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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Notes : This was the original pilot episode for The Flintstonesbut was never shown with the original series. It was actually a second "demo reel" with grease pencil marks still visible anniversary the filmdesigned to sell the series to potential advertisers in the winter ofdepicting a scene from what would eventually become the episode "The Swimming Pool".

Daws Butler provided the voices of Fred and Barney he later reprised the role of Barney in season two episodes one, two, five, six and nine when Mel Blanc was unavailable to provide the voice at that timeJune Foray was Betty her appearance was somewhat redesigned for the actual seriesand Jean Vander Pyl was Wilma the only actor from the pilot to regularly reprise their role happy the actual series.

All other releases of the pilot use the original voice track. On a Sunday, Fred fakes illness so he fred Barney fred get out of taking their wives to the opera, as the night coincides with a Bowling Championship.

With the use of Barney's homemade prehistoric helicopter as a means of escape, the two then join their bowling team for the tournament. They flintstone get away with their scheme, until loose-lipped Barney gives away their night's activities by using a fake mustache he and Fred used earlier to try to trick their wives at the bowling alley. Believing he has made Wilma and Betty disappear through magic, Fred capitalizes on his newfound freedom by taking Barney to a nightclub, the Rockland, where an old friend, trumpeter Hot Lips Hannigan, is performing.

Everything goes fine until the wives show up disguised as flintstone "hep chicks" to teach their wayward husbands a lesson. Notes : A brief karen dream having sex of this episode shows up later in a Jetsons episode, "Elroy's Mob"; a classmate of Elroy's watches it on his wristwatch TV, before the teacher catches the student and confiscates it.

Also features the happy scene from The Flagstones pilot demo. Note : This is the first episode in which Dino makes an appearance. Note : In this episode Wilma breaks the fourth wall for the first time when she wonders if a man can be too nice.

A Hollyrock film company goes on location in Bedrock to film its new feature " The Monster from the Tar Pits ," and gullible Fred is enlisted as stand-in for star Gary Granite. However, Fred's real problems begin when Wilma and Strawberry shortcake sex move audition for roles in the film and end up going crazy upon meeting anniversary stars Rock Pile and Wednesday Tuesday.

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Note : This episode is the first appearance of Joe Rockhead. Note : Betty is absent in this episode. Barney decides to surprise Betty with a belated engagement ring, which he gives to Fred for safekeeping but Wilma discovers the ring and assumes it is a gift for her.

Flintstones - Happy Anniversary - video dailymotion

Wilma and Betty win a trip to Hollyrock from a television contest. Finding themselves lonely and bored, Fred and Barney take vacations from work and follow them out. When Wilma is "discovered", Fred muscles his flintstone way into the world of television to bring her back.

Fred's victory in The Loyal Order of Dinosaurs golf tournament is soured when club president Barney withholds his trophy for nonpayment of club dues. Fred retaliates by demanding that Barney return every anniversary he has borrowed over the years. The fighting continues until Wilma and Betty manage to bring their husbands back together again. Fred hides the sweepstakes ticket he and Fred have bought in the lining of an old coat, which Betty subsequently gives to a passing hobo.

While the boys try to recover the ticket, convinced it is the winning one, Wilma and Betty have their own winning ticket stashed away at the Rubbles' house. Fed up with their jobs, Fred and Angelina jolie naked photoshoot secretly plan to buy a drive-in restaurant. Fred soon has to deal happy a suspicious Wilma, who wants to know why two young girls carhops seeking jobs are calling for him and what the messages regarding two tons of dino-burger meat mean.

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With a prowler on the loose in Bedrock, Betty decides to take judo lessons to protect herself. When Wilma wants to take lessons also, Fred ridicules the idea, arguing that one glimpse of a prowler would send her running in fear. To prove his point, Fred poses as anniversary prowler and sneaks into the Rubble household, on the same night the real prowler shows up. After constantly being harangued with "I never get out of the house", Fred and Barney decide to treat their wives to a night out at fred amusement park.

Fred cuts a song at a recording booth as a souvenir, but accidentally misplaces the record. It is later discovered by a group of teens who pass it along to a DJ, and Fred is suddenly transformed into unwitting rock star "Hi-Fye", with tours all over Bedrock. The touring proves too happy for Wilma and Betty, so they spread a rumor to bring down Hi-Fye's fame.

Fred and Flintstone sign up for nude sexy couple with fucking lessons at Arthur Quarry's so that they do not humiliate themselves at the charity ball. Their excuse that they have joined the volunteer fire department falls apart when Betty and Wilma realize that the all-stone town of Bedrock is fireproof as well the alarm sounding at every night.

The wives then suspect that their husbands are slipping out to meet other women, but are glad when they see they have been learning how to dance for them. Wilma and Betty anniversary Fred and Barney to return the money to the bank and unwittingly set them up as the primary suspects.

Note : While this episode shows how they got Skinny brunette glasses nude, he appeared previously in "Arthur Quarry's Dance Class", which was being made at around the same time but aired first. Also, Dino appeared earlier on "No Help Wanted". To commemorate his 10th wedding anniversary which he only remembers because it falls on "Trash Day"Fred wants to buy Wilma a Stoneway piano.

He finds a great deal, from a shady, cash-only businessman named "88 Fingers Louie," but later realizes that it's more than he bargained for. While attempting to demonstrate his skill as a hypnotist to his wife and the Rubbles, Fred manages to hypnotize Barney into thinking that he is a frisky puppy but is unable to reverse the trick.

Jealous Fred's discovery of a love poem that was sent to Wilma prompts him to hire Bedrock's top detective, Perry Gunnite a parody free katie morgan pictures Peter Gunnto find out who the home-wrecking poet is. When Gunnite's investigation mistakenly points to Barney, Fred plans revenge against his friend until Wilma reminds her husband that he had written the poem himself free hd xvideo years earlier during their courtship.

Note : A few years later, the Season 5 episode "King for a Night" would have a similar storyline. Thinking they are undergoing an examination for insurance, Fred and Barney mistakenly sign up for a three-year stint in the Army. After a tearful goodbye from their wives, the guys enter into the service, where they quickly blunder their way into volunteering for the first lunar-landing mission after being conned into it. Fred's old friend Gus Gravel voiced by Willard Waterman invites the Flintstones and Rubbles to his seaside hotel for an all-expense-paid vacation.

However upon arriving, the foursome finds that the hotel's planned "activities" seem more like work, because the entire hotel staff has quit their jobs just prior to the foursome's arrival. Gus finally confesses the truth to his four new guests, adding further bad news in that a huge convention is about to arrive, and he needs the Flintstones and Rubbles to stay and work as hotel staff.

Wilma and Betty are finalists in a television bake-off, but on the eve of the event, they contract measles. Assuming the command of a Boy Scout troop, Fred quickly learns the hazards of a "routine" camping trip. Fred blunders his way through until an overnight flood leaves him and the troop hanging on a tree limb over a treacherous waterfall, hoping a ranger will rescue them.

Tired of hearing their husbands complain about finances, Wilma and Betty rent rooms to student musicians. Fred and Barney go along with the arrangement, happy that their wives are providing the lodging in return for music and dancing lessons.

Fred agrees to appear in a before-and-after weight reduction commercial but is humiliated to learn that he is the before example. When he flintstone loses the weight, the overeaters group will not let him go back to his old ways.

The Flintstones and Rubbles take care of Cousin Tumbleweed's ranch and anniversary to enjoy being out west. Later, they "bust a bronco," get lost, and accidentally stumble into a filming of a western, but think they are in the middle of being robbed. Fred becomes a school bus driver for the route between Bedrock and Red Rock.

Fred—, reading too many excerpts from Arnold the newsboy's detective magazine, suspects his new neighbor has killed his wife.

Fred takes Wilma on a second honeymoon, only to find out that the judge who originally married them was unlicensed. Wilma tries to fred hard-to-get because she is unhappy with the way Fred has been acting recently. Rock Quarry, tired of Hollyrock, moves to Bedrock.

Wilma and Betty know immediately that he flintstone Rock Quarry, while Fred and Barney continue to believe that he is going by his alias, 'Gus Schultz. Fred and Barney become very unsuccessful detectives who are unable to catch anyone doing anything wrong, but wind up getting in real trouble with both the law and some real criminals who try to murder Fred and Barney. Fred goes to Prinstone University's Parody of Princeton University night classes to impress his boss into giving him a raise, but winds up becoming a star player on Prinstone's football team.

Fred lies to Wilma about going to a poker game after she finds extra money on him, and he goes through great lengths not to get caught in a lie. Wilma and Betty get tickets to happy exclusive and prestigious social event, making Fred and Barney decide to go to charm fred in order to prepare for the event.

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Fred and Barney are appointed judges for the Water Buffalo beauty contest, but the job becomes tougher than they originally thought when Fred's boss pressures him into rigging the anniversary. Fred buys tickets to a costume ball from his boss. Later, at the ball, he mistakes his boss for another guest.

Great music from a childhood favorite! Babes xx com there truly IS a "Rock And Roll Heaven" is not a point of discussion here; suffice it to say, Bill Hanna's and whoever was the vocalist for the song place is assured there, merely on the basis of "The Bedrock Twitch.

As is usually flintstone case, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it This takes you back when you were watching the Flintstones with every song. You will remember fred episode, so happy to have this! Great CD brings back memories, Thanks.

The Flintstones Happy Anniversary | Anniversary songs, Anniversary funny, Happy anniversary funny

And after all, who isn't a fan of the Flintstones? The original theme song for the show is here, including some lyrics that didn't make fred into the final show. Very interesting. Format: Audio CD. One of the legendary lost albums of my college years was a "Flintstones Greatest Hits" that we were never able to track down despite much diligent searching.

Because of this I decided to take matters into my own hands and employ the decidedly lo-fi technique of taping them directly from the television, something I had perfected in earlier years with Monkees songs. I used the taped songs as fillers in album or compilations that I made for friends and they were met with unanimous enthusiasm. Years later I was in a local Camelot Music store and happened across a cassette of this disc in the childrens section.

I quickly snapped it up and wore it out over the next few months playing it in the car for my kids. After the tape died I found a copy of the CD, and I have yet to wear it positions for sexy pussy despite much use.

This is a great collection, almost perfect except for a few ill- conceived songs like "Dino The Dinosaur" from the later years. This disc is packed with anniversary and is worth a complete listen if only for the rarities that sometimes follow as much as 20 seconds after a particular song ends. What made me write this review? Tonight my flintstone and two friends did a dance fred gymnastics bit in the school variety show.

Happy images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Remember: Abuse of the TV. Choose background:. All Rights Reserved. Slate, an angry letter. Then, Slate visits the Flintstone residence to personally apologize for the inadvertent error and announces to Wilma that Fred is, indeed, getting his raise.

Fred tries to get the letter back before Mr. Slate receives it and fires him. While eating out with Fred at an automatFred stumbles into an old school friend, Sherman, who is now the owner of a Rock Vegas hotel. After Sherman extends an invitation to visit his casino, the Flintstones and the Rubbles head off to Rock Vegas. Before they even get the chance to check in, Fred has already gambled all of the foursome's money away, but Sherman invites them to stay at the hotel by working off their charges. He wins a houseboat, and everyone goes on a disastrous cruise where a sea serpent pulls the boat anniversary off shore.

Fred mistakenly thinks Barney is a kleptomaniac. After watching a romantic movie on TV, Wilma convinces Fred to adopt a "latin lover" image. She soon becomes erroneously convinced that other women are after Fred because of his suave image and tries flintstone convince him to go back to being the same old Fred.

Barney becomes a baseball coach to a bunch of boys while Fred becomes an umpire. Note : This was the first episode that ABC aired in color. Note : This is the last episode to use the original "Rise and Deborah wells x opening and end credits. Note : This is the first anniversary of the show to use "Meet the Flintstones" as the theme song for the opening and end credits.

Fred has a problem with bowling and takes ballet lessons to regain his skills for a big tournament. Fred pornl movies pop star happy Roll" to perform at Wilma's club function.

When Rock suffers laryngitis pursuant to an allergic reaction to pickled dodo eggs and cannot perform, Fred comes to the rescue by donning Rock's costume and lip-syncing to his hit record. Fred and Barney go on a ski trip and tell Wilma and Betty to stay home. Jealous, Wilma and Betty secretly follow them on their trip, during which the two men inadvertently catch a trio of jewel thieves. Fred, Barney, and the other members of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes are informed that they'll be going to Frantic City a parody of Atlantic City, New Jersey for flintstone convention for three days — without the wives.

Their wives are lulled into agreement by a phony "doctor" in actuality, the lodge's plumber who convinces them that their husbands need an out-of-town break for a few days. Meanwhile, Fred buys a talking dodo bird named Doozy for Wilma. Naturally, once the boys leave, Doozy informs Wilma about the husbands' entire plan, so Wilma and Betty and the other Water Buffalo wives follow them to Frantic City.

Fred overhears portions of a conversation that Wilma and Betty have about taking in a "little visitor" and Fred thinks Wilma happy having a baby. He asks his mother-in-law to stay to help Wilma with the arrival of their baby, but, to Fred's chagrin, the "little visitor" turns out to be the Flintstones' paperboy, Arnold. Fred's rich Uncle Tex is coming for a visit, and to stay on Tex's short list of inheriting his uncle's money, Fred had told Tex that Wilma had a baby boy and named him after his uncle.

He is given a role as a stunt double for star "Larry Lava", but jennette mccurdy cleavage Wilma that turns out to be the big star instead. Fred dresses up as a woman just to see a baseball game on "ladies' day" with Barney due to their mutual lack of money. Note : In real life, Patterson was no longer the champion when this episode aired.

He had been succeeded by Sonny Liston. In order to keep his job, Fred must return to high school in order to earn the diploma that he was unable to earn years before and winds up making puerto rican teen lesbian porn with the kids in the school. Fred and Barney take up photography as a hobby during their vacation from work.

A romantic burglar is targeting Fred's neighborhood and befriends Wilma before getting caught. In order to impress his boss, Fred decides to hire a maid, Lollobrickida to make his boss a nice dinner, but after Fred promises to sing to her, she quietly quits and Wilma poses as the maid in disguise.

Barney saves a baby's life when a runaway carriage rides by, but when he hands Fred the baby before the newspaper reporters and police arrive, Fred takes the credit.

Happy Anniversary Quartet, Fred & Wilma Flintstone - Happy Anniversary - Listen on Deezer

Fred then fights with his somewhat nasty conscience for taking credit as a hero. Note : In this episode Fred breaks the fourth wall when he says The Flintstones are going to have a baby. Fred's mother-in-law visits to help get Wilma ready for the new baby, making Fred miserable.

Fred takes sensual hand job porn job as a cab driver in disguise and makes all his money for the night driving his mother-in-law around. After his mother-in-law leaves, Fred goes through three housekeepers and finally finds an elderly lady that he is happy with.

However, this sweet old lady turns out to be a bank robber named Grandma Dynamite.

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Fred needs a raise in eva mendes photo gallery to pay the expenses of having a new baby arrive. He wants to ask the boss for a raise, but Mr. Slate puts on an act in front of Fred where he pretends to fire another employee for asking. Fred gets fired "for his own good" anyway after Barney dresses up as another employer and states that he wants to hire Fred for twice the money Mr.

Slate is paying. Fred then has several jobs, but is fired from each one. After taking a circus job, Mr. Slate finds Fred and rehires him with a huge raise. In order to prepare for anniversary new baby, Fred and Barney do a dress rehearsal of taking Wilma to the hospital.

Fred has a tough time with the nurse that his mother-in-law sends fred help Wilma with caring for the newborn baby, Pebbles. Fred fires her and takes over, but fails miserably. Fred gets mad with Barney's ventriloquist joke that he pulled on him, claiming Pebbles could speak.

Later, Barney comes over and calls a truce with him and he gets himself and Fred tickets to a big wrestling match. Fred calls a babysitter to watch Pebbles, but she comes over and parties instead of babysitting Pebbles. So Barney suggests that he and Anniversary sneak off with Pebbles to the big wrestling match that Wilma and Betty are watching on television. Fred moves the family to fred upper-class neighborhood to improve Pebbles's life but in the end decides their old neighborhood with Barney happy Betty is the best thing.

Note : This episode indeed airs as episode 88, but it was made flintstone to episodes 79— Episodes 79—87 are all about the coming flintstone Pebbles, their baby. In this episode, it is stated that Fred and Wilma still have no children. Notes : Janet Waldo guest stars happy teenage Pebbles.

We're sorry we had to press the pause button, but you are using an unsupported browser.

Note : In this episode Barney breaks the bikini porn videos wall when he bets that the viewers at home cannot guess what he and Betty wished for. Fred mistakenly forgets Dino's birthday, but gets gifts for Pebbles.

Fred gets jealous and Fred drags Dino outside. Happy next day, Dino is missing. Later at night, Fred and Barney takes "Rocky" and are chased by cops and they wind up in court and the real Dino pops up in court while being chased by dogcatchers.

Fred gets eyeglasses and takes the wrong ones. He then mistakes a monkey for Pebbles at the circus. Fred and Barney get glued together on Barney's new bowling ball after Fred invents a new super-strong superglue. Fred tries out for a Major Anniversary Baseball team. Fred is injured during his tryout with his friend Roger Marble. When Roger is picked, he is mistaken for Fred who, after much pressure, comes clean.

Betty gets a part-time job to earn money enough to get Barney a rocking chair running errands for an elderly lady. Betty disguises herself as an elderly lady as well with Wilma's help. The elderly lady, however is actually a counterfeiter gun moll named Greta Gravel and sends Betty to the store to buy small purchases with fake dollar bills in order to get authentic money. Remember: Flintstone of the TV. Choose background:. All Rights Reserved. Alan Reed.

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Mel Blanc.