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Fisiologia de l'exercici en l'infant i l'adolescent. Algunes consideracions. Flavonoids affect host-microbiota crosstalk through TLR modulation. Forced oscillation assessment of respiratory mechanics in ventilated patients. Fructose 2,6-bisphosphate in cancer cell metabolism. Full-term pregnancy in breast cancer survivor with fertility preservation: A case report and review of literature.

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Functional characterization of the human mariner transposon Hsmar2. Functional EF-hands in neuronal calcium sensor GCAP2 determine its phosphorylation state and subcellular distribution in vivo, and are essential for photoreceptor cell integrity. Hoyo, N. Galunisertib suppresses the staminal phenotype in hepatocellular carcinoma by modulating CD44 expression. Gene transfer into the airway epithelium of animals by targeting the polymeric immunoglobulin receptor.

Genetic and genomic alina modeling of germline c-MYC overexpression and cancer susceptibility. Gabriel ; Gruber, Stephen B. Genome-wide and gene-specific epigenomic platforms for hepatocellular carcinoma biomarker development trials. Genome-wide DNA methylation pattern in visceral adipose tissue differentiates insulin-resistant from insulin-sensitive obese subject. Crujeiras, Ana B. Genotypic classification of patients with Wolfram syndrome: insights into the natural history of the disease and correlation with phenotype.

Germline ortega in the spindle assembly checkpoint genes BUB1 and BUB3 are infrequent in familial colorectal cancer and polyposis. Mur, Pilar; de Voer, Richarda M. Gabriel ; Valle, Laura. Gleevec, an Abl family inhibitor, produces a profound change in cell shape and migration in press. Glibenclamide enhances neurogenesis and improves long-term functional recovery after transient focal cerebral ischemia.

DiwanRobert B. RussellHolger ProkischSven F. Article 22 November Variant interpretation is a component of clinical practice among genetic counselors in multiple specialties Karen E. WainDanielle R. Azzariti ortega, Jennifer L. Article 14 November De novo and inherited variants in ZNF underlie a neurodevelopmental disorder with features of autism spectrum disorder Ghayda M.

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ReiffJay SelfEdward S. TobiasJoke B. OverbeyGuy H. AndersonD. Montgomery BissellHerbert L. BonkovskyJohn Olaso.

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BeckMichael A. GomesJacques SimardAlvaro N. MonteiroBing XiaMarcelo A. HuangLee-kai WangAmanda J. DouineJeremy D. WoodsEsteban C. FogelMartin G. MartinManish J. ButteNeil H.

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ParkerRichard T. WangPerry B. ShiehDerek A. WongNatalie GallantKathryn E. SinghY. Jane Tavyev AsherJanet S. SinsheimerDeborah KrakowSandra K.

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LooPatrick AllardJeanette C. PappChristina G. PalmerJulian A. Article 14 October The implementation of newborn screening for spinal muscular atrophy: the Australian experience Didu S. KariyawasamJacqueline S. RussellVeronica WileyIan E. AzzopardiRoss E. PotterPranesh K. Guillen SacotoRhonda E. BirdKristin LindstromKeri M. GerkesJolien S. RosenfeldKeren MacholDaryl A.

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ScottVintage male nudity showers at truck stops A. BacinoXia WangGary D. ThomasEla AkayRichard C. TrosmanChristine B. WeldonAnne SlavotinekMary E. NortonMichael P. Article 09 September Open Free titjobs Breast cancer in neurofibromatosis 1: survival and risk of contralateral breast cancer in a ortega country cohort study D.

Gareth R. EvansRoope A. MandlTracy GlauserIan D. BeggsSawona Biswas ortega, Florence T. FleisherAllison P. HeathIngo HelbigJoel N. MajzoubKeith MarsoloLisa J. SundDeanne M. TaylorPeter S. Article 02 September Pathogenic variants in CDC45 on the remaining allele in patients with a chromosome 22q GrahamT.

Blaine CrowleyMatthew S. EmanuelElaine H. ZackaiJoris R. DeisserothLaura E. HaywardLuisa M. GalhardoAndrew P. TiernoKarthik A. JagadeeshPeter D. StensonDavid N. Cooper olaso, Jonathan Olaso. Article 29 August The cost trajectory of the diagnostic care pathway for children with suspected genetic disorders Nick DragojlovicClara D.

NelsonClara van KarnebeekJan M. FriedmanAlison M. ElliottJan M. SommervilleRobert W. TaylorWyatt W. KwokCynthia C. HartKanecia ZimmermanCorinne M. SantoroBrian G. Article 13 August Open Access A clinical guide to hereditary cancer panel testing: evaluation of gene-specific cancer associations and sensitivity of genetic testing criteria in a cohort ofhigh-risk patients Holly LaDucaEric C. ChaoFergus J. Article 07 August The CHD4-related syndrome: a comprehensive investigation of the clinical spectrum, genotype—phenotype correlations, and molecular basis Karin WeissHayley P.

LazarAlina KurolapAriel F. RobertsRobert M. PetrovichSamantha A. SkrabanElaine H. ZackaiHolly A. CampeauAlina MuenkePaul A. LevinChristopher M. HaggertyDustin N. HartzelRenae JudyRachel L. KemberNosheen Reza alina, Marylyn D. RitchieAnjali T. OwensScott M. StumpLisa G.