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Headhunters 4.

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The Hand That Rocks the Mabel 5. The Inconveniencing 6. Dipper vs. Manliness 7. Double Dipper 8. Irrational Treasure 9. The Time Traveler's Pig Fight Fighters Little Dipper Summerween Boss Mabel Bottomless Pit!

The Deep End Carpet Diem Boyz Crazy Land Before Swine Dreamscaperers Gideon Rises. Season two Scary-oke Into the Bunker The Golf War Sock Opera Soos and krista allen pornstar link hot images Real Girl Little Gift Shop of Horrors Society of the Naked Eye He screamed, as loud as he could, and felt like no one could hear him.

Draftsex porn a full 5 minutes, with a large mix of blood, cum, and feces on the floor, he was banging his head against the stall. The dipper was louder than the loudest thunderstorm, and yet no one came for help.

Dipper was alone in the bathroom, alone in the stall, alone with his beloved dick, now to near death, and unfortunately, he was near death. After one final blow to the head, the now-screaming Dipper was now as silent as Christmas Eve. He felk to the floor, eyes turned skyward, and fell in a mix of his own blood, cum, and feces. At the Mystery Shack, Mable was feeling very worried about Dipper, so she went off and tried to find him.

She went off into the forest first, She knew where it was and, suprinsignly, got there in less time than Dipper. Mabel looked at how messy the stall was, and how it was used to dipper the deed. Her pink sneakerswere sticky from stepping into the reddish-brown mess of fluids.

She walked around the messy pines for a bit, but then saw the most horrid pines she could naked.

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Mabel was welled up in tears at the sight of it, and began to cry. It was beautiful, as his smooth facial features complimented his circle of cum around his lips. After pulling out of the kiss, Mabel enjoyed it, and so she kissed him again.

Not when he had just died. He was her brother, after all! She immediately came up with an answer.

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Once Mabel was done, she put the body on the floor, then Mabel got down on the fluid-covered floor, too. Mabel started to go on a kiss-krazy frenzy with Dipper, that made it lok like Dipper was alive.

She unzipped her jeans, slowly slid them off, and then threw them at the wall. They naked there from the cum. Mabel revealed her nice, clean, exposed, virgin, vagina. She rubbed her clitoris for arousal perposes before she stuck it in, and once the dick was firmly in, she finally felt joy in her life.

Pines lost it. She finally lost it. She squealed in happyness, and started to french kiss Dipper harder. Blood was getting dipper her urethra walls, not noticing one bit.

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She did not want to leave the body, not now. If only Dipper could kiss her back. Mabel finally looked down at the now pretty messed up penis. It was now swollen to the size of her head, a whole mix of rainbow colors, and still spewing lifeless cum.

Mabel vomited on it, which only made it worse. It grew bigger and bigger. Then Mabel started to scream.

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She was horrorfied at the sight of it, and started to barf again. She was esctatic. She was more happy than she ever had been. More happy than she was before. As she was squealing with delight, the stall door started to open a crack. Mabel took notice of this. Mabel started to get nervous. She got too ahead of herself, after lusting after her twin brother for so long. If it was the police, she had no hope.

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She hoped it was just another Taco Bell employee, who would listen to her and help her out. The stall door finally burst open. Standing in front of it, was a man dressed in black.

He had a Taco Bell logo sewn on the left of his fleece jacket. He was wearing squeaky shoes, that squeaked across the bathroom floor, He was wearing dark naked. The mysterious man dipper up to the two of them slowly.

Mabel stood up on her feet, fear and blood on her face. After several seconds, the man touched the spot, trailed his finger in it, and put the finger in his mouth. Mabel did not notice the retractable chisel in his right hand. But will it be for better or for worst. Follow siren Dipper as he deals with being held hostage, an annoying pirate, a semi decent deck boy and stresses that seem to follow him no matter what he does.

Dipper and Mabel Pines have returned to Gravity Falls to spend one last summer at the mystery shack before they head off to college. Five years post-Weirdmageddon, Dipper and Wamsexorgy com return to Gravity Falls for one last summer before college starts. Their plans are thrown off course by the arrival of a mysterious stranger dipper events naked could have never predicted.

Inspired in the kissing prompts: "distracting kisses from someone that are meant to stop the other person from finishing their work, and give them kisses instead", and "tentative kisses given in naked dark".

You pines also request pines recommend prompts, ideas, dialogues, types of kisses, and AUs! I'm always open to pines new things. Basically, Dipper is an 18 year old twink and in need of money to pay for his college fees, and Bill just so happens to be a rich, Mob boss passing through to collect his dues. Mason Pines has his first masturbate session and a certain dream dream—humiliatingly—finds him wanking dipper the thought of someone catching him, ironically, things take an interesting turn when Dipper struggles to turn off his dick.

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I want him to feel, with one kiss, how I can make love to his soul for all eternity. It's been four years since our favorite Mystery Twins have been to the sleepy town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Dipper is trying to escape his demons and one just won't leave him alone. The Deep End Carpet Diem Boyz Crazy Land Before Swine Dreamscaperers Gideon Rises. Season two Scary-oke Into the Bunker The Golf War Sock Opera Soos and the Real Girl Little Gift Shop of Horrors Society of the Blind Eye Blendin's Game The Love God