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She has no hair on her head, her makeup is clumpy around her eyes, her brows have been left unkept, and her skin looks greasy. Instead, she took the clippers from them herself, and went ahead to take it all off.

Britney's crotch shots take Web by storm

There was almost a vacant look in her eyes while she did it, and the images shocked the world. It seemed unthinkable that a famous woman who was known for her glitz and glamour would turn around and do something like this. It was a very obvious rejection of the material values that had been placed upon her, and it was not until long after this point that she was able to turn a corner and return to something resembling normality.

So this is where I tell you all about the domestic violence she was trying to hide, right? Not at all— actually, this is all just makeup. The special effects were put into place for the video for her single, Perfume.

Which is odd, since that video just features Britney lying on a bed in her underwear for the most part.

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Well, it turns out that her camp decided to completely change the storyline for the video at the last moment, after everything had already been shot. She was originally going to play an assassin character who refused to kill the man she loved, resulting in herself getting beaten up and killed by the people who had hired her.

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It was pretty dark stuff and this photo was never supposed to leak. Where do you even start with this one? Rather than a huge star, Britney looks like nothing more than trailer trash in this photograph. She was even rumoured to be drunk when this was taken, as she was photographed around the same time of almost dropping her baby.

This is the one that we all remember!

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Britney was being hounded by paparazzi while she held her baby boy, and she wanted to get away fast. So in the end, she thought the best possible idea was to jump in the car with the baby on her lap. Oh wait, no, there was actually someone with her who could have taken the trans threesome instead… sitting right in the passenger seat in this shot.

Needless to say, she came under heavy criticism for trying to drive away in such a fashion. The shots hit the web on Sunday.

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Perez has a few of the picturesX17 has some moreand there are others at Bastardly including my favorite type of celeb photo: the one with the completely unknown friend giving the photogs the middle finger, because she is certainly not loving every single second of her tangential media exposure.

And the shame is she was really such a role model. Spears, who turns 25 on Saturday, and Hilton were inseparable while hitting L. She's enjoying the single life — and who can blame her after putting up with K-Fed's antics? In a post on Spears' MySpace. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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