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20 Funny GIFs To Text Your Crush Because You Are Funny AND Flirty

Christmas baby girl six months on the eve of Christmas. Christmas boy baby in knitted new year's suit smiling. Little baby lying at home in christmas interior. Small child in a blanket of thick yarn.

Christmas theme.

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Happy Valentines Day. Christmas theme. Happy Valentines Day. Shot of little cute baby in red. Same Model:. Little cute baby girl on Christmas Eve holding a decorative lant.

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Portrait little cute baby girl on Christmas Eve holding a decora. Quando te vi entrandoolhandoo jeito que olhapoxa! Girl Smile - Hegle Carvalho.

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Log in Sign up. Ways to Make a Girl Smile. Because when you don't know what to say, there's a GIF that can do all the talking for you. This is also known as "the face I make every time I realize I actually have feelings for someone. I don't care if you only believe in "rational science," I just need to know before I fall for another Scorpio.