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Zazel Cast List: Actors and Actresses from Zazel

Add this item Close. Items just added. Rank Name Score 1. Zazel: The Scent of Love is a highly zazel American hardcore pornographic film, photographed in October and released the following year. The film included visually elaborate set pieces; extravagant costuming, make-up and body painting; romero expensive filming techniques such as underwater photography not normally seen in pornographic films.

In the course of anna this scent, Zazel variously paints pictures, views photographs, and wanders among the flowers of her garden, each experience inspiring her to envision a gay sissy bondage sexual fantasy. The film consists of nearly a dozen. Rate 0. Shop now. Cross-cutting from the man's final ejaculation on her belly, they are also seen performing a tumbling dive into a swimming pool while holding hands and then resurfacing to embrace and cuddle in the water.

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Sasha Vinni performs a sensuous erotic dance with one half of smokin hot naked babes face and body painted and dressed as a woman in a skirt, and the other romero made up as a mustachioed man wearing a suit.

Vinni anna turns showing her "female" and then "male" side to the camera while the other half remains hidden in shadow and out of view. The sequence concludes with an outlandish-looking zazel except for a teased-up lemon blonde mohawk which might be a wig and with spangled clothespins fastened to her nipples —who is seen to be fellating an ornate glass perfume bottle.

In the penultimate sequence in the film, Sasha Vinni and Nikie St. Gilles appear as mermaids outfitted with tail fins. They dispense with romero mermaid accessories and engage in lesbian activities. As in the "Blue Siren" sequence, some of the cunnilingus activity is filmed underwater.

The " Diablo d'Inferno " sequence features Anna Romero as a " She - Devil anna in a fetishistic red latex devil's costume—outfitted with red latex horns, red latex ballet bootsopen-bottomed red latex hot pants zazel, and a long red latex forked devil's tail protruding from a red flared dildo attachment that is embedded in her rectum. Although Sasha Vinni appears in this costume on the U.

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DVD cover see image aboveonly Anna Romero wears it in the film. During this sequence femily xxx lower portion of the screen is zazel with digitally superimposed flames for atmospheric effect.

The She-Devil sneaks up behind Zazel, anna is sitting at a table airbrushing a design of the She-Devil and her costume, and "decapitates" the artist with a scythe. The Romero crawls around Zazel's freshly "severed" head, now placed upon the table.

The She-Devil thrusts her vulva into Zazel's face. InCal Vista re-released Zazel on DVD in a re-mastered high-definition widescreen two-disc edition; a Blu-ray edition followed soon after. The bonus features included a deleted scene as well as a preview of Zazel 2.

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