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Erotica For Women: Websites, Books And Films

Bright Desire bills itself as "smart porn for men and women. Like this from "Instructed": "Pandora Blake arrives at a hotel room, expecting to see her lover, D. Instead, she finds a letter bearing explicit instructions as to what she should do to prepare herself for him.

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Ethical also means fair compensation for workers, safer sex, and consent all around. Unless patchouli lube would cause irritation, then do nothing of the kind. Super artsy with gorgeous stills and sexy films with names like AlchemyFlux, or The Renascence note delightfully cerebral Edna St. Vincent Millay spelling. A Transformer, doing Unusually they only feature the faces of the participants, not the actual act of having sex or masturbating.

Best Porn Sites For Women

Erotic fiction Erotic fiction can come in many forms including short steamy stories and erotic novels. What's more they even have a counsel element so you can discuss any sex related ideas or issues with other like minded people and sexperts. Photo: getty. Ossiana Tepfenhart. Sex April 10, Because routine gets boring.

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Click to view 15 images. Anything where a woman feels a modicum of genuine pleasure tends to get categorized this way, even when the images overall are clearly geared toward straight men. But Dane Jones' videos are some of the best options you'll find under this category.

10 Best Porn Sites for Women - Best Female Friendly Porn Websites

They're sensual, romantic, and focused on the women involved though they tend to have shots that linger on men's bodies as well. The women-run Indie Porn Revolution—formerly known as nofauxxx.

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Naughty," the filmmaker behind this production company, calls it "a deliberate attempt to show all the good stuff that we love about sex—intimacy, laughter, connection, and real pleasure.

The camera zooms in on men just as much as it does on women, and the scenes focus on the buildup of sexual tension couples experience before sex, so you can feel the heat rising. Listen to enough fake porn handjob domination and you can start to wonder what real people actually sound like when they're masturbating or having sex. I worked with Erika when there were only a handful of people on her team.

LustCinema is indie gone mainstream. Visit Lust Cinema.

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Bright Desire is the porn baby of Ms Naughty, a filmmaker from Australia. She shoots all kinds of scenes but all focus on the natural and a lot of her films feature real couples.

The films aim at featuring a connection between the actors and transmit a feeling of intimacy, pleasure, fantasy, laughter and fun. Visit Bright Desire. Ersties is an all-female run production company making natural videos.

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Take the tour. X-Art is a reference when it comes to beautiful erotic porn. The site has hundreds of videos featuring beautiful male and female models having hot sex.

The site follows their adventures with a combination of smutty stories, sex toy reviews, and some sexy photos thrown into the mix. Bree Guildford is both a mom and a wife to a woman who writes about sexy stuff. Her site features set characters who she writes stories aboutwith a focus on girl-on-girl, polyamory, and pregnancy.