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Dont care about the gold, but thanks for clipping all this stuff I love goin back and watching it keep it up brother. Going to watch these tomorrow morning after my morning smoke, never seen this thread before but its nice to see one available. He's the only person I've ever gilded. Well, at least with my own money. I've had a lot of coins from various suck getting gilded gif they add up. You forget you have them, honestly. No need for gold but know that you are and have been my favorite user on this sub for years.

Thanks for what you cowboys. GGs for the gifs, I really appreciate them.

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Just got off a plane, basically just watched the whole game! Thanks man plz gold too if you have some. Thanks for doing these! It's just great to actually have so many defensive highlights and turnovers from one game. Can you clip that obvious flop made by mills? It was a pass interference on coop but an obvious flop by mills.

Any of the up close shot of Wentz fumbling the snap??? Guarantee if that were Dak it have 50K retweets already.

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I challenge anyone to say this play calling was the same as the last 3 weeks. The Tavon TD run and especially this 4th and 1 conversion are such polar opposites to what we've done the last 3 weeks it's mindblowing. That 4th and 1 still makes me scratch my head because it simultaneously should and should not work.

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Maybe it's because I have slowed my football watching down lately with all the ref fuckery but I have never seen that before. I low key wanted to see Dak beat em up but whatever. Cobb got in his face tho. Sometime in the 3rd, Pollard had a run go for no gain, but according to Brad and Babe, Zeke blocked the shit out of Barnett.

I'd really like to see that play. Saturday at LA Memorial Coliseum. The winner.

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