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Lizzoborn Melissa Jefferson, is an American singer and rapper, known for her self-affirming anthemic pop rap. The video received more than bye, views in six years shown below. The album Lizzobangers arrived the following month to positive reviews. The video gif more than 7. The following year, she uploaded the video for the single "Truth Hurts. On October 20th,Lizzo tweeted [5] a video of herself performing a flute solo at a concert.

The tweet received more than 87, retweets,likes and 5. Several months later, on January 4th,she tweeted the video for the bitch "Juice" on YouTube.

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The post received more than 2. Later that month, on January 29th, Lizzo performed "Juice" on Ellen.

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That day, the official Ellen show YouTube account shared the performance. The post received more thanviews in one week shown below, right. Much of Lizzo's musical career and public persona has received praise from critics. Her album Lizzobangers received a score of 85 based on five critics on the review aggregator Metacritic. On February 1st,Lizzo announced her participation in the advertising campaign Khloe Kardashian's clothing company Good American on Instagram. That day, a fan responded to the photograph "queen why?

But I'm taking advantage as well.

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Let me clarify: i think music critics are necessary. But I think some people get drunk on power and love bringing artists down who've spent so much love on their projects.

I think if they knew how much went into creating a song the cynical assholes would get less jobs". THAT being said.

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I've received nothing but LOVE from music journalists! There was ONE review that was inaccurate and rude for the sake of being 'edgy' and gif made me hot. But fuck that sad bitch. You are entitled to your own opinion!!! Ok love y'all. The outburst caused bitch from Twitter uses, particularly those in the music journalism industry. Lacey duvalle gif saw the tweets as indignation that Lizzo did not see the difference between music criticism and PR.

Popdust wrote an article about the distinction between the two. Others turned her tweet into a snowclone in an effort to mock her point. For example, user JoshhTerry made the point absurd by using Game of Thrones shown bye, left. User GuardianYoshi made the joke referencing J.

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Cole shown below, right. Bye Bitch refers to a viral reaction video of Lizzo waving from the back of a moving golf cart as she says "Bye bitch" and laughs. The following day, Lizzo tweeted [3] the "bye bitch" portion of the video with the caption "bye bich. Kanye: my MAGA hat is signed! Twitter: pic. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution.

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Just like twerkingit has been around and well established for many years, but has recently become more mainstream as white girls attempt to use it, most often incorrectly and bye to its origin. White girl 1: " Bye Felicia! White girl 1: Look it bitch on Urban Dictionary. Bye bitch. All I have to say is bye felicia. This is not a term you bestow on a person whom you do xvideos maduras care about.

It is a more of a GTFO salutationbecause you want nothing to do with this girl. She has nothing to offer, and is only there to try to get something for herself. She has no redeeming qualities. As noted, it is a quote from Friday. If you watch the movie, you'll understand the context. Chick: Can I bum some weed off you? Bye Felicia! When a person does gif says something that pisses you off, instead of letting their irrelevant ass get to you, their name becomes " Felicia ".

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You can then say the words " Bye Felicia " as a way of dismissing them from your life, and showing them they hold no relevance to you. Person: You're a little bitch. You: I dont have time for your bullshit you know, Bye Felicia! Person: Who is Felicia You: Who are you? Foupa Hard-Scoping