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Content Removal The priority for any victim is to have the images or videos removed from the public domain. Given that perpetrator had been vengeful enough to upload the content, the culprit would unlikely be forthcoming in response to your complaints.

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However, content online is usually hosted through a third party social media host, or a website with an administrator. Requests for content removal may chubby teen porn video made to social media sites or website administrators on some legal bases.

Victims may also rely on copyright infringement if they are the owner of the content. If no such terms are such available, victims may rely on general laws such as a breach of confidence, breach of personal data protection rules, harassment or copyright infringement to have offensive content removed. Xvideos victim xvideos do this directly, but it is generally more effective, if the victim engages a lawyer with the relevant experience.

Injunctions If the publisher of the content and the website operator are not forthcoming in removing the offensive content, an injunction may be sought from the Courts.

Injunctions include prohibitory and mandatory Court orders that chua prevent the offensive content from being published online.

If an injunction is carefully drafted, it can help prevent further dissemination because a breach of an injunction can result in a custodial sentence. Civil Law Remedies If the victim wishes to pursue a perpetrator directly, one might decide to send a cease and desist letter and even commence civil legal proceedings.

Bringing a claim against someone chua can potentially avail injunctions and damages. Christabel Law Remedies As set out before, revenge porn can be a criminal offence. Criminal prosecution may be commenced in christabel two 2 ways. The first and typical way for criminal proceedings to commence is with the lodgement of a police complaint.

If the Magistrate is preliminarily satisfied that a crime has been committed, the Magistrate may allow criminal proceedings to be commenced. For this reason, it is not uncommon for such victims to hire lawyers to assist with prosecution on a private basis.

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There are pros and cons between these two options. One the one hand, without getting into technicalities, the first option may be better because christabel does not require the complainant to incur costs. On the other hand, the second option allows the complainant to take investigations and the prosecution process into their own chua. Phone: Email: helpline aware. Phone: Email: sacc aware. Samaritans of Singapore This suicide prevention centre offers emotional support to people thinking xvideos suicide or are affected by suicide.

Phone: Email: pat free sex pic. Community Justice Centre This centre provides legal advice as well as practical and emotional support for litigants in person.

Phone: Email: help cjc. Search for:.

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Some of these laws that can be used to combat possession and distribution of obscene content are as follows: Section of the Penal Code provides, inter alia, that the distribution, transmission by electronic means, circulation, and even possession of obscene content may be criminal offences that are punishable with a term of imprisonment of up to three 3 months or more.

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