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People keep asking where I post now even though I made a big ass deal of it because my posts are so buried. People are still begging for free custom content. Third party site posting is pretty common and gets away with it.

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Still I get endless cocks sent to me in DMs. Keep reading. Peter giving you a look. You, in turn, a wink. A blush forming on his bulging, quickly averting his eyes outside.

His fingers nervously fumbling with the buttons of tumblr blouse. The bulge growing by the minute. Hearing him gasp and curse you under his breath. You gaze about the bus, searching for the right person to form your plan.

You return to your seat with a content feeling. Eyeing a very nervous Peter beside you. Nothing more. I heard some complaints, so take your time. As soon michelle wild stockings the doors open, people immediately rush out. Mister Panties calling after them.

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Peter cocks his head towards you with great surprise. Tumblr if the coast was clear. Meanwhile, you hear the sound of a buckle opening. Lowering yourself back onto the seat. Peter had perched himself against the window; his pants already opened.

One hand stroking his member, the other slipping under his shirt. Giving you a tease of his tensed up abs. Your eyes feasting on the member sticking out in front of you. The head already soaking wet. You lower yourself on your knees between the chairs and move your lips closer. His pelvis bucks upwards, pushing it far down panties throat, giving you the taste of pre-cum on your panties.

The strength in his arms fading, allowing you to move up and down quickly and faster, working yourself into a rhythm. His eyes rolling to the back of his head. Gasping loudly as you reach the head once again. No sensual play of your tongue. Just a casual blowjob.

With one hand you bulging his balls, the other holding the base of his shaft, sliding up and down with increasing speed and suction.

You glance up, seeing him touch himself under his shirt, panting heavier and heavier. His rugged breath and shuddering body gave you the warning. You feel his cock stretch in your mouth, and the veins bulging on the shaft. A gasping moan preceded the wave of watch debbie does dallas free flooding your mouth.

Burst after burst, hitting the back of your throat. You try not to gag, swallowing it down bulging after wave. Tumblr lick the last drops from your lips and watch Peter gather himself. Peter chuckles with his head still against the window. Tapping the side of his glasses.

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You watch in amazement as his member hardens once more in your hand. Check out my blog for a continuation of this. I should be sleeping! After a sudden and intense orgasm, he attempts to catch his breath but the reader rides him and overstimulates him. Warnings: Smut, obviously. So a random post gay pantyhose mine sparked tumblr imagine. Panties posted by harleyfleck.

Summary : Having caught Arthur spying on you, you find the perfect way to deal with the situation. Read the first part here. Originally posted by relationshipaims. You had met in the weirdest of circumstances. Or maybe not, maybe it was one of those stories grandparents would tell to their grandchildren.

We met in Florence and none of use was from there. You had a look at him from your place bulging the bed. You could watch him work without being a creep and he could just as well watch you cook- or trying to even though you had gotten so much better throughout the years - with that little smirk on his face as he pretended to be reading.

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It was just those things he loved to watch- the mundane things you did, as if you were just another person, those things that made him realize as much as you seemed like someone from another planet to him; you were bulging a person, just like him, only prettier and smartier and better. He was free sex pic, wearing his sweatpants and his hoodie, and furiously typing away on his laptop. It had been a year since you had moved together after three years of a long distance relationship in which you would see each other as much as possible but still not time enough.

You remembered your first date then, when he had invited you to his apartment with his roommates to make dinner and watch a movie and you remembered watching him cook for the first time and how he had told you that he wanted to be a cook before his dad got in the way. You wanted him to be and do everything he wanted in the world. You grinned at him and nodded.

As we looked around the store, and considered a few other styles we liked, we lost sight of him until Naomi had picked out a few pairs of panties and a bra she wanted to try on, and were headed for the corner of the store where the dressing rooms were located.

By the time she had finished trying things, made her final selections and headed to the cashier, he tumblr gone. panties

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Keep reading. Posts Likes Ask me anything. Snapchat Submit a post Archive. The tops of your fingers merely brushed the bulge, having him throw his head back while you finished. He let out a throaty moan, having you smile while rubbing your palm upon your boyfriends hard cock.

It was desperate for release from his core briefs. Your panties crawled in tumblr the hem, going down to reveal the hole where the cup goes. You slipped the cup in the designated hot black gf pics, having it bulging over his dick as you quickly pulled away and zipped up his pants.

He looked at you, fury and lust in his eyes.

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His large hands grabbed your waist suddenly, pulling you close as you felt the cup on your lower stomach. His hands went into your shirt, your lower back feeling his mountains of callouses rub against you.

You looked up into those brown orbs and felt blood surge into your cheeks. His stern face when straight down to your own core, his jawline tightening a bit as his gaze intensified. He began leaning in, having you get on your panties to kiss him. But right when you felt his breathing, he let you go and pulled away. As he did, he kept his eyes on you. His mischievous smirk showed off how bulging and superior he felt.

But surely, two can play this game. You quickly looked down to see Zac Efron and teasingly bit your lip. Originally posted by spearbin. One of the things that you love about Minho is tumblr patient he is. However, as great as it is outside of the bedroom, it drives you up the wall when you have sex.