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If you don't know what a fidget spinner is by now, you haven't been paying attention to the internet. The little toys, which claim to help kids who have trouble focusing, are popping up literally everywhere yes, even in porn searches.

For one guy at least, they're also popping up in his wife's underwear drawer. The joke, of course, is that it isn't a fidget spinner at all.

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It's a vibrator. To be specific, it's the Trojan multi-thrill vibrating massagerwhich is essentially a bullet vibrator that has three different textured heads to provide different sensations.

The straightforward answer fidget no, though I imagine a micropenis or a standard-small penis could fuck wedged into one of the circular crevices, if you and your partner wanted that, sex disny stars naked whatever reason.

MAYBE you could fuck three very small penises into the three crevices at the same time, if the owners of the penises were very flexible. But, if by some miracle, you could shove dicks into it, the spinning would stop, obviously, because the arms can't be obstructed in any way. Later it occurred to me fidget perhaps I hadn't purchased the right model. I was perusing Instagram stories when I came across spinner post from spinner beautyfluencer Claire Carusillo in which her boyfriend managed to spin one on her cheek.

So, theoretically, a fun party trick could be spinning one on top of a particularly stable erect penis, but why?

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