American pie beta house nudity

American pie beta house

The father of one of the incoming freshmen encourages his son to "crush some ass" and shows his son a list of "every chick I ever banged" and brags about a time he went on a "poontang bender. An ostrich attacks one of the characters.

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A character is punched and thrown out of a strip club when he runs onto the stage and asks if she will sign his rear end. A character is hit in the face with horse semen.

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Occasional bare female breasts. Frequent and unrelenting discussion of sex. Masturbation humor. Beta to male and female ejaculation. A character walks in on a dorm room where it sex tube privat that two males pie having sex with the same woman. Women are little more than objects and decoration throughout this movie.

References to bestiality and sexual acts involving defecation. A woman opens a beer with her vagina. Sex with prostitutes is actively encouraged, as is sex with professors.

Frequent and unrelenting profanity including "f--k," "motherfker," american "bitches," and "ass. Binge-drinking is glamorized with little to no consequences except for throwing up on a woman's breasts or blacking out and ending nudity in Mexico, and these moments are seen house amusing.

The movie has lots of profanity including "f--k"binge-drinking without consequences, female nudity, and countless references to sex, including bestiality and sexual acts involving defecation. There is nothing redeeming about this movie in any way, shape, or form. In a time when date rape and sexual assault are finally receiving intense scrutiny on college campuses everywhere, this movie revels in encouraging white male frat boys to have consequence-free sex of all kinds and varieties, to binge-drink until they vomit on a woman's cleavage, and to see women as little more than decorative sex objects.

The only adults in the movie actively encourage this behavior.

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Nudity horrible movie, by any standard. Add your rating See all 4 parent reviews. Add your rating See american 1 kid review. Once they're moved in, Erik, Cooze, and Bobby pay a visit to Beta House, a fraternity known for hedonistic parties and legendary collegiate antics, house president is Erik's cousin Dwight.

They pledge the fraternity and are given a list of 50 tasks to accomplish -- tasks ranging from getting a stripper to sign their rear ends to having sex with a faculty member. As this is happening, Sexy big dick shemale tries to go on a date with Ashley but accidentally ejaculates all over her possessions while she tries to clean up his pants after an unfortunate incident at a restaurant involving soup; and Pie is starting to worry that his love interest, Beta roommate Denise, actually has a penis since she's so reluctant to have intercourse with him.

Beta House has trouble of its own in the form of the rival fraternity Geek House -- a frat filled with tech geniuses who want nothing more than to see Beta House perish off pie face the campus.

The only way for the two rival frats to settle their dispute is through house Olympiad officiated by Beta House alumnus Noah Levenstein Eugene Levya series of contests ranging from binge drinkathons, greased pig catching, and a form of Russian roulette in which horse semen is substituted american bullets. It was nudity with the tagline "the most outrageous slice beta pie! The R-rated edition included no special features, while the unrated edition included a commentary track, behind-the-scenes clips, deleted scenes and storylines, a fake service announcement, featurettes, outtakes, a mock in-character interview with Noah Levenstein, music videos by God Made Me Funkyand a 30 Rock episode.

The film received generally negative reviews from film critics. LaRue Cook of Entertainment Weekly graded the film with a "D" and wrote, "what was once a fresh slice of teen comedy has become a slab of stale crudeness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The New York Times. Retrieved 28 September The Numbers.

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Retrieved 3 November National Post. While it is sort of funny that the underdogs are the jocks and the asshole jerk frat is made up of nerds after all, in the shaved pussy self pictures century, nerds are where the money iswhy Beta House decided to detour from a storyline with so much potential to an utterly cliche one is beyond me.

Had the whole movie focused on the tasks, Beta House could have been something, but director Andrew Waller literally skims through them all. This is one direct-to-DVD comedy you can skip, unless nudity is enough to please you. Related categories: Movies. Forgot password? Sick of crappy Netflix recommendations? Hand-picked suggestions, free to stream.

Run Time: 96 Minutes. Genre: Comedy. Watch now:. American Pie Presents Beta House 5.

American Pie: Beta House Movie Review

Run Time: 89 Minutes. Van Wilder: Freshman Year 5. Run Time: 98 Minutes.