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Quotes from Ace Ventura Pet Detective - Funny Gifs & Scenes from Jim Carrey

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In what ways, you wonder? Ventura rhino in question is actually an animatronic one, a mobile spy lab used by Ace to spy on the bad guy played by you-know-him-when-you-see-him Bob Gunton! The rhino ride turns into a sauna and Ace strips all the way down just to keep from overheating. You know where this is going. The hatch breaks from the inside, trapping Ace inside a sweltering metal death carcass. But then he sees the light. Why ace animatronic rhino had an itty bitty butt hole, who knows?

And we had to be quiet, too. It was very bizarre. But we were there for two days, and a lot of it was just sitting around and waiting.

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I remember shooting that scene and just trying not to laugh. It was only in the network TV version. Did you hang out with Jim much on set? Here and there, briefly.

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He had a lot more work to do than us, obviously. But I remember sitting next to him in the makeup trailer once and we talked a little bit.

Did you go to the premiere? No, we bought tickets and went the night it came out in Buffalo. I think we went to the late show on Friday—not all of us together, but a couple of us did. Dude, we got so many fans out of that.

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We get people who say Ace Ventura is the first time they even heard death metal. But if you think about it, it makes sense. I think it brought a lot of people into the death metal world, into the Cannibal world. That movie was huge when it came out. Is Baby Yoda Bad to the Bone?

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A loud and long burp, a basic ass catchphrase, a ventura dry ryan conner planetsuzy, any testicular trauma, a fart from anyone at anytime anywhere—tweens are an easy mark.

As a former sixth-grader, I know this is a fact. I laughed at a lot of stuff in andfrom that monkey on Friends to Good Burger sketches on All That. But nothing, no Chandler zinger or Vital Information factoid, could compare to the insanity and hilarity of the rhino butt birth scene in Ace Gif When Nature Calls. Instead, the Ace Ventura sequel was but a layer in a tower of Blockbuster Video rentals I climbed while home sick from school, recovering from a tonsillectomy.

That sweaty, horrifying scene almost single-handedly wrecked my recovery process because it made my throat erupt in laughter. Not on my ace laptop, and certainly not on my work computer in full view of the rest of Team Decider.

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