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All it takes is 1 finger to change him… When I did it, I was giving him a rare blowjob. Not like he can deny the p-spot worked on him. Boys are easy.

Chastity captions and dreams

When I shoved my finger up there, I looked him dead in the eyes the whole time. When I did it, I told him the truth: it gets me hot thinking about making a boy my anal slut. So he begged for it. A woman who teases them with provocative emails and regular images of her fit young body clad in figure-hugging outfits.

Submissive William's Chastity Captions

A woman who maximises her revenue stream by steadily increasing her keyholding fees whilst having no intention of ever returning the keys to those sad, lonely men. Well come and have a ride in my new car. No, wearing the chastity cage is a condition of your tenancy. So either get used to the cage or get out of my apartment.

For example, I can see that the sight of my cleavage is making you become hard.

Male chastity captions.

I like that in a boy. Though of course I will be locking you in a chastity cage to control your erections. When you asked me to be your keyholder, you said that locking yourself up was your way of honouring me, of showing your dedication to me.

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I have no intention of unlocking you. Not now, not ever. Doing it yourself without a device is called honor chastity and is infinitely more difficult than using a device.

Either way; captions are one of the best ways to ease both you and your partner into the idea of male chastity and help give you a better understanding of your own desires.

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Looking for someone that would keep me in chastity. My goal is still to purchases a female belt for my self, but I have came across some info on a tuck then have it Gucci pierced in the scrotum then a prince alberta to connect all of them together to make it permeant.

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Have yall seen anything about this I would love to have this done to me. Wow all I can hope is to meet a woman that will keep in in constantly arroused and denied thtough chastity teasing and taking what she wants. Did anyone see the girl on Bongs chat with the Dildoe on the end of the stick take it. Up the ass gotta make one of those sticks. Your email address will not be published.

Captions captions This blog is designed to share amatuer lesbian tribbing or content related to the subject of tease and denial. It was originally started by a man to explore his fantasies. When he was taken over by a Princess, she took over the blog by default as well. Both continue to post here.