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What the hell were they doing there, and who decided this section of sand was where everybody was going to get naked? Confronted with these questions, an Auckland Council spokeswoman started a quest to find out how a beach was designated a naked one.

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Her response took a while, she called round different divisions and asked the council policy wonks how to declare a beach nude. The answer: "You can't, really. There are no "official" nude beaches in Auckland, or likely anywhere in New Zealand, she said. However, she pointed out that many known nudist beaches were older than Auckland Council itself - so who were they to get involved?

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After all, the Stripper stripping porn council only came about in So if the council turns a blind eye to freed flesh, does people mean you can get naked anywhere?

The police said, more or less, 'sort of but not really'. Instead, the law talks about "indecency" and offensive behaviour — whether being naked in public is "indecent" naked very much up for debate. The spokeswoman continued, saying you're still allowed to call for police if you for unusual naked activity on your otherwise quaint suburban street. In fact, he says the main reason people like himself enjoy nude beaches and retreats is because being in a group of people who don't mind seeing a bit of flesh is - believe it or not - relaxing. It's also nice, he adds, to swim without "wet sticky swimsuits".

At the end of the day, he says, social naked is just a way to feel connected in this day and age. Story from Build Self-Confidence. There aren't a lot of places where you can be totally naked in public at least, legally. That might be part beach what makes nude beaches sound so thrilling, because the very idea of being naked in front of strangers is taboo.

We're told so often that people "wrong" to see people naked. Bodies are private, especially genitals which we literally call "private parts". And they're private because we consider bodies beach sexual.

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In Germany there are clothes optional sunbathing areas in public parks, e. Though free beaches developed separately from national naturist bodies, some of these bodies have taken an interest and helped to protect them legally, and through the publication of guidelines of acceptable behaviour.

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Clothes free organizations and free beach associations, such as the Naturist Action Committee, lobby for the removal of laws which prohibit nude swimming and sunbathing or the increase in the number of nude beaches and sometimes to improve the amenities at nude beaches. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A beach where public nudity is practised. For the fictional guerrilla fighter group, see Kill la Kill. The Economist.

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Retrieved 7 January Travel Channel. You'll be rewarded with an isolated beach populated by naked Italians. Is there anything better? The name of that Frenchman? That'd be crazy, no?

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Perk: There's a refreshment bar that serves java and suds. Bring a towel. There are not one but TWO bars. So pack your wallet Tropez, France The beaches of St.

Tropez are famous for pioneering the topless sunbathing craze of the '60s, and Plage de Tahiti's no exception. It's also a well-known celebrity haunt, so leave the camera at the hotel but bring your iPhone and keep your eyes peeled for some famous flesh.

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Perk: You might see Eva Green naked. Pit: You'll probably see Gerard Depardieu naked. Unlike the family-friendly One Mile, however, Samurai is entirely clothing-optional.