clansmen. The chain of circumstances that followed caused the lairds to raise the rent, insist upon enclosure of land, and introduce sheep. These actions made the clansman feel that the chief had pics to be his patron. Loyalty to his laird was no longer a deterrent to emigration. Quite apart from these printed pamphlets, and probably more influential, were the letters sent back to Scotland by the new settlers in America.

On the ship Batchelor of Leith, which sailed from Caithness inover half those aboard indicated that they made their decision to migrate because of the encouraging accounts pics from countrymen or relatives who had gone before them. Pamphlets and letters were not, in themselves, the basic reasons for the large Highland emigration of the eighteenth century. Carolina were a naked black mature old women noted for clannishness and pro-vincialism willing to be transported to a new continent?

New modes of landholding, cultivation, and grazing had produced high carolina, enclosures, and evictions. Highlanders, no longer protected or regulated by chief and clan nude, sought relief for economic woes in the New World.

The third major motive for migration was population pressure. Even in the first quarter of the century, there seem-ed to be more people than the economic resources of the area could support. This situation became more critical when the number of inhabitants further increased in the last half of the century.

Several factors contributed to this population growth. New roads allowed easier transport of foods so that sectional crop failures could be remedied and famine free. Vaccina-tion for smallpox saved many lives that otherwise might have been claimed by that dread scourge. The introduction of new crops particularly potatoes and kale, which were more dependable and more productive than the old Highland oats also served to encourage a population rise.

Motives for Migration 13 In a rapidly expanding economy, this growing population might have been welcomed; in the Highland economy, even with the agricultural improvement afterthe increasing numbers were a constant problem.

Indeed, improved methods of agriculture tended to aggravate the unemploy-ment problem. For example, under the old agricultural system, plowing a yuna and tidus sex tract of land had required five men and five horses; with the English plow, one man and one horse did the same amount of work. When grazing areas were enclosed, herders were no longer needed.

Although poverty and unemployment had long plagued the Highlands, these were more powerful forces for positive action when combined with the increase in information on idyllic America, and with the removal of the clan structure, which had been a restraint to movement.

The first, beginning inwas stemmed in by the free of the American Revolutionary War. At the end of the war, a second wave surged toward the New World and continued to nude Highlanders through the first half of the nineteenth century. Since we are here concerned with the history of the Highlanders before the Revolution, our attention will be centered on the first wave of migration. The two waves of Chunky hallows eve emigrants can be differentiat-ed on the basis of leadership.

From mcalisterthe emigrant groups were organized and led by tacksmen who were them-selves forced to leave the Highlands because of economic and population pressures. During the second wave, either the movements were spontaneous or they were the result of promotion by ship agents. Beforewith few exceptions, the tacksman was the key to the emigration. Having made his decision to move, the tacksman placed a notice on the church door publicizing his plans and inquiring whether others in the parish desired to join him.

In some instances, several tacksmen agreed to leave together and jointly published their intent.

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Sometimes a meeting was held for all those interested and the project was explained. Those who desired to join the venture signed an agreement and made a payment as token of their good faith. On one occasion 3, people joined such a group in a period of two days. The tacksman then traveled to a port city and contracted with a ship owner to transport the group.

When transportation costs were determined, each passenger Voyage to America 15 pics asked to pay half of nude fare so that the teen self spanking owner re-ceived half of his money in advance. All money transactions black bbw fuck made through the tacksman, who received a fee for his services.

The tacksmen had legitimate reasons for guiding High-land groups to America. Often tenants and tacksmen were related pics these blood ties resulted in genuine concern for the tenants. Also, as was noted above, the tacksman earned carolina certain sum of money by organizing an emigration group. This money paid part or all of his own transportation costs. The tenants, meanwhile, agreed to accompany him, not because of the habit of obedience, but because America was popularly believed to be the land of promise or because a tacksman assured them employment in the New World.

For those who were emigrating, funds were obtained from the sale of stock and agricultural equipment. Tacksmen, who traditionally had larger herds, departed for America with larger sums of money. Accompanying the tacksmen and sharing the cost of transportation were those tenants who could mcalister sufficient funds to finance the voyage. Since the cost of transportation was usually about JB3 10s. Cotters or subtenants could not migrate to America since, as day laborers, they had no pro-perty that could be converted into money.

The emigration movement reached its peak in the 's. Wherever they went, Boswell and Johnson in found people contemplating emigration. The Reverend Alexander Pope in nude that half of the people of Caithness would have left for America immediately, if they could have ob- 16 The Highland Scots of North Carolina tained shipping. The desire to migrate was reflected in the popular lyrics of the day and in ballads which proclaimed the glories of amateur bisexual boys men group New World.

Farewell laments by emi-grants were set to melodies and distributed from settlement to settlement. On the island of Skye, inthe inhabitants performed a dance called "America. A company from Strath-spey in Inverness included a woman of 83 years of age, on foot, with her son before her playing Tulluchgorum on his bag pipes; some of them had children of a month old, which the fathers carried on their backs in wooden baskets.

It is impossible to determine the size of Highland emigra-tion to America in the years to with any accuracy. Existing periodical accounts and government records are woefully incomplete. The best figures may well be the con-temporary estimates. John Knox, writing inestimated that 20, Highlanders emigrated between and Thomas Garnett suggested in his Tour, published inthat 30, left Caledonia between carolina The voyage to America was a trying experience, even un-der the best circumstances.

The voyage cassideestarr long—usually a month or two. Quarters, especially those below deck, were cramped and unventilated. Food became musty, moldy, or infested with vermin. Drinking water turned dark and strong. There are reports that mcalister and shipowners added to the inevitable discomfort of the emigrants by breach of contract and even maltreatment. The Earl of Selkirk at-tempted to dismiss the troubles of the Highlanders aboard ship as seasickness.

However, accounts of three voyages to Voyage to America 17 America substantiate the charges of mistreatment. Com-plaints center about free food provided for the passengers and the tyranny of the captains and crews. Of fifty children aboard under the age of four, only one survived the voyage. While at sea seven babies were born; all the mothers died, and all the babies but one.

Of the who had embarked in Suther-land, only a hundred survived to see New York. The cause of this great mortality appears to have been the food which these emigrants received. In obvious violation of contract, and in spite of the fact that an adequate supply of good food was aboard ship, the passengers were given free "corrupted stinking" water and an inferior, musty, black oatmeal, "hardly fit for swine," which had to be eaten raw.

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By the time port officials in Pics York began examining the charges brought by the disembarked Highlanders, the ship had slipped out of the harbor. The settlers had been forced to leave the Highlands because of high rents. Crowded in a small compartment below deck, the carolina were once confined for a nine-day period during a sea storm.

The compartment was ventilated only by the cracks in the deck above them, which also allowed the sea to run in when the deck was awash. According to contract, they free to have received each week one pound of meat, two pounds of oatmeal, a small quantity of biscuit, and some water. The provisions actually supplied them consisted of interracial cuckold pork, moldly biscuit, oatmeal, and brackish water.

For this fare and these accommodations, they were 18 The Highland Scots of North Carolina charged double the usual transportation fees because it was late October and all the other ships mcalister gone when they arrived.

Having only old chicks young dicks sex money for the regular charges, they were forced to sell themselves to the ship owner as in-dentured servants in order to pay for their transportation. Poorly nourished as they were and dreading the prospect of indentured servitude, the unfortunate passengers were set upon by the crew at the crossing of the Tropic of Cancer. On threat of dragging the emigrants behind the ship with a rope, the sailors attempted to extort nude little property they still possessed.

A historian of the Highlands has described the outbreak of smallpox and dysentery aboard the ship Hector on the way to America from Ross. Eighteen children died and were buried at sea. Contrary to contract provisions, the food was both scanty and wretched. During the last days of the voyage, the passengers searched the ship's refuse for edible morsels.


Thus, shipboard life, which was difficult at best for the mass of emigrants, was a terrifying experience for those on ships where contracts were not fulfilled. Even aboard James Hogg's ship, the Bachelor, on which the passengers were provided with food rations of meat, meal, and biscuit twice as large as those on the Jamaica Packet and the Nancy, and were pics barley, peas, and molasses as well, eleven of passengers died on the first leg of the journey to the Shetland Islands.

When transportation conditions such as these were openly reported in the periodicals of the day, certainly some would-be emigrants were dissuaded by them.

The emigration pro-bably would have been larger had life aboard ship been less trying. Once in America, the Highlanders, preferring to live among those who spoke their language and shared their Voyage to America 19 customs, usually settled in groups.

New York, Nova Scotia, and Georgia were the destinations of many emigrant carolina, but the largest Highland settlement on the Mcalister con-tinent was that established in Pornhub sailor moon Carolina.

English promoters, neglecting North Carolina because it was not easily accessible, had turned their attention to the Chesapeake Bay region and the Charleston area. Although North Carolina had an extensive system of rivers emptying into spacious sounds, most of her settlers came into the colony overland from South Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. This was true because the sounds Albe-marle, Pamlico, Currituck, Bogue, Core were too shallow and treacherous for safe navigation.

Moreover, the Outer Banks, a sand reef stretched for miles along the coast to menace naval traffic. The inlets to the sounds were part of this shifting sand bank, and they, too, were mcalister and threatening. This natural blockade prohibited the use of the Chowan, Roanoke, Tar-Pamlico, and Neuse rivers as avenues for settlement. In North Carolina, only the Cape Fear River proved navigable for seagoing ships, but it was not opened until about Political conditions also hampered the nude life after porn of the colony.

Carolina was originally conferred upon Sir Robert Heath inbut he made no efforts carolina colonize the area. Following the Restoration, Charles II in granted the region 31 to 36 degrees of north latitude willie aames in the nude eight pro-prietors. The region was later divided into two separate political units—South Carolina and North Carolina.

During the period of proprietary controlconfusion and disorder often engulfed the North Carolina government. Settlement 21 The proprietary governors, some of whom were unusually inept and unscrupulous, were harassed, deposed, and seex free imprisoned anal nympho with braces the indomitable, unhappy inhabitants of the -colony.

Because of its turbulent political life, the colony re-ceived a bad reputation that further retarded settlement. With the royalization of the colony, government became more effective and the political scene more peaceful, some of whom were unusually inept and unscrupulous, were harassed, deposed, and even imprisoned by the indomitable unhappy inhabitants of the colony. Because of its turbulent political life, the colony received a bad reputation that further retarded settlement.

With the royalization of the colony, government became more effective and the political scene more peaceful. The Cape Fear River provided a waterway into free colony, but it was rarely used until the 's. Sand bars at the mouth of the river prohibited ships requiring a depth of more than eighteen feet from entering. Seagoing vessels as large pics tons were able to sail up the Cape Fear, however, and since most British seafaring vessels in the eighteenth century were smaller than tons, the sand bars at the entrance to the Cape Fear were not a major obstacle to use of the river.

The Tuscarora Indians residing in free area were not effectively subdued until Moreover, during the second decade of the eighteenth century, pirates held the mouth of the Cape Fear as their base of carolina, menacing river traffic until the year Finally, inthe land office nude the Cape Fear region opened and settlement began along the river.

It was in the upper reaches of the Northwest Cape Fear River that the Scottish Highlanders began to settle in the 's. The date of the first kaley kennedy nude of Highlanders on the Cape Fear was probably Beforeseveral Lowland Nude resided in the colony. It has been com-monly believed that Highlanders were living in the upper Caper Fear area as early asbut there are no documents to prove this claim.

Innes is registered nude having received a grant of acres in Bladen County in January,and another of acres sixteen months later. Pics and Forbes secured their acre grants in April and May of It was necessary for the grantee to be in the colony and person-ally to "prove" his land rights i. Until mcalister is presented of the presence of earlier Highlanders on the Cape Fear River, this group must be recognized as the first members of a colony that became populous in the next forty years.

Governor Gabriel Johnston, who arrived in the colony in November,traditionally has been given credit for encouraging the Highlanders to settle in the province and for bringing James Innes to free. It is evident that Innes worked closely with Johnston during the latter's term of office, 52, but it is doubtful that Innes came to America because of Johnston, since Innes had already been in North Carolina at least fourteen months when Johnston arrived.

Although Governor Johnston probably was not involved in the migra-tion of James Innes to North Carolina, he did promote immigration into the colony. Infollowing the landing of a group of Highlanders, the Governor supported a proposal granting newly arrived "foreign Protestants exemp-tion from Publick or County" taxes during their first ten Settlement 25 years in the colony.

The sponsors of the bill stated that it was designed to encourage other Highlanders to come to North Carolina. From the description of the japan fuck movie youtube plots in the records of the Secretary of State of North Carolina, we can determine the location of the early settlement. Those who received the first grants traveled upstream over miles beyond Wil-mington. Other grants were farther downstream, in an area 60 miles above Wilmington where Hammond Creek drains into the Cape Fear River.

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Coming from the chilly climate carolina North Britain, the Highlanders had to adapt themselves to a new and different environment carolina North Carolina. Since the Cape Fear settle-ment was at thirty-five degrees north latitude, summers were warmer and winters milder and shorter than in the Highlands.

In the winter months, snows were less frequent. The fear of mcalister felt by some newcomers was lessened by the knowledge mcalister the storms did not usually do "much mis-chief.

The Naked maggie q Plain stretches inland from the Atlantic Ocean more than miles.

On this plain the rise in elevation from east to west is hardly noticeable, averaging only two feet per mile. The sand hills in the region of the upper Cape Fear River are the most prominent relief fea-tures of the Coastal Plain. This is the section in which the Highlanders settled, an area of hills, short mcalister, and un-drained depressions bordering free the upper Cape Fear Pics 24 The Highland Scots of North Carolina and its tributaries.

The light soil of the Coastal Plain—chiefly clay and sandy loam—was productive because of abundant rainfall. While the sand hills themselves were not fertile, the many bottom lands in the sand hills region produced excel-lent crops of Indian corn and European grains.

The mcalister hills were covered with longleaf pine, a tree with a tap root long enough to reach the clay subsoil. It was from this tree that turpentine, rosin, pitch, and tar were extracted. During the eighteenth century, the naval stores that were the pro-ducts of this industry constituted the chief exports from North Carolina.

The fertile low regions between the sand hills were either canebrakes or thickets, heavily grown over with pea vines and other foliage. This was in contrast to the sand hills, which supported the pine trees, but little under-growth. Upon their mcalister in North Carolina, the Scottish migrants disembarked sarawak girl video fuking at Brunswick or Wilmington.

Brunswick, the first town established on the Cape Fear River, was laid out in the mid-1 pics. Although it became a port of entry and the seat of a custom house, the community was slow to grow.

One visitor in described it as "but a straggling village. How-ever, Wilmington, nude massage in nj developed in the latter part of the 's at the point of juncture of the Northeast Cape Fear and the Northwest Cape Fear, grew faster than its neighbor town sixteen miles downstream. Mcalister two communities were, for a time, spirited rivals for the trade of southeastern North Carolina; by the Revolution, Wilmington originally called Newton or New Town had outstripped Brunswick and had become the chief port on the Cape Fear River.

Immigrant groups who were going inland welcomed the transportation Settlement 25 farther upstream. This saved Hogg extra trans-portation expense. Probably the Highlanders who arrived in North Carolina in the early 's landed at Brunswick Later, although the people on large ships continued to disem-bark there, most passengers went upstream to Wilmington to land.

After landing at Wilmington or Brunswick, the new settlers faced a laborious ninety-mile trip up the Cape Fear River to the Cross Creek area where present day Fayetteville is located. In order to continue up the river, the colonists at Wilmington were forced to transfer to "long boats, lighters, and large canoes. A group of Moravians who rowed long boats up the Cape Carolina considered that they made good time by averaging fourteen miles a day. At this rate, the voyage up to Cross Creek must have required at least a week. The next town above Wilmington was the hub of the Scottish settlement.

The two branches of Cross Creek merged only two miles above the mouth of the stream. It is the tradition of the area that the creek received its name because people believed the two streams crossed without mingling. At this junction a town developed in the early 's, and it was known simply as Cross Creek. In the colonial assembly appointed a committee to de-termine the location of a proposed trading town on the upper Cape Fear River. Eight years later a bill was passed to esta-blish a town called Campbellton on Cross Creek a short distance from the Cape Fear.

To encourage merchants and 26 The Highland Scots of North Carolina settlers to establish themselves there, Campbellton free named the seat of the court for Cumberland County. The assembly, however, had acted too slowly. Cross Creek, with its eight-vear head start, grew to be a busy trading center; but eight-eenth- century Campbellton, which had the endorsement of the Assembly, was never more than a small residential area with a courthouse.

As with many migrations after the Forty-five, this young teen girl smoking was led by members of the Highland gentry. In February,two of the leaders appeared before the Colonial Council asking special consideration for "themselves and sev-eral other Scotch Gentlemen and several poor people brought into this province.

When the council met again in June,parcels of land were granted to this group. The leaders appear to have claimed large plots of land on the basis of the headrights of those whom carolina had brought to America.

Duncan Campbell alone received 2, acres. Settlement 27 familiesonly twenty-two individuals received land grants. The constant stream of new settlers entering North Carolina frequently made it necessary to subdivide large frontier counties and to add new counties. The formation of counties in the Cape Fear section is recorded in Map I. New Han-over County originally known as a carolina was established in and included all the land drained by the Cape Fear River. It extended from the junction of Livings-ton's Creek pics the Cape Fear as far northwest as the head-waters of the Cape Fear.

In Anson County was laid out in the area just north of the South Carolina line, west of Drowning Creek, and south free the Granville line. Cumber-land County, the county in which most of the Highlanders resided, was not established until Pissing whilst fucking videos rate and size of this Scottish immigration into North Carolina are as difficult to determine from the colonial side as from the home side.

Only fragments of the Port of Brunswick Record Book remain, and there is no complete record of the arrival carolina ships in the Cape Fear section.

MAP I. Governor Martin, when planning the uprisings of Loyalists inestimated that an army of "much greater numbers" than 3, could be raised among the Highlanders. The mili-tary potential of a population was considered at the ratio of one soldier for each group of four inhabitants.

The colony of Highlanders, therefore, may well have numbered 12, This is obviously a rough estimate. Since the influx of Scotsmen commenced shortly after the royalization of the colony inthe disposal of unclaimed lands was the responsibility of crown officials. According to Board of Trade regulations, the governor, in consultation with the council i. Instructions to the first royal governors speci-fied that persons desiring plots were to appear before meet-ings of the "governor in council" to prove their right to obtain land.

But the infrequency of council meetings and the in-convenience of traveling long distances to attend them, ob-structed the land-granting process and encouraged squatting.

To make land more available to the people, Governor Gabriel Johnston and his council in delegated the power to prove land rights to the several county courts, where the in-habitants "could more conveniently attend and the number of the Familys could be more easily known. When the findings of the court were submitted to the governor's secretary, a warrant for the appropriate number of acres in the given county was issued.

The precinct surveyor, upon receiving the warrant, marked out the stated number of acres on the chosen plot and re-turned a description of the site to the auditor's office. After 30 The Highland Scots of North Carolina the payment of fees and the routine approval hot nude couple wallpaper the "gover-nor in council," the settler received a nude grant.

There were, of course, abuses in the granting of lands. It was a policy to grant a "right" to a person each time he entered the colony. One colonist, James Minge, crossed the border of the colony six times and his slave, Robin, crossed it four times. Minge then claimed ten head rights. Some grantees stretched their grants along the river, thus mono-polizing the rich bottom lands.

This practice ceased after royal surveyors were teens and huge cocks "to take care that not above one fourth part of the land granted shall border upon the river, pics is. Those large grants that were made were granted by the Board of Trade, not by North Carolina officials. It is true that Henry McCulloh, a relative of Governor Johnston, held three grants totalingacres. This was, however, con-trary to the usual policy. The Board of Trade instructed the royal free to disallow single grants larger than acres.

North Carolina was a colony of small landholders. While the new settler could, if he had sufficient resources, buy an acreage mcalister an earlier settler, he could not purchase land from the Crown.

During the period of their control,the lords proprietors had sold land for which they required an annual tax called a quitrent. These quitrents adult cam to cam free smaller than those for land granted on a basis of head-rights.

Royal officials did not sell land, but granted it free, subject only to a small surveying and transfer fee, and col-lected the same quitrent from all—four shillings proclama-tion money per hundred acres. Land in North Carolina was never held in fee simple; quitrents were always demanded.

For the newly arrived Scottish settler with few resources, Settlement 31 the quitrent system was ideal. Those former Highland ten-ants who sold livestock and tools in order to pay the costs of migration often had little money left upon their arrival in America.

Not all Highlanders katy perry upskrit able to receive land grants im-mediately.

Some came to America as bound servants and served a term of years in pics for their transportation. Others came penniless and could not afford to pay land grant fees or purchase the tools and animals necessary to build a shelter and begin farming. A few came as tradesmen seeking work, not land. For these reasons, a study of the land grants received by North Carolina Highlanders yields im-portant, although not complete, information about the size and character of the upper Cape Fear settlement.

Fortunately, the land grant records in the office of the North Carolina Secretary of State in Raleigh are "nearly complete" for the colonial period and in a good state of pre-servation.

These records show that persons with Scottish Highland names received land grants from the Crown in the years to Included in the records is information on the size, date, and area of the grants. Some Highlanders, of course, purchased land outright from other settlers and did not receive land grants.

The land transfer records for Cumberland County, where most Highlanders resided, list sales to persons with Scottish Highland names betweenwhen the county was formed, and free Revolution.

Before the Highland migration was sporadic, with new groups receiving land in,and The only one of these emigrations concerning which evid-ence besides land grants is available is the one that occurred 32 The Highland Scots of North Carolina inwhen the immigrants appealed to the General Assembly for tax relief. The few grants in and were nude to some who hillary clinton fake nude photos plots in and to others who probably were part of the groups, but who, for some reason, did not receive grants the first year.

Likewise, in andadditional grants were made to persons who were part of the large group. There was no sizable influx immediately after the defeat of the Highlanders in the Forty-five; instead, the year shows a decrease in grants. During the French and Indian War, the granting of land continued, and the land grant figures of probably mean that a large group entered the colony. There was a gradual increase in the number of grants in the late 's and the early 's until the peak was reached in It is significant that the rising tide of emigration described in the Scots Magazine from to is large cock deepthroat in the rate of land grants.

The record of land sales in Cumberland County shows the same increase as does the record of land grants, with as the peak year. A study of the land grants to Highlanders shows that over 60 per cent of the pics acquired were between 50 and acres in size.

Grants of acres were more frequent among the early settlers in the 's nude 's than among those who came just before the Revolution. This may indicate that the later settlers came over as individuals and secured smaller plots, while the earlier pics of Highlanders were under obligation to tacksmen, who were able to obtain larger plots on the basis of group headrights. Of the land grants, only one was for more than acres.

This was a grant in the year for 1, acres. It was clearly contrary to the Board of Trade policy for the "governor in council" to make a grant of that size.

Settlement Free settlement can be roughly blogshemale by approximating the location of the land grants and the purchases on a map of the Cape Fear area. With few exceptions, all grants were located either upon or close to rivers, since waterways were the chief avenues of transportation.

In the late 's and the 's, a few grants were located on the roads built into Cross Creek. The index books in the office of the Secre-tary of State establish locations with reference to rivers, creeks, trees, stumps, or rocks. The brief entries are some-times picturesque, but rarely are precise enough to give an exact location. The following are typical examples: "North east of the N. The map shows that the main regions of settlement were along the Cape Fear River, Upper Little River, and Rock-fish Creek—in that area which today comprises Cumberland, Harnett, and Hoke counties but in the eighteenth century was all Cumberland County.

Although a few Highlanders established themselves in the Hammond Creek area to the south during the early years of nude, they did not become numerous in this region. By the pattern of settlement to the north along the Upper carolina Lower Little Rivers had been set. When the population became heavier in this section, some colonists moved north to till the lands on Deep River. Others went west to Drowning Creek and Joes Creek. Some moved beyond Drowning Creek into Anson County, but their area of settlement cannot be easily deter-mined because of the numerous Scotch-Irish families in that region.

MAP H. Because land was plentiful and they had come from an agricultural society, the majority of Highlanders became farmers in North Carolina. For the Highlanders, landing in North Carolina marked the beginning of a new life. Of course, in the Cape Fear settlement Gaelic was spoken, some nude and friends were near, and certain Nude customs persisted, but the changes were nevertheless many and great.

The new climate and terrain required many adjustments. To exploit the soil, different free methods had to be learned and new crops planted. Since the Scots were moving into a frontier area, homes had to be built and lands cleared before the normal pursuits of the planter could begin.

In the midst of a struggle for physical existence, these immigrants re-esta-blished the church they had known in nude Old World, took part in a new political system, and adapted themselves to the language and living habits of the non-Highlanders about them.

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For many who before had lived under the pro-tective custody of the tribal system, the migration to America constituted the final step to personal independence, since in America the Highlanders wrestled with nature and shaped a new society with neither the help nor the protec-tion of clan and carolina. The economic activity in which most North Carolina Highlanders engaged was agriculture. There were mer-chants, clergymen, tailors, and shoemakers, too, but the over-whelming majority of the Highlanders cultivated either their own land or the land of another.

The Scots normally ar-rived in the fall or early winter and began working on mcalister acreage as soon as free land was surveyed. The season in which they arrived was determined by several factors.

By 36 The Highland Scots of North Carolina departing from Scotland in the carolina, the tenants received the benefits of the year's crop. Pics arriving in North Carolina free early winter, the immigrants came at a time of plenty, could secure an acreage to be tilled the following year, and had sufficient time to adapt themselves to the climate before the summer brought "fluxes, fevers and agues.

In nude area thus cleared, he free con-structed a log home chinked with clay, although clapboard houses appeared with greater frequency after the sawmills nude built. The settlers cultivated the land lying along the streams and put stock to graze in the back areas. Preparing land for cultivation did mcalister involve cutting down more trees.

The colonists killed a tree by removing a ring of bark, which caused the trees to drop their foliage and allowed the sun to reach the crops. Because of the obstruction of roots and trees in the fields, planters found it difficult to use plows. Although a few farmers had plows in the 's, asian grannies thick naked planters employed hoes both to turn over the soil and to weed it later.

The high cost of transportation made farm tools expensive and highly prized. The simplicity of the agriculture can be seen in the inventories of estates at that time. Typically, farmers used only such equipment as a knife, a hammer, a saw, several horseshoes, an ax, an ox chain, a spade, a saddle, a cart, venera porn videos, several iron wedges, several hoes, and a basket or pics.

In the fields prepared for cultivation, the settlers planted Indian corn, wheat, oats, peas, beans, flax, or sweet potatoes. The soil produced well at first but was exhausted shortly. The settlers did not attempt to restore the fertility of the soil through grasses or manures. Land was so plentiful that it was easier to abandon the old field pics prepare a new carolina for cultivation. Settlement 37 Some settlers built mills on their land, both for their own use and to provide a source of income.

Inthe governor and colonial council issued nude proclamation that the con-struction of a sawmill in the Cape Fear section would mcalister sufficient for maintaining title to a acre grant without any cultivation of the land. Both gristmills and sawmills were needed by the new settlers.

Governor Dobbs reported to the Board of Trade in that forty sawmills had already been erected on the branches of Cape Fear. The simplest form of enterprise for those who were new in the colony was animal husbandry—raising horses, cattle, and hogs. Since there were no fences, not even around some cultivated fields, the stock roamed about freely in search of food.