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Pretty self explanatory actually. Anakin smiled. Anakin looked at the ceiling, contemplating. And to get close you'll need to Something that shows a lot more … leg.

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Ahsoka blushed and crossed her arms over her chest, suddenly self conscious about what she was wearing. Her top was meant to allow more freedom in combat!

Her headband is very important.

She had just begun recently wearing a bra under her tube top and never imagined the showing bra straps would be sexually evocative! Anakin looked up again, as if imagining it in his head. Your togruta, so you need to run the exotic card to make sure Sebron notices you. Your most likely competition will be human, so remember that.

Anakin grabbed her by the hand. Her heart raced at his nice round boobs. She shook her head.

Anakin laughed. Shaak Ti was a usually content and patient woman, but today she was exhausted and in desperate need of some relief.

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Over the years of being a Jedi, going up through the ranks and earning a spot in the Jedi Council, she had learned many things. And she though Aayla Secura had it rough, being that most men would rather have a Twi'lek female be a dancer than a Jedi. She had recently gotten back from a mission on Felucia, expecting a blue milk run recon, but was ambushed by Separatists three times over the two months there. She was exhausted because of the constant fighting and running defense against battalions of droids and tanks.

Ahsoka got up from her bunk and went to the washroom her and her Master shared, got a wet rag and cleaned up her groin and thighs, then went to her closet and picked out her sex attire tube top, skirt, thigh-high stockings, customary Jedi combat boots. After all that, she went to the caf dispenser Master had full nude teenage couples a few weeks ago after their old broke down and topped off a cup.

She walked beauty queen nude pics of the dorm and began to wonder what would come in store for her in future if Anakin told the Council. Master Ti did for the same reason I did… I just wish I knew the true reason I had an urge in the first place. She possessed full lips [2] and large, curvaceous breasts with white aureole and nipples.

As a Jedi[3] Shaak wore a brown robe. A sultry and sensual individual, Shaak Ti possessed knowledge on the art of pleasure, believing sexual acts to be comprised of two basic elements: touch, tano one's knowledge of their partner's body.

She practiced her beliefs personally, and taught her wisdom to younger lovers with hands-on experience. Rebels expertly meshes the story of the Rebel informant with that of the exiled Jedi to bring new shades and angles to her story. Ahsoka's headdress is a mark ahsoka great prowess. The triangular pieces are akul teeth, gained as a trophy for single-handedly defeating one of the predatory animals on the Togruta homeworld. According to the Expanded Universe, the akul is a large, four-legged orange creature that devastates the environment in which it lives, causing havoc for the native Togruta.

Jedi Master Shaak Ti sports the same kind of headdress. We don't know when or at what age Ahsoka would have killed one of these beasts. It was almost surely after she was taken to the Jedi Order, and definitely before she met Anakin.

Did she encounter the akul on a mission with other younglings or face it beside Shaak Ti in a Togruta tradition? Net Shaak. Password Reset. Shaak Account. Return to Trigalis By : handcuffgirl Published : June 14, Transformations By : handcuffgirl Published : June 14, Ahsoka remained so consumed in her futile attempts at attack that she remained blinded to her Master until her arms were wrapped tightly around tano torso. Ahsoka giggled sweetly beneath her laboured breaths, her raging heart slowing to a more peaceful state. The door to the training room silently slipped open, a blinding light spilling sex across the floor, forcing the shadows which had once eclipsed the entire room to cower into the deep corners.

The unknown figure stepped into the darkened room, their attention consumed by ahsoka data tablet held in their right hand. The door closed silently behind them, sealing all of them together. Ahsoka prayed that Master Shaak Ti would have some plan of how to avoid the embarrassment and disciplinary action which would swiftly follow their inevitable discovery.

Shaak Ti however proved otherwise. Ahsoka was frozen still by animalistic fear, her muscles refusing to respond to her frenzied mind. When no chance of retreat existed, the only option was to attack.

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Master Secura, still oblivious to nextdoorebony presence, continued to walk deeper into the dark room, her attention still consumed by the datapad she held in her hand.

Ahsoka took advantage of her targets distraction, keeping to the shadows, she began to circle behind her master. Aayla reacted instinctively. She drew her lightsaber from her belt, neglecting to ignite the weapon; she turned on her heel to face the source of the sound.