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I threw a bitch fit. Did other fat, Black women not feel comfortable enough to show up in these spaces? Were they even invited? Why are more of us not present where these conversations are happening? Why is the sexual liberation of fat, Black women such a taboo topic that it was likened to queefs and caused the host to end the discussion altogether so abruptly?

Fat, Black women and our sexuality are always seen a joke, a consequence to be settled for romantically, or a tragedy. As someone who has experienced all three of these circumstances, I feel that rewriting these narratives is imperative to our progression within the sex positivity and fat liberation movement. I have been sexually assaulted multiple times, and what contributed to my vulnerability was that I was never taught that I deserve sexual autonomy. Hypersexualization, fetishization, dehumanization, and masculinity have been projected onto me in an attempt to make sense of my existence outside of a cotton field and breastfeeding white babies.

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The silence surrounding this is daunting, as it can easily be dismissed as a self-esteem problem, which people love doing to fat women. But when you start unpacking internalized fatphobia and misogynoir, it becomes harder to black silent. Once I started being heard at 23 years old, I did not womenfat the fuck up. And once I started domming at 27, I refused to shut the fuck up. I want to feel validated in my softness, femininity, sluttiness, and in my expression of these.

I want dignity during my dicking, quality in my quivering, and consideration in my cumming. And I want to fully feel and have it be known that I fucking deserve it. At a time when our reproductive rights are under attack, it is imperative that those of us who are sex to help lend our time, energy, and funds to combating the forces that seek to control our bodies super fine nude black girls prevent healthcare access for marginalized people.

Every single dollar matters to us —especially now when media is under constant threat. Your support is essential and your generosity is why Wear Your Voice keeps going! You are a part of the resistance that is needed—uplifting Black and brown feminists through your pledges is the direct community support that allows us to make more space for marginalized voices. This platform is our way of making necessary and positive change, and together we girl keep growing.

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Related Posts. There are those who fetishize it, otherwise known as chubby chasers, and there are those who simply prefer black women over everything else. They simply see a person, they feel sex and they go for what they know. The thing about me is, I have never let my size be a hindrance to me. I have never let it make me shy away from going for what I want, because as a heterosexual woman, I feel that any man I want can be had.

I am the perfect combination girl black teen fest tube, sassy, funny, intelligent and champion code-switcher. I can fit in with any crowd with ease, and I have found myself hit on by men of every ethnicity and culture because of it. According to the fat-shamers, no one wants me based on my weight womenfat. According to the fat-shamers, I should stay humble and in my place.

A lot of this is based heavily in the white male gaze and the white male standard of beauty. We know this because a white man made a post on Instagram and wanted applause for loving his wifea plus-size white woman.

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He got the accolades he was womenfat forbut what is that shit, really? In writing that Instagram post, he basically tells the world that he is special because he is brave girl to go against the norm and love his wife anyway, despite her curves and thigh dimples.

He essentially fat-shames his wife and uses her as a prop to get kudos for himself. The fat-shaming does not just come from men, however. Women actively participate in it, too. The pervasive competitiveness between women where it comes to the male gaze, black or white, is always amplified when the woman being gazed upon is fat.

The smaller woman feels a need to shame because, for whatever reason, a fat woman who is getting attention over her is taken as some sort of personal affront. This has got to stop. Who chooses to bed me or any other fat person should not be of concern to you.

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