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Next week will see the first time sex mobile videos undergo a drastic makeover, during which they'll face the chop in the hairdressers. The mirrors will all be concealed and the ladies will have no say in their new look. The show is the brainchild of Tyra Banks and, unlike the British and American version, men also compete. The models are also subjected to the social media scoring system used in the American version of the show.

Whoever gets the most votes from fans online is granted immunity and whoever has the lowest number with be up for elimination alongside three others. Some of the contestants put the fun into the shoot, with one pair posing in a piggyback pose. Next week will see the ladies undergo a drastic makeover, where they'll face the chop in the hairdressers. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Naked ambition! Share this article Share. Not even clothes it seems! As the new face of ChapStick Australia, the gorgeous home-grown model is set to appear in a series of cheeky advertisements — wearing nothing but ChapStick lip balm!

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We had a quick chat to Amanda about her handbag must-haves, top beauty tips, and biggest beauty blunder…. I also love to have face moisturiser with me at all times — and my iPhone, wallet and keys of course! Mix bicarbonate soda with your favourite cleanser — the granules help clean your skin and makes it glow.

For your chance to win, simply answer below …. Mmm i love lip balms that smell nice, at the moment i'm using Palmer's lip butter dark chocolate and rihanna fake nude galleries, mmm smells great :.

I've always wanted to try Chapstick, is it very moisturizing? Her beauty has allured me, I'm a sucker at advertisements. I wouldn't recommend following that advice unless you have non-sensitive skin that is quite oily. I used to love chapsticks but find they only give enough hydration in dry environments aka my office.

Still very handy to have at least one in the bag for emergencies. Agree about bi carb, I use to do same like her, but now use lemon as it really cleanses the skin well, is acid skin is about 5. I lurve my chapstick, i have many, beside my bed, in my hand bag, in my pocket, hahaha you get the picture.

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Amanda looks as if she has quite a bit of make up on, foundation, blusher, eye make up, lipstick, hmmmmm i thaught she was going bare faced. At panel, the judges decided on the two contestants who would advance into the live finale. The eliminated contestants returned and later reunited with the final two in a runway show. The finalists then had a look back at their individual journey throughout the season. The judges cast their votes for each of the finalists, and after adding the fan vote to the judge's vote, Tahnee was crowned as the fifth winner of Australia's Next Top Model.

Sixteen-year-old Cassi Van Den Dungen was criticised for being a "proud bogan and smoker" with her mother in support, having to take anger-management classes to control her temper whilst participating in the series, and for being engaged and living with a year-old bricklayer.

'Next Top Model's Sarah Murdoch: 'Nude shoots are wrong'

She also received backlash from Hume City Council mayor Jack Ogilvie over comments in which she described her hometown of Sunbury as "like a ghetto", with the mayor stating that Van Den Dungen was a "very immature, silly little girl" and that "she owes Sunbury an apology. I wonder if she knows what a ghetto is. Sunbury is far from being a ghetto, far from it. Eighteen-year-old Mikarla Hussey's appearance initially shocked host Sarah Murdoch.

In the second episode, a nutritionist assisted the contestants with healthy eating, weight management and lifestyle choices. After her swimsuit photo shoot showed off her technically unhealthy body, she was forced to put on weight. Lola Van Vorst was involved in a nude photo scandal, involving pictures taken by an ex-boyfriend. On 6 Juneit was revealed that Clare Venema, Adele Thiel and Tahnee Atkinson had previous professional modelling experience that had not been disclosed during the show.

After a trip around the city's markets, they arrived to Al Bastakiya for a scorching photo shoot session in which they had to wear winter clothing.

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They later swam with dolphins at their hotel, and ended their week with an editorial photo shoot wearing fabric in the desert. Back in Australia, the judges went over the results of the final pictures and discussed each model's potential. After a brief recap of the series, and several red carpet entrances, the show reunited the final sixteen in an opening runway show.

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Afterwards, footage from the final shoot for Harper's Bazaar was shown. The final covers were then revealed, and Simone was eliminated from the competition. Following a performance from Short Stack and a retrospective look back at the finalists' journey on the show, Montana was revealed to be the seventh winner of Australia's Next Top Model.

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There was some controversy surrounding sexy body asians girls nude show following comments made by Alex Perry regarding the body of one of the contestants. Fans of the show immediately took to social media after the episode aired to express their outrage, to which Perry replied that he had been referring to Moone's posing skills in a confined space, and not her body.

The model was ultimately eliminated the following episode, in which she'd been unable to fit into a size 10 dress for a photo shoot and had to have her photo taken as a close-up. During the episode's deliberation, Perry stated that he wasn't looking for "Australia's next top head".

Perry went on to explain, "As a model, no matter what environment you're shooting in, you need to be able to make it work, and she didn't. In regards to her elimination, models need to be able to fit into sample size dresses. She was given a standard size 10 dress to wear and could not fit into it. When questioned over Perry's comments, Moone stated "It's a very bad message to be sending to young girls who watch the show.

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It's harsh. It's stupid. And it's out of touch. I understand it's a reality of the industry but this is a TV show and they should have a responsibility to censor that kind of thing. I know this has happened to other girls in the past but I was shocked when he said I was too fat. I'm only a size eight. One woman broke down in tears and another stormed off the set during the tough challenge in only the second episode of Season 8. Couples had just 15 minutes to desi pron tub the perfect photo on a balcony at a plush country house, reported Mail Online.