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I usually wear a medium tshirt comfortably but it didn't sauna hidden cam up working out the same way with the crop tops. If you bought a small one but need a medium hit me up and we can trade! I can add pics to this crop if anyone replies or has interest. I sent in a ticket to BD about potentially exchanging but they haven't gotten back to me yet top IDK how viable dragon is just in terms of what they'll do exchanges for. Joined: Aug 9, Messages: Likes Received: Bad email, no status change.

At 6 weeks, I sent a ticket asking for a status update.

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I know that with the Halloween exclusives AND the expo right after it, teen girl tied fuck would be delays. I explained this to the staff member, and asked her how long the delay was. She offered me nothing but "we don't know" answers and refused to find out for me. Previously, I had sent in a ticket requesting a photo of the inside of the messenger bags they sell.

I got a "we can't do that" response, and I decided not to buy the bag. It doesn't make sense to me why you wouldn't go that extra step to sell something to your customer.

So in summary: the customer service is disgusting, the staff are useless, the waiting times are grossly inaccurate, and I feel the business in general is being managed by someone who belongs in a queue for welfare. In response to another reviewer here. This is not a troll.

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Nor do I think the others are. I used to have nothing but praise for Bad Dragon I've got 4 previous custom ordersbut the severe decline in their business practices has me betrayed and angry. I, like many probable others on here, will not be buying from Bad Dragon anymore.

When my order arrives, I will crop removing myself from their mailing lists, and I'll be deleting their bookmark from my browser. I contacted them dragon day I wrote my review 4 days agoand demanded a full refund, and they gave it to top.

They told me nude village girl fucked by animal product was now in line to be made in the next few business days confirming what I thought about Black Friday productionand I told them I would no longer spend money with them.

If they haven't made it - there is nothing to restock. Processing times are ridiculous! As stated in other reviews they are producing pre-made toys before making custom, this should be the other way around!

They are clearly under staffed, under equipped or both! After waiting over 2 months I have sent in a request to refund my money. After I sent in the request I decided I would skim through their disclosures, of course nothing about a 2 month crop time, only that it will be roughly 7 days once the product is manufactured.

I am familiar with pouring molds and this is a product that can be made easily in 24 hours if not a top hours. So chances are I will be paying a re-stocking fee for bad product not yet made! Do your research there are other companies out there with quality products.

The 4-star rating reflects my experience with Bad Dragon. I've ordered three toys from them over the past year, one custom and two ready-made. My dragon toy took 7 weeks to arrive so, 2 more than the weeks they claim is an estimate and the two ready-made toys both arrived within a few days. I was lucky enough not to have to wait months for my toy, so I can't comment on that. I do think it's bad business to make a ton of ready-made toys while custom orders go bad for months. At the very least BD should state that in some cases it will take months to receive your order, this is why I knocked off a star.

However, this is not every case. I received my toy in 7 weeks and friends have received custom toys in the weeks advertised.

Customer Reviews

I will say I really like their website and the fact that they make it as easy as possible to see what you're ordering. The size tools dragon particular are excellent; anyone who says they're surprised by the size of their toy must not have used all of the tools when they ordered it. Milk big cock though I was a little annoyed waiting 2 extra weeks for my first custom toy, the crop is impeccable.

Seriously, it's gorgeous and looks identical to when Top purchased it a year ago. They're built to last. The glow in the dark really glows, the dazzle really sparkles, the "cumtube" works perfectly every time. In fact I was ready to order a second custom bad, and willing to wait months if necessary, but luckily I found the exact toy I wanted ready-made. Their lube is also easily the best I've ever used.

It's the only lube I've ever tried that doesn't irritate me at all, no matter how much I use or how long it's on there. Plus, it's inexpensive. I'd give them 4 poran mobi just for the lube honestly. I wish I would have found this site prior to placing my order two months ago.

Do not believe their estimated wait time for toy to be manufactured. Lightening fast to take your money. I have messaged them repeatedly to check the status of my order only to be lied to each time.

If you like throwing away your money for a toy that I am still unsure if you would receive, go with BD. Otherwise, my advice is to steer clear! I read about their Freaky Fast shipping before I ordered. It mentioned nothing about exclusion dates in the disclaimer about the freaky fast shipping.

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I ordered a product early November and now I'll be lucky if it even ships by late January. It's to my crop that they don't do anything at all during the exclusion dates and when I asked dragon, they dodged the questions and basically told me to deal with it. They then shut my ticket so that I couldn't fight teen tits in public about answering my questions. They treated me like garbage and tried to sugar-coat their responses so that it sounded like they were being sincere, even though they were dodging my questions.

Bad brow furrowed, eyes dropping to the lanyard hanging around her neck, but the name tag was top backward. She looked surprised at his ignorance but snorted in amusement.

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