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Enlarge Image. Porn death Jessica Jaymes found dead at California home. Getty Images. Getty images. The former pornstar, a professional singer and just a cool person adult general, Candye has unfortunately passed away.

She never reached the peak of Kanye West or Madonna, but that does not matter much. This woman has been fighting pancreatic cancer for 8 years! It has just shy over 5, views on YouTube. However, it just means that you can find her works not only on PornHub but Spotify and other places. It Various media outlets quickly ran with the story, trying to bring drama and murder accusations. Allegedly, she fell out of a window after someone pushed her out. Battling for over a week on life-support, Carla did eventually passed away.

As the autopsy later revealed, cocaine and ketamine were found in her system. Her queefing nude in public did contribute to the story, claiming that she was in a dream-like state before collapsing.

Could she have died from the drugs alone? Does this name ring the bell to anyone? Hotaru was a famous Japanese actress and a popular blogger among all things. Not sure how wrong it is to masturbate to dead pornstars, but you should watch her actress.

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In fact, Hotaru was a god-like figure among porn viewers, mostly due to her ability to ejaculate on the spot. She was found dead at her own home although experts rejected suicide or foul play causes.

Instead, everyone believes that she has simply suffocated from the asthma attack. One of the very pornstars that has died of the natural causes.

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Alexis Grace adult not have the most videos in her portfolio, but she was still popular. This is one of those deaths that could have been avoided, if threated properly. On the other hand, everyone can pretend to be smart after the act.

According to her friends, Alexis was battling with the shortness of breath and asthma for few months. She was found unresponsive and it was too late to do actress other than send her to the morgue. It does not take much for the imagination to kick in, at least concerning the death of Loni Evans. In addition to that, her family did not want to talk about the circumstances behind her death, which does not help to clear her image. Porn star August Ames hung herself in December at age Adult Video News. If anything, they spoiled her rotten. He wants to shed his party-boy persona".

Foundation Fundraiser". Retrieved 4 August Archived from the original on December 31, Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Is it You, Keyshia Cole??? Claims 'No Infidelity!!! Gerrit Cole My Beard's Gone!!! Load More Stories. Douglas Murrell Cooper. Death Parker.

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Andrew R. Chanel Price. Teri Price. Drug overdose. Lisa de Leeuw. Lisa Trego. AIDS complications. Rod Phillips. Gregory Leslie Patton. Scott Bond.

Clint Lockner. Charles Romanski.

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Tom Farrell. Hit by a car while standing on the side of the road. Rolando Angelo. Scott Taylor. Scott Taylor Hampton. Jeremy Scott. Troy Andrew Meyers. Glenn Steers. Rick Sommers. Joey Stefano. Nicholas Anthony Iacona. Drug overdose, HIV positive. Shannon Michelle Wilsey. Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound. Cathy Stewart. Jack Baker. John Anthony Bailey. Joe Simmons. Thomas Williams. Jon King. Pierce Daniels. Russell Wallace. Lon Flexx. David Lee Anderson. Ben Barker.

Rick Steven Sanford. If anything, this list shows us just how many good Christians probably die from alcohol, bar fights, and tobacco. It happens to everyone. There is, obviously, one thing to take away here: drugs as addiction are BAD.

The industry should be trying to wean these women off hard drug use when they see it. But Bob only about 8 of those can really be considered truly not by choice.

Obviously adult is a choice. The alcohol incident relating to Bill Actress was a choice, and then the one asthma related incident with Alexis Grace was a half-choice not to seek medical attention.

So maybe 8 had death to do with choice and those eight, as you said, could happen to anyone, even devout Christians. I think that the overdose numbers specifically show women nude porn oil sex images things: 1.

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Many models feel terrible about what they are doing and need a distraction; and 2. Drugs and alcohols have found a niche amongst the porn industry as it is filled with people who live against the grain anyways.

Its a sad life to live. P 2 every1 of you.

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Education and desire to make money in what ever your interested in can make you shit loads of money. I made 10 times more than that owning car shops selling race engines and tires new naked celeb pics the public.

Actress sad that the same people the work with them give them all that stupid drugs. That you girl who died in a club for overdose is mean that was her firsts time taking it. Is so sad and I feel so adult because in this country is death a law the penalize who share iligal drugs to another person.

Rest in peace my lovely pornstar…shyla stylez and yurizan belatran. I know two of you for a long time since i watched porn for my first time. Love two of you. Wednesday, December 18, Top Brazzers 2. RealityKings 3.