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Thank you for putting perspective and happiness in my life that I needed.

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Want to see more posts tagged carolina ramirez? You left me bitter and filled with so much hate. I have so many things left unsaid and I often find myself debating if I should put anything out there because what difference does it make now. I will be completely over you. I learned your darkest secrets, the ones that you kept tucked behind the corners of your mind. I learned your flaws, so I learned to love them, too.

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I learned your deepest fears, your aspirations, and your desires. I learned to know you like the back of my hands, to instinctually know your state of your mind. I learned to know you like I know myself; I dug and dug to your innermost core. I learned to discover every atom that constructs the woman I loved, so beautifully. Thank you for making me realize my worth.

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