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During police interrogation, the man admitted to the crime.

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He told the officers he had sex with the animal several times in the past after witnessing his friends committing the crime and ''enjoying themselves. The owner told the officers that he was earlier warned by his neighbors that the animal was sexually assaulted several times around the field while eating grass. We saw sperm stains on his legs and also on the area where he tethered the cow. So we thought that he must already finish having sex her when we caught him.

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Related Stories. I have friends who have done it before and they told me it felt good so I wanted to try. A local resident said: ''I was driving past the area when the owner cried for help, so I helped him catch this pervert.

So we thought that he must already finish having sex her when we caught him.

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The fine was for public nudity. The law in the UK is much stricter on such things - last year, an year-old man was been banned from every farm in Britain after being found guilty of outraging public decency by molesting cows. John Curno, 80, appeared at Uxbridge Magistrates Court where he was accused of pushing his fist into a cow's rectum and girls masterbating with dreadlocks a sex act. The court was told Curno was seen several times talking to a herd of cows and masturbating in fields belonging to Park Lodge Farm in Uxbridge last summer.

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