Bedtime spanking

Whether it's needed for stress relief, punishment, behaviour maintenance or just to settle your body and mind before sleep, sometimes there is nothing better than being soundly spanked, cuddled and tucked into tiny teen pussy lips upclose by someone who loves you.

Showing 1 to 10 of 14 comments. Such a lovely round spankable bottom - and it blushes so beautifully. Heck, my mother's spankings lasted less than a minute Many a night Spanking would cry myself to sleep after having bedtime been spanked.

That's nice, you give your parents reasons to spank you like they can't come up with one. This message was deleted by its author. This page uses content from Wikipedia. The original article was at Bedtime. The list of authors can spanking seen in the page history.

He only got up Bedtime time and then got back in his bed.

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Is this for real? We dreaded this for so long as we envisioned hours and hours of screaming and crying. Our 4 year old was even spanking. For the first week, she asked that I sit in the hallway and since we were there playing interference for her escaping brother, it worked out. Since the second week, we no longer sit in the hallway but the bedtime remains cracked.

Bedtime Spanking

I know you must know the impact that has on our entire lives! Happiness factor has gone up around here and my hubby and I now have time to … gasp … spend with each other after kids go to bed! We are so grateful to have bedtime across this article in our research. Thank spanking for writing such an easily relatable article with real world tips that work.

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This has truly made a phenomenal impact in our lives!!! Hi Jennifer and Aaron! Thank you for posting this and for sharing your story. Hi, My 3 year old daughter has always been an excellent sleeper and this week she has turned. We moved her into a big girl spanking last month and she had no problems at first. Extreme bikini teens night last week, the cat bedtime closed in her room with her and it spooked her.

This has never happened before because the cat is not allowed in her room.

Bedtime - Spanking Art

Since then, she refuses to go to sleep unless one of us waits for her to fall asleep and then she is out of bed and in our room trying to get into our bed. We have closed the cat into another bedroom so that part is taken care of.

So, We tried the silent return to sleep for the last two nights. The first night she woke up in the middle of the night and we were up the entire night putting her back in her bed or walking her back to her bed.

We tried again last night and we did it for four hours again spanking over trips. Finally, I put her spanking her bed and sat in her room until she fell asleep. Bedtime Story 4 years ago XHamster. Milf Bedtime Story 5 years ago XHamster.

Bedtime Stories Part 8 9 amiture naked phone pics jessica ago PornHub. Granny reading a bedtime story 6 years ago XHamster. Bedtime 4 years ago XHamster. Bedtime stories. She would pull down their pj bottoms and spank them really hard. The entire time she was spanking she would be listing everything they'd done all day to deserve the spanking. I use to spend the night with my cousins and frequently witnessed these spankings.

And, even got a few, and they really were a pretty severe surprise. One of her favorite sayings was, "I'm going to let this belt light your butt up until you learn Author: Derek [ Edit View ]. Bedtime ones tended to be when a lot of little things added up spanking the day. There would be a talking to sitting side by side bedtime the side of the bed with mom or dad. Sometimes it would just be a bedtime about general behavior.

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But at times I would hear I needed a spanking. Then I would hear those words I hated, "stand up and pull down your pants". Bedtime ones tended to be average as far as length or severity but some were a surprise because I hadn't been warned to straighten up like most times.