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I suppose it's about how flexible you are and how brave you are.

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With the waxing expert explaining most people notice a few hairs growing back after a couple of weeks, the girls could be reaching for the shop-bought wax strips already.

Earlier this week, we told you the student who complained her swimsuit left her privates "hanging out" was actually wearing it upside down. Sign in. All Football. Lucy Devine.

Hair removal is a delicate process

The good thing about the process was I probably had the coolest woman in the whole spa waxing me. When I finally got the OK that the waxing was completely over, I stood up with that same shaky balance you have after you just exit a roller coaster, or fell in the middle of the sidewalk and hope nobody noticed.

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And I do mean everything. Four strips down. Two strips later, I was hair free and then I was asked to flip over. Surprisingly, the backside waxing is seemingly painless. Tip: Exfoliate the skin around your lady parts times a week to prevent in-grown hairs and slough off dead skin. It will keep your skin smooth and make waxing easier, as the pain experienced during waxing is often caused by dead skin built up around the hair.

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Also, let the esthetician know of any medications you're taking, such as Accutane or antibiotics. Even if you're just having a small area done, like your eyebrows, stop using anything that sensitizes or thins the skin. Before your esthetician applies the wax, make sure that they test the temperature; it should be just a little bit warmer than body temperature.